schiller effect
Moonstone Ring Needs a Home!

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Here is a beautiful vintage ladies ring made of sterling silver and featuring a marquis cut genuine Rainbow Moonstone crystal. The flash, or Schiller effect, of this stone is particularly brilliant, showing blue and silver tones that resemble the surreal. Moonstone is a very powerful crystal, vibrating to the feminine love of the cosmos. It is said to be very personal, and will attune to the wearer’s energy to become a constant companion and source of support. Moonstone is said to enhance psychic skills, imbue self esteem and self confidence, calm emotional roller coaster rides, and instill a loving and caring knowing of the truth of one’s essence. It helps bring clarity to a situation, and will always show things as they are, nothing more and nothing less. Very good at connecting with your intuition.

Vintage with small signs of wear on the silver band. Free of damage. Band fits size 5. Length of stone is approximately one inch.