Fritzi Scheff sings Victor Herbert’s “Kiss Me Again” (1936)

Die Schröders - Schwer Scheff

Die Schröders - Schwer Scheff

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So @OMGRaj wanted 2 go in the studio last week & record 4 the 1st time. I invited @ThatKevinMartin & @JoshHerms to help, this is the result. Fun times! @MarieDomingo

Une vache sur ma place de parking (The Cow in the Parking Lot)
Leonard Scheff et Susan Edmiston
Développement personnel, Le Livre de Poche, 2013

Cela fait dix minutes que vous errez sur un parking quand une place se libère. A ce moment-là, une Jeep surgit et se gare juste devant vous. Ça vous énerve ? Imaginez à présent que c’est une vache qui déboule et s’installe au milieu de la place de stationnement. Est-ce que vous êtes toujours furieux ? Vous seul prenez la décision de vous mettre en colère.

“I Wish You Could Swim”
acrylic and ink on cradled board
by Marc Scheff
(Marc’s Tumblr)

For the “Heroes” challenge for Month of Love

I am also pleased to share that this will be a part of the Moonage Daydream art show at the SF Public Works Roll Up Gallery. Thanks to Steven Russell Black for the intro.

Opening is Friday March 4. More details:

“I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, forever and ever
Oh we can be heroes, just for one day”
-David Bowie

Plus a cover mockup. Because reasons.

January 2016 Recap

So much happen this pass month. 

The most exciting of which is that I QUIT MY DAY JOB. 

(Here are some of the last Legos I got from there)

I have a feeling I’ll be falling back into it. But I need to return to making. I’ve managed to snag a few jobs, but alas, they are not really paying the bills. 

I saved up enough to last me a month and a half. But as of now I am completely debt free, so there are definitely ups!

(the Met)

I was lucky enough to visit New York City in the new year. One of my closest friends ELLEN BARKIN SÖDERHOLM, recently moved temporarily there. We had a blast. For the most part we went are NYC and to the museums. But the last 2 days ended up enjoying the snow.

(here are a few sketches form the Natural History Museum)

Also this month I’ve been in Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto’s Art Business Bootcamp (which is what has lead me to start these monthly recaps. 

(I was lucky enough on my NYC trip to grab coffee with Marc) (pointing at a painting of mine that he owns :)  )

I’ve been learning so much from this course, and will hopefully get the right start that I need. 

Speaking of courses I’m also starting Sterling Hundley’s Ideation Class via online as well.

So far I’m enjoying the assignments, and I will post more next month when I have completed it. 

(here is a look at my Ideation sketchbook)

Something else that has been a lot of fun has been my hobby of dice casting has really gotten lots of nice attention from friends and family. Here are two. 

Something else that I’m returning to is a personal project.

my goal for the project is to create a field guild of North American backyard birds that is set a couple of decades after WW3. This is more of mutation thenevolution of the species, due to chemical and nuclear warfare. My hope is to have a kick starter and make a book in a few months, for now I’m just gonna paint some birds

and Last (I’m sure I’m forgetting something) I’m really excited for this year’s Month of Love challenges, which I will be participating in this year. So Check them out every week I’ll be posting something new every friday, but there will be great new art every day of the week from really talented people.

Society of Illustrators West 54

Here are some shots of my work on the wall this past November at The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.

I had five illustrations accepted to the show.

photo credit: Marc Scheff.

Another huge thank-you to Alyce Heath, Association Manager, Show Chair, Marc Scheff, and the judges, Anna & Elena Balbusso, Doug Alexander Gregory, Rebecca Guay, Steven E. Hughes, Thomas James, David Mack, Lauren Panepinto, Jon Schindehette and Esther Pearl Watson.


The Random Tea Sessions Presents ::  Vessna Scheff  ::

::Random Tea Session #40::

The Band
Vessna Scheff - Ukulele/ Vocals

The Crew
Koofreh Umoren - Director/Editor
Aleksander Martray - Camera