scented wax melts

So now I am burning this ScentSationals ‘Coffee Cake Swirl’ and I. LOVE IT. It’s so sweet. The cinnamon and sugar scent is so pure you’d swear someone was stuffing it right up into your nostrils and suffocating you with pure cinnamon and sugar.

There’s also a slight hint of butter in there.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the witchy community (at least here on tumblr) talk about these gems.

I don’t know about you guys, but I like having good smells going on when I’m doing certain things. I have a hard time finding incense that I enjoy and don’t trigger migraines (plus we aren’t technically supposed to burn them in our apartment complex) and I also find that a lot of the scented candles I like are ridiculously priced. I saw an (artificial) bergamot one yesterday for $20 and it was only about 4oz of candle! Granted, it was in an interesting jar, BUT STILL.

These awesome scented wax melts are only $1 for a pack of 6-10 cubes and almost all of them smell amazing (though it might be a personal preference thing. I’ve never liked anything “fresh linen” or “ocean breeze” scented.). There are a lot of herb-y smells, too! In fact, all of my favorite ones are. But I also like other ones like “Sunlit Strawberry Patch” or “Mountain Twilight”.

And you don’t have to buy those expensive electric warmers, either. I actually use an oil burner I got from the dollar store and only put half a cube in the bowl. Half a cube and one tea light gets you HOURS of delicious smells. I think I got a bag of like, 100 tea lights at Walmart for $5 or something like that. Super cheap.

The only downside is that they are all (most likely) artificial scents. But they are amazing and they definitely help me get in the mood or mindset to do specific spells… or even just to give me a boost cleaning my apartment or making art!

So, spend $20 on one candle that will give me a few hours of burntime… or buy 15 packs of these, a bag of tealights, and a cheap oil buner and have WEEKS of  delicious smells?! Seriously, I get 12 uses out of each pack. Even if I burn ½ a cube every single day, 15 packs will last six months.

my attempt to ask my friend out failed
a dude she had a thing for started flirting with her and she was happy with this so i opted to stuff it and take a nap lmao
she did give me a TON of scented wax melts and a spare wax warmer she had whilst i was over, so im happy regardless

emmehkat  asked:

Payback! 59, 76, and 85 :D


59. Take a vitamin daily? 

…Does a vitamin water count? XD I had those gummies once but I never remembered to take them. 

76. Regularly burn incense? 

I SHOULD. OTL I have a really cool carved wooden incense burner, it has a door on it and the smoke comes through the holes, and I have a shit ton of incense, but I always forget. Same with candles, I hoard scented candles and wax melts, my memory is terrible… @_@ 

85. Are you patient? 

Not at all. :’D I try to be, but I can’t stand waiting. I do everything fast, I walk fast, I expect to learn fast, I really need to work on slowing down lol 

Thanks for the questions!