schiller x marta

Schiller: My god! you’re complicated
Marta: I wasn’t until I met you. I wish I’d never walked into your office that night
Schiller: Yeah, i feel the same

The best moment of this episode. Common ground established between these characters. Its been obvious that Nicholae has had very complicated feelings for Marta since the moment they met.This episode, i think its the first time we see that she too feels conflicted about him.

I love that over and over again this season, Marta trusts Nicholae. She followed her husbands advice and went with her gut. She went to him and she told him the truth. In turn, she earns his trust. OMG. FEELS FOR ALL TIME.

Schiller: Our business is done. you’re free and clear
Marta: The Duchenko’s are going to come gunning for me aren’t they?
Schiller: For both of us, eventually

And then he proves it. He proves what his father and Alexandra both saw within minutes of being around him and Marta. He cares about her. And so he does what we know he has never done before. He lets her go.

He also acknowledges that on some level, she is free, but they are forever linked because trouble is coming. For both of them.

How AWESOME is Goran Visnjic? This man goes from stone cold to almost cuddly in 0.000001 seconds.

Can we talk about the schiller x marta little cute smiles this episode? She smiles at him, laughs with him for the first time this season. And it makes sense. He isn’t her husbands killer. In some way, she can finally relax around him.

It felt like a series finale. I’m gutted. Because Red Widow has hit its stride.