scent of women

Her scent… I’d recognize it everywhere. It there was a hundred women in the room and I had to find Her, while being bonded and blindfolded with a thick black robe, I’d still recognize Her. I could tell when She was approaching, even if I couldn’t see Her yet. She smelled like the fresh air on a rainy night entwined with anti-allergic soap, moist earth and cigarette mist.
To The Haters

Handsome And Lovely Woman Tell Me That I Dont Stink. Stop Telling Me That I Stink And Telling Lies Becaure If You Are Telling Lies About If I Am Stinky Thats Just You Being Haters Becaude You Know Im Cool.

Elmer: “How’se My Scent…”

Handsome And Lovely Women: “Smells Like Not Stinky, Handsome Sweet Smelling Ape Peach Boy.”

Elmer: *Squamches Delightedly*

volturisecretary  asked:

It really bugs me that people still use blood-singer and mate as synonymous terms. But, do you think there is some sort of scent vampires pick up that helps them decide if someone may be "mate" worth, or even just more likely to be supernaturally gifted? In humans, MHC plays a role in mate selection via scent (women preferred the body odor of men that have a different MHC than their own, which would produce an offspring with a more diverse immune system). Maybe there is a vamp equivalent?

I actually think some sort of MHC-analogue would be a really good explanation for vampire mates. Like you, I find the blood-singer + mate conflation annoying, but at the same time, it really does seem like some vampires are supernaturally drawn to their partners. Many Twilight couples have a timeline that’s way too fast by human standards, and a few genuinely experience love at first sight. It’d be neat if there was some kind of biological marker which facilitated this. 

The MHC obviously isn’t a perfect predictor of attraction. One review suggests that people prefer the scent of those with ‘different’ immune systems, but they also prefer the faces of those with ‘similar’ immune systems. And the correlation between MHC diversity and actual partner choice appears to be random. (I’d also be willing to bet that the MHC is one of those things that really matters in a lab setting, but falls by the wayside in real life, where emotional compatibility and shared values rise to prominence.) Still, I’m sure there are a few case studies where it really did bring unlikely people together. This translates to vampires well: whatever their mysterious chemical ‘thing’, it only draws couples together sometimes, and plenty find themselves perfectly happy without that immediate allure. 

As for the nature of this MHC-analogue, I’m hitting a wall. Vampires self-evidently don’t need to worry about immune systems. Not every vampire wants a gifted partner. I’m almost tempted to say that the indicator-of-compatibility is behavioural rather than chemical. Like, maybe a vampire looks at someone else (whether living or dead) and their super-senses cobble together a whole bunch of clues as to that individual’s personality. And, if that personality is compatible, that vampire’s brain turns up the perception of attraction, which might manifest in physical ways (i.e. suddenly the vampire finds their scent particularly alluring). 

20 Q

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Name: Edward
Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Edo, Eduardo, Edwardo, all the usual stuff
Zodiac Sign: Aries 
Height: 5′7
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Favorite Fruit: I love me some watermelon or mango or lychee or longan
Favorite Season: Autumn/Fall :~) Mostly when it’s nearing Winter and I can start wearing more layers
Favorite Book: l o l I don’t read so let’s just say Fire Emblem: Awakening Knights of Iris artbook :~)
Favorite Flower: I don’t have one?
Favorite Scent: Issey Miyake for Women Eau De Toilette lmao :~)
Favorite Color: Let’s go with black lol
Favorite Animal: Jellyfish :~) So pretty on the outside but they’ll hurt u if u get too close
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee if I had to pick, but lately I’ve been drinking chai lattes
Sleep Hours: I’ve lately been sleeping from 1-7:30am but I try to get a solid 8 if possible
Cat or dog person?: LOOK… I like them both… if I had to pick I would grab a dog
Favorite Fictional Character: Red Hood :~)
Number of blankets you sleep with: In winter maybe 2 if I can grab another but otherwise just the one!
Ideal trip: Not sure, maybe Japan again, maybe New York, maybe California, maybe I fake my death and move to a remote town becoming an anonymous fisherman .. wait
Blog Created: Just wanted to join and eventually I found my niche as shitpost reblogger

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(Werewolf!Simon and Vampire!Grindelwald)(sorry comes a bit late 🙈) After months and months of Simon beeing the Beta of Argent he got better control over his Werewolf beeing,yet it did not stop him from hunting some delicious humans he'd make a gourmet out of. Late at night as he was walking around the empty streets. Smelling the air he could scent that a women was walking alone.Not long and he made his way over to her.Letting out a snarl his Werewolf form was showing,blue eyes glowing.

Gellert and a few members of his clan were slowly making their ways through the streets. They had decided to accompany their master on this hunt for the clan needed fresh blood. They were many people, many throats to fill.

They had soon noticed a possible prey. A woman, walking alone. However before the pack could shoot forwards, Gellert rose a hand. His nose had caught the swiff of a werewolf, approaching nearby. The clan members melted into the shadowers.

Gellert pulled his hood on and stepped very physically into the path of the woman, signalising the werewolf that she was his.