Because we think well of ourselves, but nonetheless never suppose ourselves capable of producing a painting like one of Raphael’s or a dramatic scene like one of Shakespeare’s, we convince ourselves that the capacity to do so is quite extraordinarily marvelous, a wholly uncommon accident, or, if we are still religiously inclined, a mercy from a high. Thus our vanity, our self-love, promotes the cult of the genius: for the only way to keep the genius from aggrieving us is to think of him as being very remote from us, as a miraculum… But, once we put to one side the suggestions of our vanity, the activity of the genius seems in no way fundamentally different from the activity of the inventor of machines, the scholar of astronomy or history, or the master of tactician…. The genius, too, does nothing other than first learn how to lay foundation stones, then how to build, always in search of material and always forming and reforming itself around the material it has found…. What then is the source of our belief that genius exists only in the artist, orator and philosopher?… It is clear that people speak of genius only where the effects of the great intellect are most agreeable to them and they have no desire to feel envious. To call someone “divine” means: “here there is no need for us to compete”.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, quoted in Nietzsche’s Postmoralism: Essays on Nietzsche’s Prelude to Philosophy’s Future
Nuremberg Trials: IQ

The IQ results of the main defendants of the Nuremberg trials.

Die IQ- Ergebnisse der Hauptangeklagten der Nürnberger Prozesse.

It’s very interesting that 20 of the 21 tested main defendants of the Nuremberg trials are above average, even highly intelligence. None of these men had below average intelligence. Except for Julius Streicher. Hjalmar Schacht had the same IQ like Richard Nixon and is considered a genius

Source/Quelle: Gustave M. Gilbert: Nürnberger Tagebuch – Gespräche der Angeklagten mit dem Gerichtspsychologen; Fischer Verlag 


Loom arrived finally!  It was quick to assemble out of box, maybe 30 minutes? (a little faster if you put it together right the first time…)  It took maybe another 30 minutes to put the warp on, so super quick setup means getting to weaving faster!  15″ is bigger than I was expecting somehow, but not unmanageable in size/weight to sit in a chair with and work.


The Nowaja Shaft (Schacht 78) produced a large variety of fluorite. A less common type is the creamy purple fluorite as seen here, which I personally think is underappreciated compared to what collectors tend to seek.
These fluorites are characterized by intergrown purple cubes on top of crystalline yellow fluorite. Internal crazing creates patchy, milky areas towards the center of the crystals.
Watch the video for two such specimens in my collection, with the second piece being a larger version of the first.


More weaving, I’m trying out a different way of tying to the apron bars in hopes I won’t have as many issues with uneven tightness on the warp.  Yarn is from the fiber festival, 100% alpaca (a favorite for the perfect mix of softness, warmth, and reasonable cost).

I’m still kind of reveling in how fast and easy it is to weave on this thing, depending on the yarn you can have a scarf with 4~ hours work from start to finish.  Also, thinking about how much I’d like to paint it, I’m not a fan of the raw wood at all.

Wir Raven sie heute alle um , wer uns kein Platz macht ist dumm. Heute Raven wir die ganze Nacht , es gibt kein Schicht im Schacht . Voll mit Speed , wir ballern doch nicht iigitt. Unsere Beine voll am dancen, wir kennen keine Grenzen.
Kein ende in Sicht , die Moral von der Geschicht ballern ist Pflicht. Übers ballern hinaus , Tanzen wir die Nacht , aus die Maus