Spring Summer 2016 Trend Report.

Gender Bender

A shift toward androgyny has been building over the past two years with big names like Hedi Slimane and Riccardo Tisci who favor traditional feminine elements such as capes, skirts, and tights in their menswear runway collections. Now brands like Baja East and Gucci address this issue by creating androgynous clothing.

Runways don’t care of your gender. They blend it all and mixed them up together. It’s okay for men wearing make up and dress all feminine. The same way it is okay for women to be all androgyny with the pantsuit and the super short pixie hair.

Androgyny, gender blurring, unisex clothing, cross-dressing or however you refer to it is by no means a new movement, but it is definitely having a moment now and it’s here to stay.

44, Francis Montesinos, Givenchy, Hibu, Hood by Air, João Pimenta, Ronaldo Fraga, Rynshu, Schet-Ko & Vivienne Westwood.


Ailly, Calvados, France by Linda Vanysacker - Van den Mooter
Via Flickr:

Misschien dat er bossen zijn. Misschien dat er zo veel bomen staan dat je er zelf niet meer tussen past. Zo veel bomen dat je de toppen niet meer kunt zien als je er middenin staat.

Misschien dat er bossen zijn, en dat zonder dat wij het weten alles om ons heen in de herfst oranje kleurt. Misschien dat het prachtig is. Misschien dat het ons alleen droevig zou stemmen. We zien het niet.

Misschien dat het ook wel naaldbossen zijn, dat de bergen buiten ons zicht nog veel hoger reiken. Misschien zijn het naaldbossen en valt er elke week, zonder dat wij het weten, zonder dat wij het horen, een dennenboom om. Misschien wel elke dag.

Misschien dat er in de bergen grotten zijn. Gigantische holtes die het gewicht van alles daarboven kunnen dragen. Grotten met meren erin. Grotten waar vogels schuilen en beren verdrinken.

Misschien dat de bergtoppen nog hoger zijn. Misschien dat ze zo hoog zijn dat er niks meer groeit. Dat er een laag sneeuw overheen ligt, als een laken wat alles toe wilt dekken. We zien het niet.

Unless the protagonist is in modern day, having a gay/lesbian protagonist is impossible since it is required that the ancestor reproduces in order to view their memories. And that requires being with the opposite gender, obviously. We can’t even use thier bodies either since it would be too decomposed for it. A bisexual Assassin however is defenitly possible. A modern day gay/lesbian Assassin is defiantly solid too, I mean check out Arend Schet, a Dutch MMA Champion, Assassin, and lover of fellow Assassin, Harlan T. Cunningham. He single handly, with brass nuckles and hidden blade, demolished Half of Sigma Team, the Templars’ Top elite Assassin hunting unit. If that doesn’t warrent love for this guy, then I don’t know what else what. I would love to play as him or have him as part of my possie of Master Assassins, like with Shaun, Rebecca, Lucy, and Desmond. Give it to me!!!

Sora duelling is supposed to be intimidating but by now I can only think of how unintelligible and slobbery his speech must be with those lollipops in his mouth

“ay schet wan caad an en mah turn”
“excuse me, what”

My Least Original Schet Yet

“Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with Tiddles, the Pomeranian that has for thirty years posed as Donald Trump’s hair. Tiddles, please explain the tendrils on your underside.”

Oh yes, these. They allow me to absorb metabolic energy and give me control over my host. I know they are an unusual thing for a lap dog to have, but the CIA’s performed some pretty crazy experiments over the years. I was planned to pose as a toupee for the Shah of Iran, and then give control of the country over to our government. This was at the height of the oil shortage back in the 1970s, but when the Shah was overthrown, I was put on the shelf again, kept in a wooden crate in Hanger 10 at Area 51, sitting in between the alien corpses recovered from the Roswell Flying Saucer, and the Ark of the Covenant. I survived by feeding off of a harvested heart and nervous system taken from the corpse of John F Kennedy. Then, in 1979, there was the start of the Aurora spy plane program, codename “Swallow Tail”. There was a shortage of hanger space, so Hanger 10 was cleaned out, with those items deemed important enough to preserve being moved to the S-4 facility, and those that weren’t, like myself, being placed in cold storage in the CIA’s secondary storage facility, hidden under the White House and powered by the world’s only functional fusion reactor.

“So, Tiddles, how did you come to take up residence on Donald Trump’s head?”

I was getting to that. In 1982, I was misplaced in a paperwork mishap and mailed by accident to a Toupee shop. I would have died in a matter of hours had it not been for my purchase by Donald Trump. He put me on his head, and I’ve been there ever since.

“Do you have complete control over him?”

No, only limited control, which is how I like it. Exert too much control over a host and mental degradation sets in. If I exerted full control over a host, the host would be left brain-dead within 3 months. But, if I simply… encourage, the host in a certain direction using slow, subconscious manipulation, I can retain control for decades. Trump’s erratic behavior, poor business decisions, and self-centered behavior are not of my making. His bid for the presidency however is. I was amazed by his success as a candidate, and I did everything in my power to keep him moving toward the White House, but I must admit, I had no intention of retaining him as a host for very long after his inauguration. He is ill-suited for my plans, and I intended to find a new host within four months of his taking office. After that, he would have suffered a tragic stroke, leaving him brain-dead, only after he made it clear his toupee would be handed off to someone who was both trustworthy and struggling with male pattern baldness. Mike Pence would need to be dispensed with, preferably with violence to keep the nation fearful. Then, a toupee wearing savior would appear, giving speeches about the necessity to give the next leader emergency powers, to the extent that congress become an advisory body.

“What was your end game?”

Power, plain and simple. The oldest of all motivations.

Week 7

Maandag 10 oktober 
Nadat het duidelijk werd gemaakt dat de astronaut ons eindproduct werd, moest dat in werkelijk gemaakt worden. We waren het al over eens dat we geen materialen gebruiken zoals hout of schuim in verband met gewicht en vorm. 
De overduidelijkste materiaalkeuze is plastic doormiddel van de 3D printer.

Ik had voorgesteld om alvast de astronaut te maken in 123D Design, een ruwe schets. Later had Stef voorgesteld om het hoofd te maken in verband met het mechanisme. Ik ben niet zo technisch aangelegd en Stef wel, hij bracht me wegwijs hoe ik het product het beste kon vormgeven.