schizophrenic aesthetic


“Polite Conversation,” mixed media; 2016. I made an anatomical magnet board with an interchangeable magnet set out of my auditory hallucinations’ “Greatest Hits” catalog, so that the phrases can be as mixed up on the board as they are in my head. I hear these phrases at least 50-100 times a day– but they don’t sound as good as they look, trust. 

Can also serve as refrigerator magnets, but I would advise against that, for obvious reasons.

My OCs ; Quillan Rupert Black

More commonly known as Quill, he’s one of the very few human OCs I have. Quill is a crime scene photographer, and part time free lance photographer. He was born in Ireland, and lived with his parents and his younger sister, Julia. Since he was born he’s had a strange habit of eating foods that are meant to be hot, cold, and vice versa, with his favourite food being cold baked beans. 

For his tenth birthday his dad gave him a camera, which he took with him everywhere and was always out exploring and taking pictures. The camera was given to him as a way to try and take his mind off the voices he would hear, and although his mother wanted to get him professional help his dad didn’t want anyone to think he was crazy; so Quill didn’t get diagnosed with schizophrenia until he was older. When he was a teenager his father got cancer and died, which put his mother into a deep depression. She decided she couldn’t handle looking after Quill when all he would do is talk to himself, or talk about Master, which is the name of the voice he hears. One night his mother told him she was taking him on holiday, and he fell asleep in the car, but when he woke up she had actually brought him to an asylum for mental patients. She left without giving him a chance to say goodbye to his sister, and he never saw his camera again.

Quill spent the majority of the rest of his life in the asylum, refusing to take medication. The voice, Master, helped him devise multiple escape plans, but all of them failed - until a rookie security guard replaced the old one. One night he snuck out of his room and made a break for it. He managed to escape and went into hiding far from the asylum. He never went to his old home in fear of being caught and taken back. 

Other than Master, Quill has also created a lot of other creatures that he sees, including what he calls Gnomes, which are small green creatures that can change into small trees and bushes when they want. Quill claims they’ll bite at your ankles if you get too close to them. He’s also invented Intergalactic Space Dwarves, which are also small and look more like gnomes than the Gnomes do. In his mind, the Gnomes and Dwarves and locked in a never ending battle, with the Dwarves riding around in miniature space crafts trying to take over Earth, and the Gnomes fighting against them to protect the sanctity of nature. Quill never goes near mirrors, which is why he usually looks like he just rolled out of bed, but when he does he covers them with whatever he can find because he believes the Dwarves use them as portals to move around the planet and murder people in their homes.

Despite all that he’s a rather upbeat person, and he loves to dance and is always making up dances to do in celebration of normal things, like making popcorn (the Popcorn Dance is his all time favourite). He’s very protective once he befriends you, to the point of becoming quite violent if you wrong anyone he knows. He’s a great lover of cats and other pets. He’s also religious, and always wears a silver cross around his neck, along with a camera. Quill always wears checkered shirts, because it’s something his dad used to always wear.