Emila: Hey! I’m not the only one!

Glitch: Yea, yea, Mo’s pretty fuckin’ scary when pissed.

Emilia: Mo? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to get angry.

Glitch: Sure as hell he fuckin’ does. He has two kinds of angry: angry with me and angry with everyone else. When he’s angry wi’ me he’s yellin’ and not threatenin’ Th’ latter is when ‘e’s all quiet and real intimidatin’ and Jesus Chriiiiist it’s scary.

Emilia: Huh. Bodie hardly gets angry but it’s only when he’s worried about me.

Glitch: Sounds like 'im alright. Brother 'n sister love and that shit.

Emilia: Shut up. Anyway Aubrey–

Glitch: She’s all bark n’ no bite! I don’t get why her servants wet their trousers when she’s runnin’ her mouth.

Emilia: That’s because they don’t want to get fired. It’s like how we are with Rasa and Lima.

Glitch: 'Ey, they don’t even have to be pissed to be really fuckin’ scary.

Emilia: Exactly.