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Hello! I would love to start studying linguistics from the start, so far I have been picking up bits and pieces. Where would you recommend to start? I am afraid I am a little bit lost when it comes to this :/ Thank you!

Thanks for your question!

Linguistics is obviously fabulous, which is why you want to study it, but it can be difficult as there’s no clear path from school to university to deploying your amazing linguist skills in a job. I often talk about how I fell into linguistics by accident.

If you’re still in high school, there are any number of subjects that will assist you later in linguistics; English, Computer Science, Maths, History, Media, Psychology, and any additional languages. Students in Victoria, Australia are lucky enough to have English Language as a subject, where they learn about language structure and use by relating it back to English.

All Things Linguistics has some great advice on choosing an undergraduate or graduate program program at university, and I’ve talked about honours, which is a program at the end of undergrad in some countries.

I’ve also listed some general resources, including links to many awesome linguistics blogs, and recently I did a post on good linguistics books, a combination of those books and blogs should get you familiar with many of the basics in linguistics, although you may find that your learning is not particularly systematic.

I’ve often thought it would be great to put together a “how linguistics works” short course for an adult education centre - so instead of learning the basics of cupcake making, or yoga, people could learn about language structures and how they speak. Thanks to Adam Schembri for sharing this link to a MOOC from Coursera called Miracles of Human Language, running from March next year. It’s only five weeks long, and looks like it will introduce you to the basic areas of linguistic study.

- Lauren