scented wax melts

One of my favorite things about autumn is stocking up on ridiculous amounts of amazingggg scented candles and wax melts to last through the rest of the year, So all year long your house can just smell fantastic and remind you autumn.

I love going to stores like Michaels, Bath and Body Works and Walmart to get tons of autumn/winter wax melts. My last wax warmer literally spit in half cause I had it on all the time but lucky you can get really nice, cheap ones at Walmart 😁


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.15.17

home ambience finds by ivyandtwinestore

australian etsy shop ivyandtwinestore has a bohemian and minimal vibe (that includes eucalyptus) and i’m totally swooning this monday. i’d love to smell their caramelised brown sugar + fig candle and try out this lovely little soy melt burner <3


Recently I’ve been testing a bunch of new fragrances to add to my shop, and now they’re up, so you can try them out too! 

A few of the new fragrances are in some of my newer fandom candles (like Moana, ASOUE, and Fantastic Beasts,) but now there are even more new fragrances available in my completely custom candles! 

New fragrances include: Birthday Cake, Coconut Hibiscus, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Icicles, Leather, Lemon Verbena, Ocean Waves, Pina Colada, Sweet Snow, and Very Vanilla!

You can see the full list of fragrances available in the cupcake candles, tealights, pill bottle pillars, teacup candles (only one pair left!,) and wax melts.

Submission: Pokemon and Stimming

I just had a weird thought: what about stimmers in the Pokemon world?

I feel like it might be hard for those with audiotory issues, but I’m honsetly not sure. There are moves like sing, so… It might be hard, it could be fine.

But, one thing I do know, is that the olfactory and textile stimmers would be in heaven. Aromatherapy and sweet scent are literally moves, and if you don’t like a scent there’s always gust. Plus, a lot of grass type pokemon must smell great.

And if you, lets say, happen to be a fan of another scent, like melting wax for instance, there’s always Litwick. A bunch of pokemon have their own unique scents, and you don’t have to choose just one.

And as for texture folks, like me, oh g-d. Every single pokemon has their own unique feel.

Like fluffy things? Minccino, Cinccino, Arcanine, Mightyena, and so many others have you covered.

Prefer smooth? Try Aron, Beldum, Milotic, Dragonair, or something of the like.

Like a rougher, more rocky feel? Any rock type should do.

More of a sandpaper person? Take a look at the rough skin ability.

And some people might find that they like the feel of almost intangible material flowing through their fingers, might I present to you: ghost types and the move mist

Thank you Anon!! it’s a really interesting concept. as a cat stroking stimmer i would probably only train fluffy pokemon lol.

Couldn’t Ask Part Two (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue 

Free Requests 

Warnings: guns, mentions of death of a loved one/parent (not depicted)

A/N- (Happy Sequel Sunday!! Sorry this is so late! I accentuated Laf’s accent in this, hope ya like it)

Song- Alone Together – Fall Out Boy

Words- 3,493

“Sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to intrude, but I was really interested in this Indian fabric,” he held up your jeans. Oh God no. “and I just saw…What is this?” He held up several green pieces of paper. “And why is my face on it?” 

You stood frozen to the spot with no idea what to say. Was this something you could lie your way out of? You could try at the very least.

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Yikes I Got Tagged

so genuinely I’m a small ass account with like 10 followers but I got tagged which made me happy lol anyways sorry for tagging you in advance and tbh yall can just ignore this

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~(Nick) Name: Lex
~Zodiac Sign: Gemini (I swear I’m not two faced)
~Height: 5'3
~Orientation: Straight
~Ethnicity: Hispanic ? White ? This always confused me
~Favorite Fruit: Apples
~Favorite Season: Autumn
~Favorite Book Series: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus or Divergent (I just turned 18 sorry I’m like 5 still)
~Favorite Flower: Roses
~Favorite Scent: This Passion Fruit Wax Melt Thing
~Favorite Color: Red
~Coffee, Tea or Cocoa: Uh Cocoa ?
~Cats or Dogs: Dogs but I like cats too
~Average Sleep Hours: I have insomnia so like on a good day 8 at least on a bad like 5 or less
~Favorite Fictional Characters: Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, Mori Senpai, Honey Senpai, Hikaru, Kaoru, Kagome, Kagura, Tobias Eaton, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Finch, Levi, Olly, Stiles, Derek Hale, Bojack Horseman, Hyde, Fez, Red, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Jane Lane (This is pretty much a mix of books and anime and some tv)
~Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1
~Dream Trip: Greece

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Name: Ashton

Nickname: Ashy, but online I go by Okami

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′ exactly

Orientation: pansexual

Nationality: American

Fav Fruit: Watermelon

Fav Season: Winter

Fav Flower: Dang it’s a tie between snapdragons and lilies

Fav Scent: Vanilla overall. I do like candles and scented melting wax that smells like men’s cologne, so that’s another one.

