On April 30, 1989 in Monkseaton, England, 22-year-old Robert Sartin took to the streets dressed in all black with a double-barreled shotgun shooting people at random. He injured sixteen people and killed one. Afterwards, police found him sitting quietly in his car at Whitley Bay and arrested him. Sartin was diagnosed as a schizophrenic, and due to his mental state, the case wasn’t brought to trial until 1996 where he pleaded not guilty by virtue of insanity. The court declared him insane, and he was committed to Ashworth Hospital where he remains today.

Kenneth Mackintosh, the sole victim of the rampage, reportedly pleaded for his life after being knocked down by the first shot. In response, before Sartin fired both barrels into his chest at point-blank range, he said:

“No. It is your day to die.”

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How is goodwill terribke? Isnt it a charity?

Yeah its KINDA a charity…?
I dont like them because they hire disabled workers and pay them less than minimum wage. Like… WAY less. My cousin who is autistic/schizophrenic got a job there and they payed him like 20 something cents an hour for doing the same work as someone who isnt disabled. I wish I was joking. And I think thats fucked up bc theyre supposed to be all about helping the underprivelaged and the turn around doin that shit? Nope. No friggin way.

i personally cannot handle “non-cutesy” self care tips like

i get that some people need them, and that’s okay. but i am aware that i should eat something. i get it. i know that i need to leave this spot on my bed. look at me assessing that point. and you know what else?

if i wanted “non-cutesy” self care tips i’d just go to my mom. like??? sorry that i don’t want people to remind me that i’m broken while they’re helping me???? 

and like on top of that, not everyone has mental illnesses that can handle a stern talking to. not everyone lives the same experience as you. i know that i, personally, when in a schizophrenic cycle or an anxiety attack, go into guilt spirals when confronted with the fact that i am not a functional human being and further cripple myself.

it’s okay if those posts help you. i guess what i’m saying it please don’t shit on people who can’t handle any more fucking negativity?

Felt the need to respond to this asshole on YouTube. Like just because you don’t like the music on Schizophrenic doesn’t mean JC should have done a type of music he’s not completely comfortable writing.

i really hate doing this but i need help

im trans intersex disabled and mentally ill and i need help really badly. im out of medication and my family won’t help me. i’m schizophrenic and literally cannot function without my meds. on top of that, i’m depressed and anxious 115% of the time.

i used to have worry stones to help me calm down, but my dad took them and i don’t know where they are.

my paypal is and if you can donate anything at all it would help. my meds come out to around $400 because i don’t have health insurance. please help me, even if you can only boost this.


ben şizofren değilim. hayır, öylesin. 

i’m not a schizophrenic. yes you are. 

Renfield’s Syndrome: Vampirism.

Renfield’s Syndrome is an actual psychiatric disorder in which the patient feels a compulsion to consume blood. Patients exhibiting this type of behaviour are classified as schizophrenic or as a paraphiliac– a broad classification of disorders in which the patient becomes sexually aroused by atypical objects or situations.

  1. The first stage consists of the the patient cutting themselves and drinking their own blood. This stage is called autovampirism or autohemophagia.
  2. The second stage is the zoophagia stage, in which animal blood is obtained and consumed. This blood can be obtained through killing small animals or stealing/obtaining it from a butcher.
  3. The third and final stage is moving on to the blood of other humans, either from willing donors, robbing blood banks, or unfortunately, murder. This third and final stage is when many patients end up committing violent crimes, including murder, in order to satisfy their compulsions.

Famous “Vampire Killers” include Richard Trenton Chase (The Vampire of Sacramento), Peter Kürten (The Vampire of Düsseldorf), Fritz Haarmann (The Vampire of Hannover), Andrei Chikatilo (The Rostov Ripper) and Nicolas Claux (The Vampire of Paris).


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

“Gritty, sensual and charged with dark secrets involving love,murder and a majestic,mute heroine (Rosie the Elephant)."—Parade

A fan favorite, Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants takes place in the gloomy Great  Depression as a Cornell-educated veterinarian named Jacob Jankowski recounts (in the present) three months of his life he spent as a vet on a traveling circus. Days before his final exams, he learns his parents have been killed in a car crash, which prompts his accidental entrance on a circus train. A veteran by day, Jacob is in love by night with the pink-sequined performer, Marlena who has a schizophrenic husband, which is also his boss. Along with Marlena, who has no act, the majestic elephant Rosie and he, they are each other’s sole hope. 

Through the novel, one relentlessly roots for Jacos. He is penniless and an orphan, the circus becomes both his hell and salvation. The circus life, animal life and human life are realistically portrayed by Gruen. She displays the cruelty in the circus and the cruelty of love.

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