my fave hoe products

baby wipes - can be used to take makeup off quickly. use before & after sex,easily wipes up boob sweat and is just good for freshening up overall

throat numbing spray -  makes deep throating easier (especially if your gag reflex is bad)

aquaphor - makes lips soft and is good for any rough patches of skin

clear or light pink gloss - super flirty and cute and makes your lips look nice & pouty

salux cloth - exfoliates skin really well and will make your skin soft as fuck. it’s like a loofah but better. it’s also long so you can exfoliate your back as well.

schick intuition razor - it has a little moisturizing bar on the razor so u don’t have to use shaving cream. so moisturizing and makes you smooth as fuck. one of the best razors imo.

dr. bronners peppermint castile soap - literally makes you feel so clean and minty! if u have a vagina do not put this inside of it bc it will throw ur pH way off)

baby oil - put on wet skin to keep moisture in and make you soft af. also good if u wanna put oil on your ass & titties during sex (also be sure not to get this in your vagina bc it will give u a fuckin infection and it also it deteriorates condoms)

perfume oil - lasts longer and is is stronger than perfume (i recommend the “crown perfume” brand)

body butter - thicker than lotion and makes you wayyy softer (heres a diy recipe)

rosewater - smells like rose (obviously) and works good as a toner,setting spray,and makeup “refresher”. works well for all skin types.

aloe vera gel - great under makeup as a moisturizer & primer if you have oily skin. it absorbs fast and prevents wrinkles and makes ur skin look nice & plump. i’ve heard it can be used to shave with as well. (make sure you get the clear one, not the green or blue gel. and make sure there’s no alcohol added)

chlorophyll - basically a body deodorizer, that you take internally. comes in liquid or pill form. it’s a natural remedy for vaginal odor & bad breath. it’ll make you smell better in general though.

bentonite clay/aztec healing clay - detoxes skin and is good for break outs.

“Funhouse dungeon” is a good term for an old style adventure with no logical “ecology”, just a series of rooms full of monsters with treasure, especially one with lots of traps and puzzles.  As Matt Colville points out, S2: White Plume Mountain is a classic example of of a funhouse with encounters designed as puzzles for the players as much or more than for their characters.  This room full of charmed monsters feels like it was designed by a committee of Bond villains, with alternating land and aquatic creatures in giant aquariums.  (David Sutherland illus. from S2 by Lawrence Schick, TSR, 1979)

Brich ihr das Herz und sie stirbt langsam, aber sie lässt es sich nicht anmerken, sie wird weiterhin lächeln, sich weiterhin schminken und sich schick anziehen, sie wird nachts weinen, sich von der Welt losgelöst fühlen und innerlich an der Kälte sterben!

Brich ihm das Herz und er stirbt langsam, aber er lässt es sich nicht anmerken, er grinst weiter, zieht sich schick an, geht feiern, lässt sich von seinen Freunden muten Frauen aufzureißen, Frauen für eine Nacht, diese Nächte, die er am nächsten Morgen bereut, weil er genau weiss, das es nicht das Richtige ist!

Innerlich sterben tun beide, doch umgehen tun sie anders damit


Gabriel Loire (1904-1996)

Symphony Tower of Joy for Children with staircase - Choukokunomori bijutsukan 彫刻の森美術館 (open-air museum) Hakone 箱根, Japan - 336 m²  - 1973-74

Photo 1: Source Flickr Hendrik Schicke

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Tom Wlaschiha at the Berlinale festival 2017!

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