Well here you have it!!!!!!! Here are the ten sims that will be a part of the great competition HssTheFace2!!! Here are the sims and their simblrs:

  1. Nikita (plumboobz)
  2. Wika (scerets)
  3. Alanna (yourdorkbrains)
  4. Tehya (elsiasimblr)
  5. Chyna (x-trillsims)
  6. Steffani (simsinati)
  7. Trixi (just-a-dash-of-sarcasm)
  8. Storm (tresdivertido)
  9. Robyn (hotsexysims)
  10. Jada (extractsims)

I’ll go to you all individually, one by one to get all the cc for your sims! So don’t just send me your stuff. Just so you know, I’ll need them in .sims file. I can’t wait to start season two and I l know it will be amazing. 

You all NEED to start tracking the tag #hsstheface2 so you can keep up with all upcoming news! My goal is to have the first photoshoot out June 1st. 

This is a very fun process and you all will get a lot of new fans for your simblr and the sim model you submitted so make sure you enjoy the process. It is very fun and I can’t wait to get this season going!!!!!!

To get the competition going, reblog this post and comment who your favorites are so far!!!!!!!!!!!