scent that recalls memories

headcanon: hannibal uses a different scented gel pen for each of his patients when writing his personal notes

Simple Healing Incense

-1 part cinnamon
-1 part cedarwood

-drop in pinches over a smouldering charcoal.  This is a very dry incense and will burn quickly, so you may want to mix up a little more than you normally would!  The clouds of smoke produced are sweetly scented, and to me recall memories I can’t quite put into words.  This is one of my absolute favourites.


jongyu / teenage omegaverse / nc-17 /  3100 words
warning for omegaverse things  
Jinki is just a curious teenage alpha

i’m back again with a new fic!  i have to say that this au was made by the sweetest @shitfics, but she very kindly let me borrow it to write my own lil thing. also lots of thanks to her for beta’ing (lmao…) this for me! enjoy <3

Jinki thinks they’ve have outgrown Jonghyun’s twin-sized bed. There’s only enough space for the two of them if Jonghyun is half-draped over Jinki’s chest and with their legs tangled together.  But Jinki doesn’t mind. He likes the closeness, how Jonghyun’s soft scent – apples and cinnamon – is right under his nose, how easily he can slip a hand underneath Jonghyun’s shirt to trace circles on the curve of his hip.

Jonghyun lets out a quiet, content hum in response, pressing his nose deeper into the crook of Jinki’s neck. “S’feels nice, hyung,” he says softly.

Jinki smiles. It’s always easy to tell when Jonghyun’s pleased. It’s in the subtle change of his scent, the spike of arousal that warms his skin enough that Jinki can feel it beneath his palms. When he sneaked through Jonghyun’s window tonight, he already had a feeling things might get like this. It never takes much: a couple of kisses and touches and Jonghyun’s melting, becoming soft and pliant in Jinki’s hands. It makes Jinki wish Jonghyun’s parents weren’t sleeping in the room down the hall.

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Sensual Fade dream, yes?

Happy Solas Smut Saturday!
I started on this last night, determined to have it ready for our favorite day of the week. Please enjoy some Fade dream goodness - It’s got some fluff and some smut. This is meant to be a continuation of the first chapter (found here), but can also be enjoyed on it’s own without context.

ENJOY, MA VHENANS  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Secrets - Chapter 6

Chapter One: The Safe House
Chapter Two: Bedtime Stories
Chapter Three: Of Frogs and Flirts
Chapter Four: Unmasked
Chapter Five: Chopping Block

Finally, it is here!  About damn time, too!  I already started working on 7 so that should go up tomorrow!

CHAPTER 6:  Chasing Butterflies

The rise and fall lulled her into memories of happier days. Of days when she and Jack would purposely get lost out in these mountains, if you could call them that, just so they could spend long hours enjoying just each other.

These hills? They kept communication at bay. So few people lived out in Wayne County that cell service was about as scarce as the people here. And the rolling hills of Hoosier Hill, Indiana’s highest natural point, was a favorite place to explore. They made it safe. Secure. Theirs.


Kicking herself, Angela let a word dirty her lips.


She was upset with herself. Who was she to flirt with the masked stranger at the house of her deceased boyfriend? Who was she to feel him up in front of her should-be parent-in-laws? Who was she to… to…

Her hands flew out to either side as she grunted into the air. “UGH!” Her hands few up into her loose bangs, twisting and pulling them. She was letting her angst out. Let her anger consume her. She rarely was allowed to feel these type of emotions, especially so freely. So she delved into them. Let them consume her whole.

Shaking feverishly, she grit her teeth while doing all she could do destroy Soldier 76. He came onto her. He was the one man-handling her. Ruining her. Tainting her. And in the house of her ex-lover. He was the one to blame. He should have known. He had to have known. And yet, there he was, tossing the idea of bedding her around.

She barked again, before she eventually tugged at her taut cheeks.

“Fuck you, Soldier 76,” she screamed into the hills. In no time, her echo bounced back at her, swallowing her. Causing her to growl. “FUCK YOU!” She screamed again.

He was no Jack Morrison. He would never be Jack Morrison. Her Jack Morrison.

