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When Crits Don't Matter

Context: So, we’re playing a Pathfinder campaign, most of us for the first time. At that point in time, we’d had an Oread Monk, a Dhampir Undead Sorceress (me), a Gnome Bard, a Human Inquisitor, a Drow Night Blade (3rd Party class), and a Human Kineticist. We were on our third session of Dragon’s Demand, underneath some Wizard’s manor, where he had an entire dungeon/prison, complete with captive demons and devils. We end up fighting one of them, a Schir, and we haven’t been able to pronounce his name correctly to stun him. Most of us were just sick and tired of him, and while the rest of the party were up close fighting him, my Sorceress had stayed back to fire off spells and stuff, but most of my spells couldn’t do anything because of the Shir’s DR…then this happened…

Me (OOC): Screw this, I pull out my crossbow and aim at the Schir.

DM: OK, you’re firing into melee…nevermind, you’ll never hit. Roll anyways.


DM: Well, that’s a crit…though you’ll never comfirm.


DM: Well shit…roll damage.

*rolls a 1 and a 2*


(at this point, the party was cracking up)

DM: Well, you hit him…but your bolt didn’t do anything because of the Schir’s DR.

I proceeded to sulk the rest of the fight due to being out of spells.