scent of spring

Sensing the Gods

Touch: raindrops falling
Sight: flash of light through the rain
Scent: day after a rainstorm
Emotion: a slight startle when a large thunderbolt lights the sky
Hear: resounding crack of thunderbolts
Taste: the numbing surge of electricity when testing a battery

Touch: the feeling of the wedding ring
Sight: the tears of love as a betrothed walks down the isle
Scent: the welcoming familiar smell of home
Emotion: love as grey as the hair time and passion has aged like wine
Hear: sound of child laughter
Taste: home cooked meal hot from the oven

Touch: the cold pool of tears after a panic attack as sleep calms the suicidal
Sight: a funeral procession honouring the soul to the underworld’s gates
Scent: freshly dug earth in a cemetery
Emotion: peace after a loved one has passed
Hear: the quiet of a cemetery
Taste: salt of tears as a life is not taken

Touch: wind through a open car window
Sight: yellow lines and green lights ensuring a speedy travel
Scent: lingering smell of gas at a full station
Emotion: relief as a long awaited trip arrives
Hear: clinking of coins in a till
Taste: the dryness after a long walk along a gravel road

Touch: long dry grass crunching in the fall
Sight: auburn, reds and golds of Autumn
Scent: pumpkin spice and freshly mown grass
Emotion: solitude and a festival glow as December rolls around
Hear: a lawnmower’s growling as it works through tall grass
Taste: fresh fruits and the taste of nectar and milk

Touch: creamy texture of chocolate in your mouth
Sight: long distance partner smiling after being far away
Scent: lovers perfume/cologne
Emotion: heart pounding, misty eyed love as a smile comes from seeing a love in your arms
Hear: impassioned breaths of intimate moments
Taste: the passionate kisses between lovers forgetting time for a moment

Touch: the long embrace of a soldier and child/love as they come home
Sight: half mast flag
Scent: soldier’s sweat after taking off his uniform from all day
Emotion: pride in your country
Hear: the resounding “Daddy!” of a coming home surprise
Taste: fresh food cooked after time away from your country

Touch: aching feet of a retail worker as they slump in a break room chair
Sight: the clock
Scent: burning embers of a fire, stale ash
Emotion: relief and excitement getting a job offer after searching relentlessly
Hear: clang of an anvil and sizzle of molten iron in a cooling bucket
Taste: cast iron cooked meals, fire cooked steak

Touch: the calluses on your fingertips after months of practice in guitar strings
Sight: beautiful works of art
Scent: lemonades on a day in summer
Emotion: shivering goosebumps as an emotion is struck hard with music
Hear: the sharp and clear melody of a freshly strung guitar
Taste: slight moment of metal and ink as a pen is drawn to your tongue

Touch: animal’s soft fur like water through your fingers
Sight: doe slowly walking out of a dense forest
Scent: a forest with rich leaves
Emotion: awe as a baby deer and mother wait patiently for your car to pass before crossing
Hear: twang of a arrow releasing from a bow string
Taste: cooling water after exploring in the woods

Touch: stiff spine of a new book cracking open
Sight: a deserved verdict to a defendant
Scent: old pages/books
Emotion: peace inside a bookstore
Hear: hoot of a stirring owl in the evening
Taste: fingertips as they’re licked to turn a fresh page in a book

Touch: embrace of a love come home again
Sight: the first spring flower blooming
Scent: new morning dew in spring
Emotion: relief and glowing love as a partner smiles on a long awaited Skype call
Hear: buzz of bees in the summer
Taste: pomegranates

Touch: tide bringing you in to shore again
Sight: crisp blue of the ocean at peace
Scent: the sour smell of a seafood section of a supermarket
Emotion: awe inspired by an image of the open sea
Hear: hooves thundering along a dirt path
Taste: salt of the sea as it slashes into a smile while swimming