Fav Colour: Purple (any shade/tint) and burgundy

Fav Animal: Ball pythons, dogs, and birds

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Tea

Average Hours of Sleep: Between 4-7 hours on a good day

Fav Fictional Character: Jean Kirschtein from Shingeki no Kyojin

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 4, regardless of the season lol

Dream Trip: Either going to Ireland during the summer, or going to Japan with a group of closer friends

Blog Created: April 2017

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the witchy community (at least here on tumblr) talk about these gems.

I don’t know about you guys, but I like having good smells going on when I’m doing certain things. I have a hard time finding incense that I enjoy and don’t trigger migraines (plus we aren’t technically supposed to burn them in our apartment complex) and I also find that a lot of the scented candles I like are ridiculously priced. I saw an (artificial) bergamot one yesterday for $20 and it was only about 4oz of candle! Granted, it was in an interesting jar, BUT STILL.

These awesome scented wax melts are only $1 for a pack of 6-10 cubes and almost all of them smell amazing (though it might be a personal preference thing. I’ve never liked anything “fresh linen” or “ocean breeze” scented.). There are a lot of herb-y smells, too! In fact, all of my favorite ones are. But I also like other ones like “Sunlit Strawberry Patch” or “Mountain Twilight”.

And you don’t have to buy those expensive electric warmers, either. I actually use an oil burner I got from the dollar store and only put half a cube in the bowl. Half a cube and one tea light gets you HOURS of delicious smells. I think I got a bag of like, 100 tea lights at Walmart for $5 or something like that. Super cheap.

The only downside is that they are all (most likely) artificial scents. But they are amazing and they definitely help me get in the mood or mindset to do specific spells… or even just to give me a boost cleaning my apartment or making art!

So, spend $20 on one candle that will give me a few hours of burntime… or buy 15 packs of these, a bag of tealights, and a cheap oil buner and have WEEKS of  delicious smells?! Seriously, I get 12 uses out of each pack. Even if I burn ½ a cube every single day, 15 packs will last six months.

ADHD Rachel Amber
  • rachel has primarily hyperactive type adhd
  • she’s always moving, always talking, always doing something with her hands
  • sometimes her volume gets a little high without her realizing it
  • she makes a lot of wide gestures while she’s talking; occasionally smacks someone in the face because she’s not paying attention (she makes it up to them)
  • she’ll occasionally talk so much in a day that she loses her voice
  • she’s good at talking the teachers into letting her pace during class because it’s hard to sit still
  • she has some destructive tendencies when she gets too restless i.e. carving her name into things impulsively
  • uses scented melting wax while studying (a different scent for each subject) and brings bits of the wax with her on test days to aid in memory
  • dorm room is always a whirlwind of hyperfocus
  • probably literally only chill when she’s high
Babs and Jason in Batman Eternal - #02

(Part 1 is there)

As stated in part 1, Jason and Barbara weren’t allies when Batman Eternal started. Barbara even blatantly disliked Jason and his methods.

Jason did like Barbara, and despite the fact he was there because she wasn’t able to manage her father being imprisoned, he clearly respects her as Batgirl.

(Batman Eternal #018)

“Batgirl doesn’t need cover. Those guards are no match for her. Not even close. None of us Robins were ever as good as Batgirl. We knew it. Drove us all crazy.”

I’d say the turning point is the moment when Barbara was hypnotized into attacking Jason and Batwoman. She thought she was seeing the Joker (Jason) and James jr (Batwoman).

Note that Jason tells Batwoman to go while he keep Batigils occupied “while doing his best not to die.”

(Batman Eternal #019)

The fight is well known, all with the irony of Barbara thinking Jason is the Joker of all foes.

Then Jason tries to snap her out of it.

(Batman Eternal #019)

“-A-an autumn evening. Yellow and orange leaves. (…)

Power goes out. Adults retreat to the kitchen to talk politics. We were alone in the living room. Barely lit by too few candles in too large a room. Scent of wax melting. (…)

I said ‘what’s wrong, Red?’ And you gave me this look. Disappointment. Betrayal. You said, ‘You’ll never be Dick Grayson’. C’mon, Batgirl. You have that famous photographic memory… You remember everything that happens. The sounds in the background. The scents. Everything. Every day. …

Me, I only remember what’s important… Like the day I met Batgirl.

-Oh god, Jason.”

Honestly. Wow.

And here’s Barbara calling him “Jason”, instead than “Red Hood.” And a hug.

Later on, in the very same issue, they manage to find evidence that should get Jim out of jail. And it’s clear the dynamic changed:

(Batman Eternal #019)

“Thank you, Jason. Thank you.”

But it would be way too easy if it stopped there, so things got complicated again soon.

That’s in part 3 and then part 4 :)

So now I am burning this ScentSationals ‘Coffee Cake Swirl’ and I. LOVE IT. It’s so sweet. The cinnamon and sugar scent is so pure you’d swear someone was stuffing it right up into your nostrils and suffocating you with pure cinnamon and sugar.

There’s also a slight hint of butter in there.