I don’t usually go in for TED talks, but I’m a big fan of Drisana Levitzke-Gray, and this video gives you an insight into the challenges that people who are deaf or hearing impaired face from birth. The majority of people who are born deaf have hearing parents (95%). The current medical system treats deafness as a problem to be overcome, rather than providing new parents with options, or the support of the Deaf community.

In this short video Drisana is (as always) an articulate advocate for Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and the need for better attitudes and access.

If you need reminding of the privileges that being hearing affords, check out the tweets on the recent #HearingPrivileges hashtag, and maybe follow a few of the great people on there.

[Thanks to Adam Schembri for letting me know about this video!]

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Mitchell’s short-tailed snake - Parasuta nigriceps

Parasuta nigriceps (Elapidae) is an Australian snake found in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia territories. As the species name suggests, one of the distinctive features of this snake is the black head from nose to neck with the dark coloration extending into a dark vertebral stripe. Although they are elapids, all Parasuta species are harmless, unaggressive snakes.

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Photo credits: [Top: ©George Cruiser | Locality: Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 2009] - [Middle: ©Brendan Schembri | Locality: Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 2014] - [Bottom: ©Martin Whiting/The Lizard Lab | Locality: Australia, 2014]