Furuta: The Clowns disguised humans and turned them into a wall of meat. This is an unforgivable foolish scheme!
Furuta: From hereon out, our goal as the CCG is to ‘completely takeover/ occupy Tokyo’!!
Furuta: We shall annihilate all the Ghouls!!

Furuta: It’s time for a counterattack!

I was a substitute gym teacher for the morning, and the kids played 3 games, one of which was a version of dodge ball with yarn balls instead of something more painful. And yet…

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vladi-l  asked:

What do you think about Splatoon 2's visuals? How do they compare against the original?

Too early to say yet but splatoon2 feels more… darker? 

Old weapons were these bright green plastic that really made them look like toys (which I loved) while the new color scheme is purple/dark green… But like I said, too early to say

thereinalulu  asked:

Sorry i'm reading those thoughts on kylo redemption compared to vader and i'm just thinking : kylo killed his defenseless father, his family, which, although he did worse in the grand scheme of things, is a line vader never actually crossed ( i think ? Oh wait he did kill obi wan... But he is not his actual father and had cut his body like a cake so...) All this to say maybe its harder for pzople to redeem kylo because he killed his father and in our society, thats the worst crime ever. Maybe?

Oh for sure, I completely understand that and why people would think he’s impossible to redeem. But I think, in all their anger over it, some also tend to completely miss the point about Han’s death in the first place. It very visibly affected Kylo and not in a good way. The proof is in the script, it’s in the books, it’s in his expression. He’s hesitant, he becomes emotionally compromised, but decided to do it anyway. And only then does he realize that it didn’t work the way he was told it would.

And now it’s destroying him on the inside. Look at how affected he was during the fight against rey and finn. He’s lost all his calm, all his sense. He’s incredibly distraught. Not only injured physically but mentally and emotionally compromised. Because it WAS the worst thing Kylo could have done. He killed his family. He cannot sink any lower. He’s hit his low point in the very first film. Han’s death was the turning point. It’s what is going to set Kylo’s redemption in motion. And if not, Han would have literally died for nothing. Harrison wanted Han to die, but he wanted his character’s death to mean something. Han knew what he was going into. He knew this would be a possibility. And in his death, he forgave his son, hoping he could forgive him in return someday.

If Han can forgive Kylo for his actions, and if Leia thinks he can come back…. why can’t we?

Im more than sure it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It always does. While completing his training I’m sure snoke will say somehting to get him going a little nuts. To try and make up for his ‘weaknesses’ in the first film, we may see him even more desperate to immerse himself in darkness. More obssessed. Because right now, Kylo doesn’t believe there’s a way out, or a way back. And until he believes it, he won’t try changing.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that if Kino and Yuri ever go to live at the Sakamaki's place, that Kino would have a "Scheme Jar". Basically, every time he schemes against someone or something and it totally backfires, he has to put a dollar in the jar. He would also have to put it in a dollar if he lies. It will go towards buying a present for Yuri for putting up with him for so long. How many dollars do you think would be in there?

kanato: this guy in the group project I’m doing really isnt doing his share

kino: we should kill his parents

reiji: kino what did I fucking say. put a dollar in the jar

Disney Theories #2

So, my mom just came up with a really interesting theory about Cassandra from Tangled: The Series. What if Cassandra is Mother Gothel? I know this may sound a little far fetched but just listen. Cassandra is the only person who knew about the rocks so what if Mother Gothel was somehow not gone and used the magic of those shards to become young again? Or maybe she somehow was back already young and Cassandra is just her cover up? She was the person who lead Rapunzel to the rocks in the first place. Plus, she has the same hair, eyes, and wears the same color scheme as Gothel so it could work. It would also give another reason as to why she is so secretive and why we never see the family that she always talks about. Any thoughts?

* ☾˙ ˖ heyo gals nd pals !! dis late but i’m j / jin (aka ur resident Mess™ nd minghao advocate) livin in gmt+8 :~) also ready 2 fuk shit up w my son jian .. who is also d worst .. i HATE him rip i have nothin up on his blog yet ( which color scheme is deadass inspired by tht stan smith green ) but im hella excite to write w everyone here so if u wna plot , like dis post nd i’ll slide right into ur im’s!!! but ok here’s sum more stuff abt him under d cut ( tw death ) ! 

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