Touch: the padding comfort of a bandage on a healing wound
Sight: seeing a loved one feel well again after sickness
Scent: disinfectant
Emotion: the drowsiness of NyQuil as it lulls your symptoms away to sleep
Hear: fresh air after sickness has clogged your sinuses for weeks
Taste: the sweetness as a sigh of relief escapes your breath

Touch: your cheeks stretching against your teeth as a yawn escaped into the sunrise
Sight: painted reds and oranges of a sunrise
Scent: morning dew in springtime at 6 am
Emotion: excitement for a day ahead, full of possibilities
Hear: the morning birds stirring in the early morning light
Taste: morning coffee next to an open-curtained window

Touch: moments when you can feel comfortable with your body after dysphoria
Sight: the charcoal of a panther, eyes glowing in the night
Scent: draping aroma of a fertile vineyard
Emotion: Pride in being part of a LGBTQ community
Hear: chorus laughter of a raucous party
Taste: sweet tang of a well aged wine

You and I go for a drive with the top down on a warm spring day. We’re singing along to the songs on the radio and we stop to get ice cream. We walk around looking in the windows of shops and laughing as we eat. We feel like we could talk forever. Everything is happy, everything is lovely. The scent of flowers and spring floats through the air

Made of skin and bones

(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, obeying the alpha? 

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

1. Wolves

Your feet barely touch the grass while you run through the wet fields breaking the silence with your heavy breath. Your lungs hurt because of the effort and the moon shines upon you enlightning your path even if you don’t need it to guide your steps, you know those woods better than the palm of your hand so you don’t have any trouble in to sorting the rocks and the fallen trees.

Your legs threathen to give up in any moment and you slow down your race, taking deep breaths when you spot a light at the end of the path. You stop completely, watching carefully where do you step, not wanting to make a sound or break a futile twig that gives you away. Reaching the rustic houses you make your way through the large orchads until a small house that you know too well. 

Knocking two times on the wooden door you start to get nervous when you don’t hear a sound inside the house. Nervous you look around searching for wondering eyes that could reveal your position. You shouldn’t be here… if someone catches you…

- Y/N?? - a red head woman, Natasha, opens the window on a burst

- SHHH! - you hush her - Let me in - jumping over the ledge you enter in her home

Behind you, Nat closes the small door on a hurry knowing very well that you are making something really dangerous coming to his clan. Your clan and hers are faced since the two leading alphas get in to a bloody fight a lot of years ago. It has been so long since that fight that no one remembers anymore why you are still vexed, the king alphas had changed many times since then but the hate remains. 

- What are you doing here? - you best friend wrap you with her arms tighly, it has been nearly a month since the last time you saw her

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【170620 Non-no magazine】JUNGKOOK’S PARTS

JUNGKOOK’s answers

Q1: Hobbies or things you’ve been into to spend your days off? 
A1: Recently, I’ve been playing FPS (a type of shooting game) for fun. I play for 3 ~ 4 hours every day, I don’t even have time to sleep (laughs). And, I also listen to music. I like to listen to future bass (genre’s) music, I prefer tunes which has somewhat a sad atmosphere and makes me feel calm.

Q2: Tell us your preferences and tastes in fashion! 
A2: I like baggy clothes like hoodies, and I like the color black. Even in the summer, I haven’t really changed my style. Although everyone has their own style, I think Rap Monster hyung and J-Hope hyung’s style really suits them, very cool.

Q3: Your favorite scent?
A3: I like the scent of the gentle breeze and green when spring arrives. Once upon a spring day, Rap Monster hyung, V hyung and I were riding (on bikes) along the river while listening to music. When I smell the unique scent of spring, it’ll remind of that day and, that makes my heart beat and makes me feel happy.

Q4: Any Japanese film, drama, manga or other works that you like?
A4: I really like Japanese anime. Especially ‘Haikyu!!’, Jin hyung also likes it. It’s useful for us to learn Japanese!


