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Plant of the Day

Wednesday 1 March 2017

A cloud of pale pink flowers attracted attention from the large and vigorous Viburnum × bodnantense ‘Dawn’. This deciduous shrub has upright growth, spreading by producing additional stems from ground level. The clusters of scented, light pink and white flowers opening from red buds through autumn and winter to early spring. 

Jill Raggett

aesthetics for the signs

aries: a striking rose sunset during the summer, wearing glow necklaces in the dark, a full white moon with its visible craters.

taurus: golden sand dunes in the desert, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a bouquet of wildflowers, a lullaby played on a piano.

gemini: a strawberry field on bright sunny days, a pair of cherries, crinkled eyes and a plethora of freckles, rabbit holes and cool headbands.

cancer: the air outside moments before a storm, the scent of the ocean, warm tea and biscuits, sitting on swings with a good friend.

leo: little pearl earrings, the cat eye-liner, love confessions in the form of graffiti, white crumpled sheets in the morning, swans forming a heart.

virgo: The sight of the ocean in the morning, an underground tunnel road at night, an old marble chessboard, a globe of the world.

scorpio: blue lightning strikes, a row of crows on a wire, glowing jellyfishes in an aquarium, drawing on fogged glass, flower scented candles.

libra: a garden of only roses, visiting an art gallery with people you adore, leaning out the window during a road trip, a smile with dimples.

sagittarius: classy dark red lipstick and lipstick stains from kisses, a heart shaped lollipop, a rainbow reflection in your hands.

capricorn: a heavy misty morning in the city, collecting dried flowers in books, the calm noise of a cafe, writing a heartfelt love letter.

aquarius: paint smudges on clothes, a bath with flowers, matching tattoos with your best friend, an old notebook where you spill your heart in.

pisces: a river full of cherry blossom petals, holding hands with the person you love, abandoned mansions claimed back by nature.


Plant of the Day

Sunday 26 February 2017

Chimonanthus praecox (wintersweet) has been cultivated in China for more than 1,000 years. It was appreciated for its fragrance, with many parts of the plant being rich in essential oils for culinary and medicinal purposes. The outer petals (tepals) are waxy, almost transparent, while the inner tepals are smaller and usually purplish. The flowers defy the cold of winter and mine (a bargain clearance at my local garden centre) has been flowering since January and is still filling the garden with fragrance. There is a cultivar, Chimonanthus praecox ‘Luteus’ (wintersweet) (lower images), which has slightly larger flowers and yellow inner tepals.

Jill Raggett

Women may love flowers, but only one woman loves the scent of gardenias in late summer that remind hey of her grandmother’s porch. Only one woman loves apple blossoms in a blue cupboard only one woman loves wild geraniums.
—  Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo

Plant of the Day

Tuesday 7 February 2017

The rich fragrance of the flowers of Daphne bholua ‘Limpsfield’ (Nepalese paper plant) could not be missed on a sunny winter’s day. This is a recent selection of this evergreen, medium sized shrub from the Himalaya. It is a particularly floriferous form, so producing abundant scent, the buds are a rich purple-pink with some of that colour appearing within the flowers. This plant needs reasonably well drained soil in sun or semi shade, with some shelter. 

 Jill Raggett

A/N: I don’t know if you all know this, but it is actually pretty difficult to find a newt gif haha so if any of you have some and would like to share???? maybe haha anyways this is all just fluff and cuteness.

Request: 'hello love’ can you do a reader (girl) x newt. pretty much, he has a really late meeting, and he leaves his sweatshirt at his bunk. once he comes back its gone, and he freaks out, and is looking around in everyone’s hammocks. he runs into y/n and sees shes wearing it. you can decide the reast.

Newt x Reader

Word Count: 657

A gust of wind blew about the glade making the branches on the trees sway back and forth and the fallen leaves to dance around you. I should have worn a hoodie, you thought to yourself as a shiver ran through you, producing goosebumps over your body.

Rummaging through your hammock, you stopped and sighed, remembering that you had sent yours to the wash. Tapping your foot, you scanned the other hammocks surrounding you, looking for a sweatshirt to take. Apparently, everyone else was prepared for the wind.

Not giving up, you wandered over to Newt’s bunk. He was in a meeting so there was a high chance he didn’t have his hoodie. You smiled, noticing the (y/f/c) piece of clothing laying there.

You were enveloped with warmth as you shrugged it on, making you sigh with relief. Taking a deep breath through your nose, you smiled as the scent of the gardens mixed with Newt entered your nose. You didn’t know why but you loved Newt’s scent.

Wrapping your arms around your body, you prepared yourself for the wind that waited for you outside.

Newt stretched, relieving the tension in his muscles from sitting still so long. The meeting had gone longer than expected, well, way longer and he just wanted to get out of there. Walking outside, a blast of wind made his step off balance. 

Rubbing his hands over his arms to get warm, he started walking towards his the homestead, remembering that he left his sweater on his bunk.

Ready to get warm, he reached his bunk only to see that his hoodie was gone. He scrunched his eyebrows together and tipped his head to the side, as he tried to recall the last place he had it and after thinking hard he distinctly remembered leaving it here.

After trashing his bunk, he started foraging through everyones hammocks, trashing them as well but still not finding anything. Letting out a low huff, he marched out, keeping his eyes out for the culprit. 

Spotting Thomas, he walked up to him, “Hey Tommy, have you seen my…” he stopped mid sentence when he noticed you. You were standing there in his hoodie which was way too big for you. It went down to about the middle of your thighs and the sleeves were too long, covering up your hands. 

You shuffled uncomfortably under his gaze, looking down and biting your lip. “Uh..I think I’ve seen it.” he watched you as you became flustered, your cheeks turning a light shade of red. He couldn’t help but think you looked adorable wearing his sweatshirt. 

“You think? (Y/n), you’re bloody wearing it.” he gestured at your body, a grin making its way onto his face. You giggled and looked down at yourself. “I couldn’t help it, mine was dirty and everyone else was smart enough to take theirs…” you stopped when you saw Newt’s eyebrow playfully raise. “So, you’re saying I’m not smart? Okay, give it here.” he reached his hand towards you, his palm facing up.

Biting your lip to restrain your smile, you shook your head. “(Y/n)…” he warned, but he couldn’t control his smile any longer. Taking a step forward, you automatically took a step back. 

Thomas couldn’t help but smile either as he watched you go to run but Newt quickly grabbed you making you squeal with laughter. You squirmed as he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Newt! Let me down!” you yelled but you were only answered by Newt’s laughter. 

Newt turned to Thomas, who was enjoying the amusement that was happening in front of him. “This should teach the slinthead to stop stealing people bloody hoodies, don’t you think?” Thomas belted out in laughter and nodded. He watched as Newt made his way to the homestead, laughing as he pretended to almost drop you so you’d scream and clutch onto his shirt.