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Blog önerir misiin :DD

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to end this discussion about schizophrenia vs schizoaffective:

schizoaffective is literally schizophrenia. the person literally has schizophrenia. they just have an additional diagnosis of a mood disorder.

schizophrenia is literally schizophrenia. the person literally has schizophrenia.

both people with schizoaffective and people with schizophrenia are schizophrenic. they both have schizophrenia.

neither is worse than the other.

in the end it’s like arguing if loosing one stuffed animal is just as bad as loosing the same exact stuffed animal.

- Mod XIII

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Youve !!! Written!!! Books!!!! Oh my god what r they abt??? I lub ur writing n i would looooove to read a book written by u one day!!!

OOO I LUB U ! im so shy abt em but ones abt these two gay frenchman wit psychosis n ones abt a schizophrenic bi girl n a lesbian muslim who fall in love !


ben şizofren değilim. hayır, öylesin. 

i’m not a schizophrenic. yes you are. 

Life of a Schizophrene

He is so far one of the most intelligent person I have ever met. He is obvouisly living in another  frequency band. He is obsessed with mountaints. Climbing to mountaints. He really pays attention to my words. He offered me to go to Agri Mountain with him, which is highest mountain in Turkey. I had to told him that I’m not so much into climbing, even though it would be amazing photography to have a trip with him. He wants me to take his picture when he is on the top of the mountaint. One of his dream is going to Nepal. And Afghanistan. And Nigeria. After 2 photos, he didn’t want me to take more photos. I was okay with that. I wish he didn’t have focusing problem, so I could enjoy talking him more about World and Life. So much to learn from him.

For all you with schizophrenia, DID, autism, delusional disorder, even depression and basically just everyone: I highly suggest getting a comfort object. I have 2. I have this blanket that used to be my moms (she has really good energy) and whenever I wrap myself in it it feels like a hug from her. And I have this turtle figurine carved out of a crystal from my dad (: whenever I leave the house I carry a backpack with the blanket inside and throughout the day my turtle is always in my hand. It helps me feel safe and protected and keeps me positive.
I’m a full grown adult too. So don’t feel silly to carry something that helps you cope (like a toy or stuffed animal or blanket) if it’s going to help you! You matter most

Genetic study provides first-ever insight into biological origin of schizophrenia

A landmark study, based on genetic analysis of nearly 65,000 people, has revealed that a person’s risk of schizophrenia is increased if they inherit specific variants in a gene related to “synaptic pruning” — the elimination of connections between neurons. The findings represent the first time that the origin of this devastating psychiatric disease has been causally linked to specific gene variants and a biological process. They also help explain decades-old observations: synaptic pruning is particularly active during adolescence, which is the typical period of onset for schizophrenia symptoms, and brains of schizophrenic patients tend to show fewer connections between neurons. The gene, called complement component 4 (C4), plays a well-known role in the immune system but has now been shown to also play a key role in brain development and schizophrenia risk. The insight may allow future therapeutic strategies to be directed at the disorder’s roots, rather than just its symptoms.

The study, which appears online in the January 27 issue of Nature, was led by researchers from the Broad Institute’s Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, Harvard Medical School, and Boston Children’s Hospital.

A landmark study has revealed that a person’s risk of schizophrenia is increased if they inherit specific variants in a gene related to “synaptic pruning” — the elimination of connections between neurons.Credit: Courtesy The Stevens Lab

anyone else feel like everyone’s mental illness symptoms are typically respected and accommodated EXCEPT yours because they’re “a little… extra” or “kinda scary/hard to understand”? and it feels like some people’s illnesses will get a “oh you can do this, I believe in you” while mine get “you need to do something to change this because I can’t handle you acting this way”??? or is it just me? like my symptoms are so fucking complex and it feels like I can’t be fully accepted even in the mental illness community it’s just so crappy


This is a sheet I got in psychology class, now we may be wondering why i’m posting it to the imagine blog? Well, removing stigma and misconceptions of mental illness is really important to me and schizophrenia is one of the most commonly mistaken major mental illnesses, often people confuse it for DID/MPD and also assume that schizophrenics are dangerous (statistics suggest schizophrenics are more likely to get hurt themselves then hurt other people). 

So. This is being put up 1) to help remove stigma and misconceptions, to educate people, 2) to provide those with schizophrenia on the blog or suspected schizophrenia more information and to remind them that this blog is supportive of anyone with mental illness 3) to give those who are wondering about psychology as a class a taste of some of the material and 4) to remind everyone that mental illness is incredibly close to my heart and to the hearts of others and once more that stigma and misconceptions help no one, that they hinder. A mental wound is no different from a physical, the only difference is where it originates. 

Please help combat stigma and misconceptions in regard to mental illness from anxiety to psychosis, mental health is important and support for the mentally ill is also incredibly import. Those of us with mental illnesses are not monsters or weird or strange or scary, for the most part we’re just people.