scented candle melts

A Not So Happy Anniversary

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Genre: Angst (P.s I suck at this)


You had gotten home late after having to work sudden overtime. Your boss didn’t tell you until you were almost out the door. You told him over and over how you couldn’t because it was your anniversary but he wouldn’t let you leave so you gave up and did the extra work as fast as possible.

It was 11 pm now, you were supposed to be home around 7 for dinner with Mark. You were nervous he would be mad at you since you couldn’t text him because your phone died before your regular shift ended.

It was dark when you had gotten in your shared apartment, you could smell what was left in the air of your favorite scented candles that must have melted long ago. As you walked past the kitchen you could see the pots and pans in the sink and on the dining room table the dinner that was supposed to be shared between you two. You internally cringed because he must have come home early from practice to make you guys’ dinner. You walked towards the table and felt the cloth that was under the plates. It was the table cloth his parents had gotten you guys as a house warming gift and you both chose to only use it on special occasions because of the beautiful satin red and the detailing that was on it boarder.

“You finally decided to make it.” Mark spoke sarcastically making you drop the cloth back onto the table to look at him leaning against the door frame into the living the living room.

“Mark! I am so sorry! I had to stay late…” You tried to defend yourself but he interrupted.

“Yeah whatever, it’s not like you cared anyway. You could have at least texted me saying you didn’t want to have dinner with me.” He spoke bitterly.

“Mark, it’s not like that! I wanted to but my phone died and my boss said I had to do more work and I tried to finish it as soon as I could and when I did I came straight here!” You pleaded taking steps towards him.

“Yeah, whatever.” Mark said annoyed Pushing off the wall. He went and sat in the living room, you followed right behind.

“Mark please, you have to believe me!” You pleaded.

“No, no I don’t. I know I am not always here for you to cuddle but when I am it seems like you are never here!” He was yelling now.

“Mark please stop yelling” You tried to sooth him a bit taking a few steps closer.

“NO! I hate feeling like you are going behind my back because I am not here! And on our anniversary!” He screamed and ran his hands through his hair. You jumped back a bit. Mark never really yelled at out. Yeah you two fought but never yelled. You were thinking he must really be upset.

“Ok Mark, I am going to go to my parents place for the night. I think you need to think things over.” You sighed knowing fighting now would be useless.

“Yeah whatever, go back to your stupid side guy.” He sniped.

You wanted to protests and tell him there was no guy, but right now with the state he is in, there would be no pint.

“Bye Mark.” You said as you slipped on your shoes and left.

You got in your car and drove off, heading to your parents’ house. You thought back to hoe Mark was acting. He must be stressed at work or something, he is not normally like that. Lost in thought you turned the radio up. Thoughts like maybe you weren’t doing enough for him and maybe he has had enough of you and no longer loves you came to your head. You felt your eyes sting with tears. How could he think you would cheat on him, you were always loyal and you loved him. Your tears started to fall at these thoughts. You went to wipe them with the sleeve of your sweater when a set of bright headlights came into view. The lights seemed to swerve a bit but you thought it was just because you were wiping your eyes. As you both got closer you saw the other car was in your lane and before it was too late you swerved into the ditch. You seemed to go in slow motion as the car rolled after hitting nose first into the bank of the ditch. The car seemed like it was rolling forever and then it stopped landing on its roof and started rocking until it was still. You just sat in the car, blood blurred you vision a bit, there was a ringing in your ear and you felt pain all over. You head started to throb when some voice came closer. The voices were too muffled to understand what they were saying, the ringing was too loud, the pain was too much, and then suddenly it was black.

Happy ending             Sad ending

Ok so idk if you want another part to this or not, if you do just shoot me an ask for it! also, this kinda really sucks, angst is not my thing.