in February when i worked at Minot Walmart in North Dakota. right before i found out i was pregnant. i was probably a few weeks pregnant in this picture but i didnt know it.

my due date is in 2 weeks (November 4th). right now i look like i swallowed a balloon. i really miss how small i was. i was a size 11 in this picture. that was the smallest i have ever been in my entire life. growing up i was super chubby. by the time i was 12 i was wearing size 18-22 pants. i had never liked the way i looked up until a few months before i got pregnant. i hope that once my daughter, Lily, is born, i can lose the 30lbs that i have gained and get back to this size. to some of you a size 11 might be ‘fat’, but i dont care. i was finally able to accept my body and the way i looked, and i felt sexy. i felt beautiful. i had actual confidence.