Hello!  I’ve decided to start doing commissions to not only better provide for myself, but also get a lot of practice in with my art. 

Obviously if you want something that isn’t listed we can negotiate a price. Things like Reference Sheets and Icons, Chibis, Pixels, etc. are all available with prices depending on complexity. The only thing I can’t do is animation! sorry~

Things I love drawing and therefore will be good at: Couples! Guro/gore! Robots! Insectoids! Your OCs! Astronaut/Space stuff! NSFW! FURRIES. (I’ll pretty much draw anything you want though, tbh.)

I will be accepting payment through paypal, you can pay up front, or if you’d like, you can pay half and I’ll send you a WIP of the work and (when I get the okay) I’ll give you the finished product when you pay the other half.  

My Paypal e-mail:

If you can’t buy a commission but still wanna help me out, a signal boost would be lovely. < 3