Sine autograph photo by Bradley James to me!!!!!!

My uncle works and is friends with Bradley James father. My uncle meet Bradley James and Colin Morgan in Northern California. He told Bradley that I was a big fan of him and of the show Merlin. About 2 weeks after that, I was at my uncle and he came up to me and handed me an envelope. He told me to open it and this is what I found in the envelope!!!

It says “To Julie, Live the Dream. Bradley James”. OMG OMG OMG!!! I have the best uncle ever!!!! (FYI this is all true!!!)

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Orbs by Mary Schiros.

Available for sale at as a fine art print ready to frame, and can also be finished online with a huge selection of frames. Gallery-quality, hand-stretched canvas also available. Imagekind uses archival, artist-grade materials, and makes each print, frame, and canvas by hand in workshops in Oregon and North Carolina. Proceeds from sales go directly to the artist.


The first photo (the purple paper one) is a drawing of my ‘dream house’ when I was in 6th or 7th grade at Dartmouth Middle School, San Jose. The next pic is a rendering of my 'dream house’ on After doing the rendering i looked at it and was like “What the hell was I thinking back then? Some room are to big, some are to small. and my god the proportions are way off!!!” lol

college has taught me how to eat a full plate of nachos, appreciate nickels, and get ready in under 12 minutes
—  danielle mothafuckinnnn schiro