76 was just a dirty man hellbent on using a woman. Hurting a grieving widow. A woman who invited him in and would soon kick him out.

“When I get back,” her white knuckled punched her thigh, “I’m going to tell him to go.” She snorted while nodding firmly. “He’s not welcome. Not anymore.”

The horse beneath her seemed to sense her pain and leisurely fell into a quaint trot. Usually, it would have run, but it could feel her tears falling into its warm fuzz.

As its hooves unearthed the ground below, the scent rushed her senses. It sent her head spinning, recalling yet again more memories.

“Lightning,” her hand danced over the soft fuzz of the horse’s mane, “I miss him.” The tears no longer dammed within her lids, crashed down and over her cheeks. “I miss him so damn much!”

Lightning came to a complete stop. Lightly, the horse nipped at Angela’s bare toes.

“Stop it,” she swatted at the gentle giant. “Stop it,” she caught herself giggling. “Oh Light,” she ran her fingers down the long white and brown locks, “you always know how to make me feel better.”

Off the horse she slid. Walking around to the mare’s front side, she butt her forehead right up against the horse’s. “I bet you miss him too.” Her hands instinctively went to making braids. “Both of them. My Jack and your Thor.”

The pinto seemed to catch her drift and her ears immediately drooped. “Yeah, you do miss him, don’t you.” Rubbing the massive chin, she planted a firm kiss right between Lightning’s eyes. “I know.” She whispered a few more times. “I know.”

Taking in her surroundings, Angela knew she had maybe wandered about 7 miles from the house. It wasn’t far enough for her troubled soul but the lake off to her right still captured her attention. Perhaps she’d linger here a bit longer, reliving fond memories of times she and Jack would spend all day fishing.

And kissing. Her cheeks blushed a furious pink.

Flopping down on the soft grass beneath her nude toes, she sighed happily. “I remember the first time he took me fishing.” She turned her head up to look at her horse. “Oh, it was truly something.”

“You’re holding that wrong.” He tried not to laugh but the growing grin on his face made it impossible. Finally, a chuckle squeaked out.

Her cheeks flared as a crossed look marred her face. “Well don't just laugh and show me what I did wrong!” She was already sick of this whole fishing idea. How could it be fun. They got up before the crack of dawn to unearth worms.


Gross, slimy, nasty worms.

Angela was many things. But she was not the kind of woman to appreciate worms, frogs, and the like.

Operate on someone bleeding out? No problem. Lop off an infected leg to prevent the spread of a serious infection? She could do that. Put someone out of their misery? Who wouldn’t!

Rip a lanky, slippery earthworm from the soil? Nope!

Nope, nope, nope!

And Jack made her do just that. Saying that if she couldn’t get 10 worms of her own, she would have to fish with her toes. And, not knowing a damn thing about fishing, she feared the water dwellers would munch off her toes and leave her with toe-less feet. So, she managed to stomach the idea of worm pulling. And she hated every second of it.

Literally, every second of it.

And if collecting worms wasn’t bad enough, she learned that she couldn’t use a whole worm. She had to rip them in half.

Rip them. In half.

With her fingers.

Her fingers.

She wanted absolutely nothing to do with that. So, again, Jack made her a deal. If she could rip three worms in half, he would do the other seven.

“First you make me get up early. Then you make me dig for worms. Next I had to rip them in half. And now you’re telling me I’m holding this thing upside down?” She huffed, already exhausted and it wasn’t even 8AM yet. “What’s next? That I have to put the worm on the hook!” She growled before admitting defeat. “Jack, I’m not sure I’m cut out for t-”

His tender touch caused her skin to ripple with nerves. Cheeks red hot from his hand on her own, she bashfully stared at him. She was like a deer caught in the headlights. Frozen and unsure what to do.

He was…he was touching her. Touching. Her.

As his hands helped hers reverse the position of the pole, he walked around her backside. In no time, his chest voided the gap between them. His warmth pooled into her, causing her cheeks to flush a darker shade of red.

“J-J,” she began to stammer.

His lips tickled her neck until they planted a tender kiss right beside her collarbone.

