“Funhouse dungeon” is a good term for an old style adventure with no logical “ecology”, just a series of rooms full of monsters with treasure, especially one with lots of traps and puzzles.  As Matt Colville points out, S2: White Plume Mountain is a classic example of of a funhouse with encounters designed as puzzles for the players as much or more than for their characters.  This room full of charmed monsters feels like it was designed by a committee of Bond villains, with alternating land and aquatic creatures in giant aquariums.  (David Sutherland illus. from S2 by Lawrence Schick, TSR, 1979)


Gabriel Loire (1904-1996)

Symphony Tower of Joy for Children with staircase - Choukokunomori bijutsukan 彫刻の森美術館 (open-air museum) Hakone 箱根, Japan - 336 m²  - 1973-74

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