scepter quartz


Hey gang, how have you been?

I have a lot of rough gemstones and crystals for sale. Pick what you want and make me an offer. Go ahead ^_^ I have had these lovelies for far to long and  just want to see them go to new homes. There is a lot of stuff here great for lab work including chevron amethyst, unakite, rodonite, pyrite. The scepters are glass that are a pretty citrine color and a few small mixed tumbled stones. There is also peanut wood, Tibetan quartz and a few small ammonites. Again, make me an offer :) 



I’m hoping to make all of these into pendants by the end of the week.. not sure if it’s possible, but I’ll try :)

left to right, top to bottom: Tourmalinated citrine (Brazil), citrine/smoky quartz scepter (Australia), melody’s stone/super seven (Brazil), chrlorite quartz (Brazil), rutilated quartz (Brazil), gem rose quartz (unknown), larimar (Dominican Republic), turquoise (Mongolia), condor agate (Argentina), chroite (2- Russia), sugilite (unknown), fire Agate (2- Mexico), fire opal (2- Mexico), star garnet (unknown), gem silica (unknown), kunzite (Oceanview mine, California, USA), triphane (2- Oceanview mine, California, USA), apatite (Mexico), aquamarine (2- Vietnam), ruby (Vietnam), danburite (Mexico), herkimer diamonds (Little Falls, NY, USA), topaz (Colorado, USA), morganite (California, USA), tourmaline (6- California, USA)

All stones I use are 100% natural and never dyed or treated!