From J-HOPE: He strongly desires to advance in music and dance. Occasionally, he also shows off his cute side as a maknae. He’s tall, so he uses a lot of physical strength to embrace/ hold me (when messing around). But thanks to that, I could fall asleep easily (laughs).

From JIMIN: Maknae has been working hard more than anyone else since he was young. He’s the same age as my younger brother so I often take care of him. I don’t know when I started to see him as my young brother. Whatever he’s doing, he’s cute.


I’m the type that when I want to do something, I’d feel strongly to accomplish it and be absorbed in it immediately! Now, I’m passionate about making music and I’m studying about it. But I’ve still got a long way to go (to release something). I want to challenge the things that I’m interested in, and I’ll think about whether it’ll work out or not later. That’s my personality.


I love to eat! Especially meat, I like to eat chicken the most. Also, the food in Japan’s convenience store is my favorite too. When I go to Japan, I’m just curious of where the convenience stores are (laughs). If I travel to Japan in private, it seems that I’ll go there many times!


I also love to sleep. I’ve been into playing video games, so I’ve cut down my sleeping time. To that extent, if there’s little time such as in a moving car, I’ll just doze off.

Scan: myheaven0624



Flowers Bloom by Gabriela Tulian
Via Flickr:

In the Heat of the Moment (M)

Originally, I didn’t write this for a request. But as I went through my list, I realized that it did fit one, so it’s getting posted early! This is for @spiritemofashion, who reblogged my first smut and asked for a Yixing or Kyungsoo smut. I hope it meets your expectations! ^^

Genre: X Reader, smut, werewolf AU (does not relate to Blood for Blood)

Member(s): Yixing 

POV: 2nd Person

Warning(s): Swearing, cringy dirty talk, and of course, it’s smut, so…you know ;)

Summary: Your very lovely boyfriend has been in an unlovely mood lately. I wonder why…?

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The morning light filtered through the window, giving the room an ethereal glow. Your eyelids fluttered open, but not because of the light, or the chirping of birds outside your window. Not because of your alarm, which isn’t supposed to go off today anyway, since it’s a Sunday. No, you woke up because of a certain someone who was rutting his hips against your behind.

You could hear his soft whimpers, his breathing uneven. You were used to hearing your boyfriend’s snores at this time of the morning, so the fact that he was panting instead was kind of concerning.

Carefully, you tried to turn your body to face him without waking him. It wasn’t an easy task, considering that his arms were coiled around you, holding you in place. You managed to swivel around, his warm breath now tickling your cheeks. His hips continued to buck against you, and you could clearly feel his heated erection, even through the layers of clothes separating your bodies. He let out a low whine, his arms tightening around you and pulling you closer to his chest.

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Floral Scent || A Spring Playlist

  1. That Moon Song // Gregory Alan Isakov
  2. On Trees and Birds and Fire // I Am Oak
  3. My Silver Lining // First Aid Kit
  4. Coast // Dry The River
  5. Even The Darkness Has Arms // The Barr Brothers
  6. Shine // Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  7. Stay Alive // José González
  8. Man on Fire // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  9. Hunger // Of Monsters and Men
  10. Heirloom // Sleeping At Last
  11. Hypnotized // Fever Fever
  12. Flowers in Your Hair // The Lumineers
  13. We’ve Been Dreaming // Echotape


Flood my Mornings: Unimaginable
  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

@themusicsweetly​ asked:  For when Claire eventually is preggers, their first time with an ultrasound machine.

So here’s the thing: 1951 is at *least* ten years too early for fetal ultrasound. 

HOWEVER, this was one of the first FMM scenes I wrote after the reunion (even before this prescient ask!)  and at the time, I wasn’t even thinking about historical accuracy. Soooooo, I’ll ask you to put on your suspenders of disbelief (TM @stageandhistory​‘s teacher) and just enjoy the anachronistic ride. 

[Also, there’s a bit more of a time jump on this one than I normally go for, but I was feeling antsy to get to a landmark scene, so HERE WE ARE. (but I’ve got some planned flashbacks in the works for later, so don’t hesitate to request scenes from the months I passed over, if you’ve got a need!)]

