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translation: fantaemsie 

the first movie that was discussed during today’s broadcast was moana! the guest / reporter for the day was saying how there wasn’t much disney girl leads like moana - that are different than the usual type disney goes for.

reporter: like moana, there’s also …
jonghyun: (excitedly) i know the right answer! mulan!
reporter: yes. mulan, and there was pocahontas too~.

anonymous asked:

Did you and Kukui recover the friendship after all that?

Couldn’t tell ya if I wanted to. I guess we ended on a pretty bad note, ya know? I didn’t really think there was any comin’ back from it. I didn’t even WANNA come back from it!! Figured I was a whole new person who didn’t need nobody.

But. APPARENTLY, I’m goin’ over to his place next week for dinner or somethin’. I dunno who bribed him to invite me and how much they payed ‘im (IT WAS PROBABLY HALA), but whatever. Might as well, right? Free food.