Scents I associate to the signs!

Aries: honeysuckles // cookie dough.

Taurus: hot chocolate // jasmine.

Gemini: lavender // spring.

Cancer: petrichor // fresh laundry sheets.

Leo: bubble-gum // citrus fruits.

Virgo: cinnamon // new books.

Libra: wild roses // fresh paint.

Scorpio: melted chocolate // forests.

Sagittarius: bonfires // strawberries.

Capricorn: autumn // brewing coffee.

Aquarius: vanilla // snowy winter nights.

Pisces: misty days // lilies-of-the-valley.

How cute are these mineral-inspired candles made by Saltwater Tea Jewelry?! I love the idea of pairing scents with minerals! Can you come up with any ideas not pictured here? Could be as straightforward as Azurite: blueberry or more abstract like Smoky Quartz: sandalwood. Let me hear your ideas!! ////// #whyiloveminerals