when u fake emotion for someone and they don’t even appreciate it like ?? I pretended to not be completely apathetic if u would die right in this moment and this is how u repay me

“You don’t seem like you have a disorder”

Well yeah because I get shunned every time I show signs.

When your friends unknowingly begin to fuel your delusions like hell

Friend: “Hey, what if..”

Me: *internally* “oh fuck- please do not..”

Friend: “-you’re in a coma and none of this is real…”

Me: *internally* “please hush no hush-”

Friend: “Or I’m not real and everyone is just going along with it because there is no way for them to really tell you I’ve never existed.”

All friends: *Begin competing for who can come up with the biggest mind fuck*

My brain: “Clear your schedule bitch, you’re not gonna be able to function after you hear this shit so get comfortable.”

What they say: I accept everyone with a mental illness

What they mean: I can sometimes tolerate people who have mental illnesses as long as they manage to never show any symptoms

Stop demonizing people with low empathy 2k16

Stop assuming that all people with low empathy are assholes who don’t give a damn 2k16

Stop saying that people with low empathy are hurtful to others because of bad intentions 2k16

Stop pretending that people with low empathy don’t have any sense of right and wrong 2k16

Stop equating low empathy with being sadistic 2k16

Having low empathy is not a choice. Empathy is not something you can learn. But that doesn’t mean they are assholes or anything else, or that they want to hurt others.