Summary; Man trades first daughter to witch for the art of gardening. Then doesn’t want to give her away (duh) and calls Loke for help. He helps and is promised the man’s prettiest rose… well, so he takes the prettiest rose. The prettiest to his taste.
Poor ol’ gardener.
Before Loke can indulge in her she rans away from him, but her thowns are entagled in his mind and hearth and he searches for her. She is nowhere to be found. Years later she comes back, she knows she has an influence on him and so she wants to use it. But he is a lovely idiot and she then also falls for him. He is her bad gardener and she the prettiest (and thorny) rose.

((If anybody is more fluent in English… a translation would be lovely. But my skills end here, I tried really hard to write this in English but to no avail.)) German poem under cut!

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