Christmas Candy in Louisville

I am not a candy eater. I am a lover of bacon and cheese and all things salty, so when I eat candy, it has to be the good stuff to even tempt me. Around Christmas, my mouth starts watering for the following three items in particular:

3. Schimpff’s Red Hot Hearts

I guess this counts as a Christmas candy to me because it's cinnamon  and also because my family goes to Schimpff’s every Christmas Eve (it’s in Jeffersonville Indiana) and watch the confectioners there make sugar; they have a big demonstration area, the most fun candy to watch them make has to be the old fashioned ribbon candy! There is also a candy museum attached to the deli-candy shop-candy demonstration-vortex of deliciousness that is Schimpff’s. The red hots are made by hand with real cinnamon oil, so some of them are SUPER hot and others are sweet and mild. I could eat an entire tin of them by myself but I never get to because my sisters eat all of them first. 

It’s totally unfair. (top photo courtesy of Schimpff’s website)

2. Nuts N Stuff’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

I KNOW RIGHT? It sounds so weird, but it tastes so good. Nuts N Stuff, on Barrett, specialized is weird spices, bulk foods, bunches of coffee and…candy. This is my newest favorite, but ZOWIE is it good. There’s something about the golden, super salty sliver of a potato chip covered with a thin swath of super sweet milky chocolate that I just can’t resist. I love big beefy alpha males with a secret sentimental side, and I love candy that has a good bit of salty in the palate. 

1. Muth’s Modjeskas

I am marginally ashamed to tell you that I actually broke my diet to eat these. I am really, really good about keeping on track with my weight loss (I’ve lost nearly 110 lbs over the past year and nine months!) so when I tell you that I snarfed four of these babies, in my car, with my fingers sticky with caramel, at the stoplight after I left Muth’s, you can kind of gauge how good they are. Modjeskas are a Louisville original, named after a polish actress who came here in the 1880’s and so impressed a local candy maker he named a caramel covered marshmallow in her honor. I wish someone loved me that much! The ones at Muth’s are made with the original recipe, and they are smallish, pillow-y marshmallows with a fat, buttery caramel coating. (photo courtesy of Muth’s website!)

What’s your favorite local candy? 


You know, early recreational fireworks and their associated tools and costumes were SERIOUSLY INSANE.

The woodcuts above come from a 16th-century book that was apparently the first one on recreational fireworks and includes the earliest mention of multi-stage rockets. The one in our archives is a rare second edition.

caption: Johann Schmidlap von Schorndorff’s Künstliche und rechtschaffe Feurwerck zum schimpff, vormals im Truck nie aussgangen, 1590.