Ugh, this review was a pain to get done.  Not only was the 2008 remake of Prom Night pretty danged terrible, but VLC changed how they take screencaps so everything was squished.  Then the program I use to get clips died on me, so I had to last minute try and learn a new one, and it plays fine on the computer, but uploads to YouTube with the commentary audio?!

ANYways…Prom Night 2008.  An okay idea, a great cast in underutilised roles, but Idris Elba is as great as always, and the main girls are good too.  But the prom and the horror never mesh, and the movie doesn’t know what a character arc is, and completely ruins what little agency they gave Brittany’s character.

You can read my full rant right over here.

Quarantine starring Jennifer Carpenter ( #Dexter ), Jay Herenandez ( #Hostel ), Columbus Short ( #Accepted ), Greg Germann ( #Bolt ), Steve Harris ( #MinorityReport ), Dania Ramirez ( #PremiumRush ), Marin Hinkle ( #TwoAndAHalfMen ) and Johnathon Schaech ( #ThatThingYouDo ). A TV reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a quarantined apartment building with something horrifying. [Rec] is a classic and one of my favourite horror movies ever, now this is the American remake. As a film it’s good, as a remake it’s completely unnecessary. It was to attract film buffs who don’t like reading subtitles to a great movie. Now, I love Jennifer Carpenter, and her performance was good, but Manuela Velasco’s was better. If you’re like me and you loved the original then you also probably found it hard to like this film. There’s just no point in it. I know there are people out there who saw this and not the original, they probably like this film and that’s fine. But if you’ve seen both films, it’s obvious which is the one far more superior. I didn’t really have a good time watching this because after the first ten minutes I saw it was going for a shot-for-shot kind of remake and knew everything. For example, when the man suddenly falls off the stairs. In the original, I jumped out of my seat, in this I literally said “Any second now, a man will fall down the stairs” and I was right. It just meant that watching this film was completely pointless. I’m not going to lie I actually dosed out in many places. Okay, it’s well acted and a solid remake, but it’s no comparison to the original. Hell, this would’ve been a completely different review if I hadn’t seen [Rec]. But I have, and I think that if you want to see Quarantine, don’t watch [Rec], and if you want to see [Rec] then don’t watch Quarantine. It’s a waste of time. I can also say that in this film, the scares were nowhere near as effective. Maybe that’s because I knew when they were coming or maybe they really were just poor, I’ll never know. I must say, my rating on this film has no effect on my feelings of the film. I’d actually recommend this film to anyone who hasn’t seen [Rec]. (Review continued in comments) by bluraydvd1999

Road House 2 Last Call (2006)

Road House 2 Last Call (2006)

Movie: Road House 2 Last Call

  • Director: Scott Ziehl
  • Stars: Alec Rayme, Ashley-Anne Parker, Bill Flynn, Breon Pugh, Dale Beasley, Grover Coulson, Jake Busey, Jeff Galpin, John F Daniel, Johnathon Schaech, Larnell Stovall, Lawrence Varnado, Lisa Marie Dupree, Louis Dupuy, Louis Herthum, Michael Byrnes, Michael Wozniak, Rebecca Holloway, Richard Norton, Ritchie Montgomery, Ron Fagan, Sophia…

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