Imagine Person A breaking their leg, and Person B carrying them around the house, even though Person A can walk perfectly fine with their crutches. (Bonus: Person B continues to carry them around even after Person A’s leg has healed.)

I haven’t drawn for myself in ages, so have some ScheArl. :3c

Arle: S-SCHEZO!? What are you doing!? I can walk with my crutches just fine!
Schezo: I only wish for your comfort in your time of recovery. Allow me to assist.

Stop right there! I won’t let your deeds go unpunished Satan! In the name of Puyo Puyo I will punish you!

*shot infinitely with nuisance puyo*

You might know her as the voice of Sailor Moon, but did you know Kotono Mitsuishi used to be the voice actor for Arle too? Take a close listen to the Puyo Puyo CD when you can!

A strange birthday art for Arle, but still one nonetheless! Happy Birthday Arle!

too lazy to finish this doodle of klug trying to decipher sig’s notebook

Klug: Honestly Sig, if you weren’t so fixated on your bug collection, I wouldn’t constantly hound on you and your terrible grades! Do you even take notes?!

Sig: …yeah.

Klug: Gimme your notebook. If you want to succeed, you need good notes.

Sig: Kay. (hands notebook)

Klug: Let’s see- !?

Sig: ?

Klug: (above picture)