Now her ears were red and her whole body felt like it was ready to combust.

Spontaneous human combustion. She was certain it was possible and all because of this man. All because of the way he held her. Because he made her feel alive. Hot like a fire on the coldest of winter nights.

And she wanted more. More of this. More of him.

“Like this,” his voice a sweet whisper in her ears.

Escorting her hands, he helped her dive into the bucket of dirt and worms. Softly, they pawed at the soil together until a fragment of a worm became exposed. Gently, they pulled it from its home and skewered it with the point of the hook. Again, he poked the worm with the hook.

“Wrap it a few times.” He instructed while she held her breath. “And always make sure you push it down.”

“P-push it d-down?” She dared to peek over his shoulder. Push what down?

“Yeah,” he nodded toward the hook in front of them. “See this,” he brought the hook dangerously close to her eyes. But she trusted him. She knew he would never hurt her. He’d never hurt her. He’d promised he’d always protect her. Keep her safe. Keep her close.

“See that little burr right there?”

She nodded.

“If the worm doesn’t fall past that, it’ll just fly off the hook when you go to cast.”

Slowly, his arms opened up. The fire within her core started to fade. She was free and it caused her to frown. He was so warm. So soft. So…


Blinking, her eyes trailed after him. He did the same to his own line before walking to the water’s edge. Gingerly, he sat on the soft sandy-earth around the edge of the water. In a fluid motion, his line flew back before it went flying forward. The only sound in the air being the sound of his line unwinding.

“You’re going to hold this one while I cast for you.”

She nodded before trading spots. He took her pole and did the same, flicking it back then forward. As it splashed with a kur-plunk into the water, he shot her a quick grin.

His smile made her squirm. Melt. Purr. He truly was a gem. And he was alone. With her. Just them. Fishing before 8AM in the morning.

Joining her on the ground, Jack scooted closer and closer until their thighs finally rubbed up against one another.

She caught her squeak in her throat. He was bolder now that they were alone. When at work, he would keep his space. Really only hugging her or blowing her kisses. But alone? Out here in this vast Indiana wilderness? He was close. Oh-so-close.

Was this what it was like to finally find someone. The someone.

Her heart thundered in her chest as her face grew ever-redder. She’d never dated a man before. She always worried about her studies and work. And then, then came Jack. He broke down all her walls. Made her laugh. Made her welcome this idea of love. Love with him.

Gulping, she tugged nervously at the sweater she was wearing. His sweater. The one that smelled just like him.

“Now what?” She finally found her voice.

His free hand brushed back her loose bangs. As it did, she missed him lean in. She missed him pull her closer.

Only his face, his glowing, radiant, handsome face, was in her sights. And she in his.

Jack’s lip twitched. A small smile pulled at the corner of his lips, causing cute little creases to form just beneath the lip of his lower eyelid. It took of years of his life, making him look like a twenty-year-old again.

Her heart skipped a beat as his soft lips brushed against hers.

It was fleeting, but she was glad. That spontaneous combustion thought pushed back to the forefront of her mind again.

“We wait,” his fist lightly tapped against her shoulder. “Unless,” his lips twisted off to the side, “unless you’ve got something better planned.”

Her face was bright red and she nervously brought both hands up to hide her face. He was so embarrassing! Always suggesting they do more. But she wasn’t ready for more. Not yet! She was still getting used to the idea of calling him her boyfriend. To lov-

“Angel!” He lunged forward, which sent his body rolling over the land’s lip and straight into the water.

“Eep!” Her hands smacked her lips. She was supposed to be holding the pole! And she let go and now…now…

A smile broke her frightened look. A second later, she was erupting into laughs.

Jack, oh did he ever look ridiculous! There he was, treading water, with a large lily pad smack dab in the middle of his golden locks. There were pieces of grass and seaweeds tossed loosely over his cheek, neck, and shoulders.

And the look on his face? Priceless. He was staring dully up at the laughing blonde on the banks.

Only, instead of being a jerk and pulling her in, he cracked a smile. That large, dashing smile that caused Angela to fall in love with him in the first place.

