I have a complicated relationship with this time period for various reasons, but I cannot deny the absolute GENIUS of the entire concept of this time. More than music, it’s probably the best demonstration of bringing to life a vision in one’s mind. He created an entire enterprise around this album in a way that’s much deeper than it seems if you consider the climate of music in the mid 80′s and sorry to take it there, but especially the difficulty in crossing over as a Black artist. This is a time when Billboard dropped all the music by Black artists on their “Black Albums” charts, music award categories would lump everyone together in “Black” categories, and our artists weren’t being played on MTV. It as a different time…

But this project…

He pushed through all the muck in an extremely calculated way while still being able to stay true to his cheeky nature. 3 of the songs on this album are still solely performed by Prince (The Beautiful Ones, Darling Nikki, When Doves Cry), there was a stunning 6-month 100 stop tour to promote the album, and he built a fanbase of MILLIONS screaming and loving on this thing that was just a seed in his mind the year before…and not just people who looked like him, many who didn’t! 

May we all be as driven to push through obstacles  to make things happen, and may we all recognize and respect the process of preparation and how our dedication, tenacity, and hard work leads to insumountable success!

Today tipping my hat to Purple Rain.

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Listen listen, listen. I love your Lup and Taako. So much. a lot. but when they stand next to each other IPRE days and there's no color I CAN NOT tell them apart AT ALL. I love them so much I wanna tell my twins apart help :<

my hc is that the only difference between them is that taako has buck teeth heres a handy timeline


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