schizophrenic psycho

tbh I need sane / non-schizophrenic / non-psychotic people to stop saying that they’re “psycho” or “insane” or “schizo” or that bad people are “psychopaths”
bc frankly, you’re not, they’re not. chances are you’re spreading misinformation and stigma and a horrible stereotype about schizophrenic and psychotic people and that’s hurtful. psycho and schizo and insane have been used as hurtful slurs towards the psychotic and schizophrenic and should be used by and for them only (and only if consent is given). you are not an expert on this illness and can’t know what we go through. we are creatures who deserve respect and kindness. we are NOT your aesthetic. end sanism.

(ps: I say creatures instead of people bc some of us are otherkin and that should be respected as well .)

stop saying psycho and schizo and insane unless you are psychotic / schizophrenic

let me tell you something i am sick to goddamn death of neurotypicals and non-psychotic people in general making their titles or ‘aesthetic’ shit like “schizophrenic ____” or “psycho ____” or similar titles. @ people who do that: do you realize how harmful that is? do you realize how much harm you’re doing to an already-marginalized group?

Du lügst 
wenn du die Wahrheit suchst 
Du lebst 
obwohl du diese Welt verfluchst 
Machst auf stark 
wann immer du schwach bist 
Zeigst die Zähne 
damit dich keiner auffrisst

Du kämpfst 
weil du den Frieden liebst 
Nimmst alles 
weil du auch immer alles gibst 
Du hasst 
obwohl du dich nach Liebe sehnst 
Spielst Gott 
wenn du im Recht dich wähnst..

—  Schizophren