Late April, 1951; Harvard University Hospital 

“Fine—Sweetheart—I’m fine!” 

The words were barely more than a muffled mumble into his shirt. Based on how tightly he was clutching me, I should have insisted to speak with him directly instead of leaving the message with the Fernacre receptionist; or at the very least, I should have been more emphatic with her that there was absolutely no emergency at hand. 

I hugged him tighter in reassurance. “I’m so sorry, darling—I truly didn’t mean to frighten you. Everything’s fine, I promise.” 

“But Nancy said ye were in hospital.” 

At the hospital—at Harvard—” 

“Aye, not your proper hospital—and I was in the furthest pastures—” he said in a rush, cupping my head hard. “It took them so long to ride out to track me down—that—and then the Traffic—I thought—the bairn—

God, and what must he have thought? With my being several weeks past six months, the same time at which—

“We’re fine, Jamie, I swear. See? We’re in the academic wing, not intensive care.” I pulled out of his arms and tugged him toward the open door nearby. “Come with me: I have something to show you.” Trying to suppress my grin, I ushered him into an empty lecture hall and closed the door behind us. 

Standing there, still in his work clothes and smelling of horse, Jamie was breathing heavily and looking as though he meant to either cry or fight someone or both. “Please say what’s happened so I can stop this aching in my chest.”

Despite his agitation, I managed at length to get him to sit in the professor’s chair. I leaned against the desk facing him, trying to keep back the storm of happiness. “You know I had my final examinations this morning?”

 A nod, a pause, and then a tentative, “…Did they go well?”

 “Very well, I think. But as I was gathering my things and headed out, my professor suddenly stopped me and asked if I’d be willing to assist one of the med-tech research departments with a demonstration. I was taken aback of course, but I trust Dr. Gordon—you remember, he’s the one that’s been so impressed and supportive?— so I was willing to see what was what, at least.” 

This exposition did not seem to have done anything to lessen Jamie’s tension; in fact, he looked downright ALARMED at mention of me participating in some sort of vague experiment. Well, so had I been! 

I went on, hastily. “And so he led me to the research wing and introduced me, and—And well, I called Fernacre as soon as they explained what it was that they were going to be testing out, because—Oh, Jamie, it would have been absolutely magical to show you as it was happening. But I managed to get the next best thing.” 

I handed him the glossy print, heart thudding. “It’s something like an X-ray, see? This was only a prototype—very few people in the world have used this technology.” He kept staring down, and I babbled anxiously to fill the silence. “It isn’t even a good likeness of the fuzzy readout I saw. I badgered someone to find a camera, and the flashbulb reflecting against the glass television screen makes it quite hard to see, and I’m sure the print itself isn’t great, either—I badgered another department to develop it for me quickly, so it’s barely more than a blur, but…”

For more than half a minute Jamie had stared down at it, turning it this way and that—

But finally, the image must have clicked into place, for he gasped and nearly dropped it. 

“You see it?” I was beaming, holding back tears. “Can you see?

“Is that…?”

Yes,” I choked out, “that’s him.”

So engrossed was Jamie in the image before him that he didn’t immediately seem to hear me. Then, he looked up so sharply it must have hurt his neck, blinking like he’d stepped into bright sun. “H—him??”

“You can’t tell in this shot,” I whispered, not meaning it to be a whisper, but so hoarse with feeling I couldn’t help it, “but the technician was certain.“

“We’re going—” Jamie was grinning like an utter addle-pated simpleton. “—to have a—a wee lad?

I nodded, smiling back but also weeping, lips pursed tight, and suddenly unable to speak at all through the lump of happiness in my throat.

“Oh, Claire…” Jamie was on his feet in a second, laughing and holding me as tightly as in the hallway, but this time in joy. “Oh, LOVE!” 

