when u fake emotion for someone and they don’t even appreciate it like ?? I pretended to not be completely apathetic if u would die right in this moment and this is how u repay me

“You don’t seem like you have a disorder”

Well yeah because I get shunned every time I show signs.

In case you were unaware, a personality disorder is a mental health disorder which is literally ingrained into a persons personality.

Someone with paranoid personality disorder is always going to be more paranoid than the average person. Someone with narcissistic personality disorder is always going to have a bigger ego. Someone with dependant personality disorder will always need others more.

To truly treat a personality disorder takes years of intensive cognitive behavioral therapy. To completely reconstruct a personality is impossible. Personality disorders are unique from other mental illnesses because our disorder cannot be detached from us.

We can try to cope and try to better ourselves, but were bound to fall back into our ways now and again because of how deeply rooted our disorders are. We act without thinking, many times we’re truly unaware of what we are doing, call us out, make us recognize our behavior. Lack of recognition and awareness is the biggest reason we don’t get help in the first place. Above all, support us, forgive us, don’t demonize us because we are different.

What they say: I accept everyone with a mental illness

What they mean: I can sometimes tolerate people who have mental illnesses as long as they manage to never show any symptoms

When your friends unknowingly begin to fuel your delusions like hell

Friend: “Hey, what if..”

Me: *internally* “oh fuck- please do not..”

Friend: “-you’re in a coma and none of this is real…”

Me: *internally* “please hush no hush-”

Friend: “Or I’m not real and everyone is just going along with it because there is no way for them to really tell you I’ve never existed.”

All friends: *Begin competing for who can come up with the biggest mind fuck*

My brain: “Clear your schedule bitch, you’re not gonna be able to function after you hear this shit so get comfortable.”

shoutout post to all my babes with disorders im sorry were all going through a tough time but look at us bitch!!! we still out here living and shit, i am so proud of you and how far you’ve came!!! we have gone through so much and we’re still here, i love you all, even if you hate yourself i love you, even if you love yourself i love you!!