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Independent college newspaper confiscated for featuring article about a gay student

Two students at Cedarville University in Ohio say the independent newspaper they produce was confiscated – all because they featured a story about a gay student who experienced discrimination on campus. 

Jordan Ryner and Zach Schneider run The Ventriloquist, an independent paper at Cedarville. The article that got them in so much trouble was about a student who was removed from his school leadership positions because he’s gay. The editors say they don’t think administrators actually read the article.

“[Student Life President John Wood] said he was not comfortable having a gay student in a positions of leadership, and so the article was just Avery’s basically first-person account of what happened with that, and I have to imagine the administration wasn’t especially fond of that,” Zach Schenider, Ventriloquist writer of three years, recalled in a HuffPost Live interview on Wednesday. …

University President Dr. Thomas White responded with a statement that claimed the school had “not shut anything down” by confiscating The Ventriloquist, but rather, that they had “prevent[ed] unauthorized solicitation when it was brought to [our] attention… they may freely share ideas on their website.”

Nope nope nope. Any kind of student media censorship makes a university look absolutely terrible. But when it’s to cover up the school’s blatant and unapologetic discrimination? That’s just asking for a disaster – and I hope the school gets one.