34. Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980.)

I got permission from a fellow Schadenfreudicorn to post this here– I was blown away by how pretty her dress is! Holy shit! It’s really very fashionable and classy, and I just love it! The classic car ain’t bad, either. I love the extra touch of class with the wine glass, haha.

As always, I’m so proud of my team. We were a hell of a motley crew!

Post-GISHWHES Conversations with Shuraiya
  • Me: I need to start watching Supernatural so I can do GISHWHES next year and actually understand the references. Team Schadenfreudicorn has touched my soul... inappropriately.
  • Shuraiya: HAHAHAHA 8'D
  • Me: I am tumblrstalking the GISHWHES tag and nobody compares to the glory of the majestic Schadenfreudicorn.
  • Shuraiya: YOU KNOW IT!
  • Me: Please bring me a flower from a hill from the haunted Scottish castle so that I may wear it in my hair and learn to play the bagpipes [from a gnome, naturally] whilst skipping down the sidewalk in a salami thong singing Born This Way to an army of hungry kittens.
  • Me: I feel it will provide me the air of legitimacy and realism I'm going for.
  • Shuraiya: Be careful, that might become an item next year!
  • Me: I feel you should tell [Misha Collins] this during your sleepover.
  • Me: Although I'm not sure putting salami between your buttcheeks is a healthy idea.
  • Shuraiya: I will indeed, I'll suggest it to him!
  • Shuraiya: Hahahaha, who cares, it's FOR CHARITY!
  • Me: And if FOR CHARITY is anything like FOR NARNIA, all the talking animals will totally dig my salami thong.
  • Me: I have no idea why I'm saying these things I live in the internet I can't even.

I’ve been dying to announce this for a couple weeks now– TEAM SCHADENFREUDICORN MADE IT INTO THE GISHWHES COFFEE TABLE BOOK!!!




That phenomenal skydiving picture is ours (of course), and so is that absolutely dashing kilt-wearing gentleman. We don’t know yet if any of our other entries made it in… I guess a fellow noble and gracious Schadenfreudicorn will have to purchase a copy and let us know. :’) (The shop closes too soon for us to afford one, unfortunately.)

I can’t wait to hear which team won!