Soon, Jack was laughing right along with her, enjoying every second with that woman. If she was laughing, he was laughing. And, to him, hearing her laugh was all he needed.

The backside of her hand pulled the tears from her eyes. Silently, she sucked in her trembling breath. “God,” not that she believed in one, “I miss him so much.”

Lightning’s soft muzzle nudged Angela’s shoulder before chewing on the woman’s blonde hair. It was time to leave. To explore further. To get lost in the past.

Brushing off the grass and dirt from her pants, she rose and mounted her horse. Lightly, she kicked her legs to get the horse moving forward again.

She didn’t really care where they were going so long as she was lost in this wilderness. She couldn’t go home. Not yet. Not now. Not after that near betrayal. And especially not with all the tender memories that could be triggered at end moment!

“Oh Jack,” she held her throat while drawing in a ragged breath, “I’m so sorr-”

A flicker of blue fluttered past her eyes.

“A… butterfly?” Her head tilted to the side. And a blue one at that. Mrs Morrison always used to share that if you saw a single butterfly that it meant a loved one from above was watching over you.

This butterfly was a lovely blue color with two soft yellow spots. Jack’s colors. His blue and gold.

“Light,” she leaned in closer to the horse’s neck, “follow that butterfly!”

Hand flinging forward, she opened the horse up to barrel on after the butterfly. Not that it was really necessary for the little insect was slow. But still, the idea of galloping around the open fields between the rolling hills sounded like just the distraction she needed.

When the butterfly moved left, the horse and rider would gallop in circles to the left. If the butterfly went right, they would jump and kick to the right.

And they did just that. Played and danced right after that butterfly. Long past the afternoon.

There be peekturs again!  These are actually from Wayne County New York, not Indiana.  But close enough.  Hopefully they help you get a feel for the area :)

I’m using this as the trail she’s following after she leaves (this is actually a shot of my parent’s backyard).

And this is the lake she recalled some memories at.  This is the lake behind my parent’s house.

Oh look, Chapter 7 is here:

They say that
The sense of smell
Can be the most powerful
In recalling memories.
For me, the scent
With the most vivid memories
Is cigarette smoke.

It’s the badass smell
You wore so well,
Nineteen and rebellious.
Someone could tell you
You need to drink water
And you’d try to
Prove them wrong.

It’s the soothing scent
Everywhere I went
In Europe where
It’s still a trend.
It says “life’s too short
To worry about
Cutting life short.”

You wouldn’t think
I’d be attracted to it,
Being the innocent girl I am,
But it encapsulates
The “why not” attitude
That I wish I had,
So I watch its story unfold.

—  Cigarette smoke
Closed Rp


There was something wrong, Aidan was absolutely sure of it. He knew that there were other supernaturals living in the same town, that the place was practically flooded with them. He crossed paths with others all the time, sensitive nose more than capable of differentiating between human and the multitude of other beings that were drawn to the little town. That had never been a problem for him. As long as they minded their business, he minded his.

This, however? This inability to sit still, to focus on anything for more than the split second it took his mind to process? The desperate itch to move, to shift, to run and jump and play until his legs gave out under him and he had burned every ounce of energy from his body? This restlessnessthat had plagued him for days now was wrong, and the fact that it had only begun after a brief encounter with a wolf…well that only fueled his annoyance further.

Still, he had avoided the problem for days in the hopes that it would ease and eventually pass, and now that it was only getting worse he had no choice but to find the wolf that was responsible and find out what was going on, because he couldn’t continue like this. Luckily, tracking him down wasn’t hard, a simple matter of recalling the memory of his scent and trusting his instincts to do the rest, and sure enough half an hour later Aidan spotted the male the scent belonged to, a soft growl rising in his throat before he cut the sound off and reached for some semblance of calm as he closed the distance between them. The fact that with each step closer, the unpleasant restless ache eased to something more bearable was vaguely irritating, but ultimately helped to calm him further. Lashing out had never solved anything.

“Hi, sorry, look, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I need to talk to you. Sooner rather than later would be best,” he added, wincing slightly and hoping he hadn’t come off as snarky as he thought he had.