scented candles

Similarly, I don’t like to cleanse objects and spaces too thoroughly, I don’t like using salt to bleach out every shred of whatever is left in some place. I do it sometimes, and it always feels terrifying, makes me fear on a primal level the very concept of something contaminating the newly cleansed space or thing.

So Instead I add more of other things, music and good memories and light and candle scents. Bits of experience and things I like, stuff designed to enrich and improve, not clean. Like how they say you should make the world kinder, not kill all the mean people.

That’s my philosophy on 94% of magick. Just make it nicer where you are.

things that make me happy

- the sound of cat paws on a wooden surface

- the warmth and smell of a scented candle

- dim fairy lights with the curtains closed during the day

- when it rains and you’re under the bedsheets

- dipping an biscuit into tea

- hugging a favorite pillow

- drinking warm cocoa or tea during winter

- journalling some goals or doodles

- watching leaves fall

- listening to good or calming music

- taking a cool shower after a run

- having sunlight hit your face when you’re taking a nap

- hugging warm people

- being complimented on small things

5 Witchy Candle Tips

1. Home made candles, wonderful things. You don’t need anything special, just plain white candle wax, food coloring, wicks, and something to let the candles form in. If you can’t find a candle in the color you need, this is great because you can customize colors. It’s also great if you need a candle in a certain size, or would like to make one if a special shape.

2. Scented candle that match the spells intent, so that help get you into a state that can help the spell. If you think you should be very energized for this spell, candles that have energizing smells will helps. Same goes for relaxing smelling candles, great for sleep sleeps or for anxiety easing spells.

3. Dollar stores. I think most of us by now know how wonderful dollar stores are for candles, especially us low income witches. Trust me, the price of your candle does not affect it’s ability to work. 

4. Sigils and candles go well together. Crave a sigil into your candle then let the candle burn all the way down. Match your candle colors, and scent if wished, to the intent of the sigil (or use a plain white candle.)

5. Prayer. If you are a religious witch, no matter what the exact religious, candles are great for prayer. I recommended purple, as purple is one of the most spiritual colors. It will help you connected to your god, or goddess, or both, or the angels, or to whoever you may be praying to.

Candle Scents

Aries: Crisp Autumn Air 

Taurus: Bacon Cheeseburger

Gemini: Your Boyfriend’s Sweatshirt

Cancer: Bed Sheets in the Morning

Leo: Trashy Perfume

Virgo:  Childhood Home

Libra: Midnight breeze

Scorpio: Rosewater

Sagittarius: Smoke from a fire

Capricorn: Your favorite book

Aquarius: The air after rain

Pisces: Mango ice cream

‘What the fuck? Don’t take my picture!’

‘Why not, Levi? You look cute when you’re pampering yourself!’

'Erwin, I swear to god, you post that ANYWHERE and I will make you pay.’

’….love you?’


Not even Levi can resist a good face mask XD

Silly idea I had this morning, had to be done. Kimono loosely referenced from Pinterest, used a fake post generator for the fb content. There may be some retaliation coming Erwin’s way…


Recently I’ve been testing a bunch of new fragrances to add to my shop, and now they’re up, so you can try them out too! 

A few of the new fragrances are in some of my newer fandom candles (like Moana, ASOUE, and Fantastic Beasts,) but now there are even more new fragrances available in my completely custom candles! 

New fragrances include: Birthday Cake, Coconut Hibiscus, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Icicles, Leather, Lemon Verbena, Ocean Waves, Pina Colada, Sweet Snow, and Very Vanilla!

You can see the full list of fragrances available in the cupcake candles, tealights, pill bottle pillars, teacup candles (only one pair left!,) and wax melts.