2017 so far
Goodbye to:
- cigarettes
- my bad habit of smoking weed everyday
- a friend
- bad vibes
- my lazy habits of rotting, not being motivated to do shit
- chasing after people like a blind dog
- unhealthy foods

Hello to:
- cleaner healthy state of mind and body
- more motivation
- tattoos
- piercings
- more moneys
- higher taste in food
- new parts for Asuna
- cool new friends
- and this fkn cool girl that i’d like to one day date

Not to get my hopes up or nothin!! but here’s my season 2 wishlist!!
1. Chibita
2. Beach episode when? Chibita has to be in it tho
3. Totoko and nyaa chan duet
4. Chibita
5. VERY IMPORTANT! Karamatsu has a good day
6. Chibita
7. Chibita and iyami schemin
8. Remake of the kun ep where chibita finds baby
9. Marching band episode thats the spongebob marching band episode but it’s matsu
10. Character songs (mostly chibita)
11. Homerun chan comes back. (Pls bring her back jyushimatsu did not deserve that i am begging you pl
12. Chibita
13. Karamatsu and osomatsu interactions bc the eldest bro duo is my favorite duo
14. Chibita
15. Atsushi and totty hang out and then get married. Normalmaru is the best man and chibita is there too
16. Idk if i mentioned chibita but chibita
17. Hijirisawa Shonosuke goes away forever
18. Chibita ED

I think Travis would win in a mcelroy chopped, although if I’ve learned anything from taz it’s that Griffin McElroy Is Always Schemin’ so I also feel like he may be able to handle the basket ingredients best