so there I was

mindlessly browsing through items on Wish looking for gift ideas when I see this:

“hm these action figures look like they’re pretty cheap- wait……. who’s that on the right?”

“is………… that, Adrien???”

 oh my god

About Zanverse

As much as I used to love my characters/stories, I realize now that the reason I started to hate it is because I just sorta became…. disinterested without trying to modify or renew anything. Which makes sense, people grow up and change and interests change too. 

It won’t be a major overhaul, but I do think I will begin working on revamping aspects of my story and some of the character designs. When that does happen, I will be trashing a lot of my old posts with the old versions of stuff, because even though it might bum some people out I think that it is needed for me to start loving my stuff again!

I will post new versions as needed like the character sheets that break down each person, and I may still keep some stuff that I like even if it’s changed, but I just wanted to share my thoughts and maybe give some insight into why I’ve neglected some OCs like… majorly haha.

Name: Covert unit, model LX (version 2); LX2. (Colloquially known as “Alex”)

Gender: none (They or whatever their appearance dictates)

Species: H’mon

Height: Relaxed mode: 1 m 50cm

Faction: Alliance (by birth but currently kinda without faction loyalty)

Personality: LX2 is very smart and can pick up on almost anything or any skill very quickly. They prefer to observe and listen to try and understand their environment and the people in their vicinity, but don’t let their young appearance fool. LX2 is very mature and will happily show you their quick wit.


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Only Best friends take evening naps with each other, Oh also kiss and stuff, thats what being a BFF is all about (◍•ᴗ•◍) <3

“All these guys were talking bad about Luke Cage. But they didn’t stop for one minute to look at the good he had done. Cleaning up Crispus Attucks by himself? Looking out for people? Most of these guys wear spandex. Who would’ve thought a black man in a hoodie would be a hero.”