The next I knew, he was beaming into my eyes, holding my face. “I’d have been just as thrilled wi’ a wee lassie, mo chridhe, but….Jesus, God, to KNOW—!! It’s…absolutely miraculous.”

“Honestly, this is— unimaginable to me, too,” I whispered, leaning my forehead against his as I looked down at my belly (at my son!). “To be able to see an unborn child….To be able to see right into the womb without cutting! I never even dreamed of such a thing. Jamie, it…I saw him.” 

“And he’s—alright?”

“As far as they could tell.” I sighed and smiled, giving in. “Yes…yes, he’s alright.” 

If two sane people could be delirious with joy and relief, it was us. We must have looked quite out of our senses to any passerby, so intensely we were beaming and grinning and clinging tightly to faces and hands. 

Without preamble, Jamie stuck the precious photograph in his breast pocket, swept me up into his arms (ignoring any protest against handling my massive bulk), and settled back into the chair, cradling me in his lap. 

We sat there in beatific silence for I don’t know how long, with soft touches and wordless sounds of tenderness and awe. 

At last, Jamie simply couldn’t contain himself. “What will we name him? Our—son?” 

We hadn’t discussed names at all, to date—both of us perhaps afraid to tempt fate until the birth was closer at hand. But I had seen him, today—seen the outlines of his tiny feet move at the same exact moment I’d felt him kick—And it changed everything. There was still risk, and there was still fear; but the hope in me was glowing and radiating throughout my entire being. This child, this little boy, was alive and well. He would be well. And he needed a name. 

“Well, let’s see….” I beamed and traced patterns on Jamie’s shoulder. “I suppose we can’t have a Brian AND a Brianna.”

Jamie laughed, “No, indeed. The first Brian Fraser will get the big head up in heaven. Though what about your Da? Henry’s a good, strong name, aye? What d’ye think?” 

“I’d very much like to use it as a second or third name… but I can’t quite see it as his first.” 

“’His,’” Jamie echoed in a gleeful murmur. “…He’s a him.”

My delighted giggle hit me mid-kiss.  “Yes, darling,” I crooned against his lips, “he’s a him.” 

Jamie brightened. “Say, now, what about Robert? That was my wee brother’s name, and one of my Da’s as well.”

I must have made a face at this, for he smiled and rubbed my belly, leaning down to whisper confidentially, “Your mam doesna like your name one bit, wee Rabbie.”

I laughed and amended, fairly, “If you feel strongly about it, I might be persuaded. I’ve just—Honestly, I’ve never liked the name Robert. Robert…. ROBERT….” I tried the name several more times, making grotesque faces as I tasted the syllables. “No, sorry, just won’t do.”

Jamie wasn’t offended, and in fact, we both repeated the rejected name a few more times each, trying out ridiculous accents and intonations to completely rule it out as a frontrunner until we were little more than a mass of giggles there in the professor’s chair. 

Then, as if by magnetic force, we quieted and turned our eyes back to my belly—to our little him. 

We were still for a long time, both of us imagining we could see our son curled up asleep, as I had so briefly and hazily today.

“Lambert?” Jamie said. 

I smiled fondly, but shook my head.

“William?” I offered softly, a while later. “For your brother?”

Jamie made a sound of acknowledgment, thinking, but said nothing.

There was a bird singing outside the tall, sunny window. Leafy sun-shadows spangled the walls and a tiny breeze brought the scent of spring to surround us. 

And as a second bird chimed in outside our little haven, Jamie’s hand tightened lightly, significantly, on my belly, eyes shining. “What about…Ian?”

“…Ian…” I breathed back, putting my hand over his, feeling something settle perfectly into place. “Oh, yes, that’s….Ian…”

Not the blood-brother long-mourned: the brother of Jamie’s heart whose loss was still an open wound. They’d known each other all their lives; had fought together and defended one another, had been each others’ champions in battle and at home. And it struck me for the first time that Ian Murray was the only brother I myself had ever known, too. