The Signs as NHS Feels
  • Aries: happy, because the Horseshoe Café is gr8
  • Taurus: drained, from running to the office to get a yellow slip because that was the only way to get into class late
  • Gemini: exhausted, from an all nighter studying for Schembri’s AP Calc test
  • Cancer: contented, because of chicken and mash on Tuesday
  • Leo: mad, because the school has Tumblr blocked
  • Virgo: rage, because we only have one day for midwinter break while other schools get a week
  • Libra: beyond bored, because of certain teachers (cough cough Daoust)
  • Scorpio: crushing, because of that one hot janitor (YOU KNOW THE ONE)
  • Sagittarius: stressed out, because it’s NHS aka one of the top public schools in the country so the curriculum has to be super rigorous or something
  • Capricorn: irritated, because of the lack of diversity in the staff
  • Aquarius: aggravated, because of those lockers that randomly have spray paint on them
  • Pisces: glad, because online gym is an option now instead of (ew) actual exercise