Two Good Things
  • 1. I've been selected as a giver for World Book Night (23rd April). I'm giving out I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith, because it is a lovely book for all ages/reading interest levels. I'll be on South Bridge, in Edinburgh, handing out the novel to all takers.
  • 2. The lovely INTERN of http: // has sent me a photo and description for the Share Your Spaces project! Still time to enter if you are so inclined:
The Return
  • This is the last house where I’d wish
  • to find myself;
  • the smell of dark timber, corners of dust-
  • discoloured grouse,
  • the bar bitty with glass
  • and drawn blood,
  • too many mirrors
  • pooling the hall’s windows
  • into refraction, and all through
  • to where the bridge straddles its weedpond
  • and the wind spits.
  • But we are here.
  • The barometer’s stopped
  • the grandfather’s tick
  • slowed to a drawl
  • the grate stubbed, ashes swept.
  • Haul us the bottle down
  • let us take it in.