My journey to Dallas started from The Netherlands, bright and early. I woke up with the birds, which is earlier than I’d usually like. Using my list of packing items, I quickly worked through all the essentials. Clothing, gaming equipment, toiletries, electrical devices, rechargers. Then, it was straight to the airport and off to Dallas. 

The first flight I got a good amount of sleep, slept probably 80% of the flight. Then I had a couple of hours lay-over in Philadelphia, where I spent some time in the lounge, surfing the web. I saw EG put up the announcement regarding the end of our contract, so that means I’m officially released from the WC3 squad and we’ll be going our separate ways. Thanks again to EG for the time we’ve shared.

On the last bootleg of the flight, I slept about 100% of the flight as Andy from Status Quo Halo attests, haha:!/BravoMLG/status/53725757352050688 

Finally in Dallas, Cassandra and I rent a car and make our way to our resting place, a small hotel apartment. Now, it’s off to bed and get ready for the first day of MLG tomorrow. 

It’s been nearly two and a half months since I got started with Starcraft 2, and I am very happy to come MLG to gain some tournament experience. Psyched!! 

Will continue to blog about my MLG experience, so check back soon.