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1. What dream can you remember from your child hood?

oh god when I was queen with the little mermaid and it was the best dream ever because it felt like I was a part of a disney movie

2. What is your favourite band?


3. Do/have you ever self-harmed?

wow I’ve never told anyone so this is hard for me.. well yeah I have

4. Sum yourself up in one word


5. Are you in a relationship? If not how did your last one end?

well my last relationship was in the 5th grade so that doesn’t count but I’m currently dating this handsome couch and it’s getting pretty serious.

6.  Where in the world would you most like to live?

NYC where I was born

7.  Have you ever been/are you in love?


8. Who would you tell anything to?

honestly no one, I’m emotionally damaged

9. Would you ever meet up with someone you started talking to online?

well yeah if we’ve known eacother for a long time and I’m a 100% sure I can trust them

10. What would be the ideal job for you?

I wanna be a cartoonist. I’m a pretty big nerd yeah

my questions:

1. are you gay?

2. your favorite tv show?

3. favorite movie?

4. thing you love most about yourself?

5. where do you live?

6. how are you today? having a magical day?

7. thing you hate most about yourself?

8. what is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

9. what’s your biggest fear?

10. what’s your guilty pleasure?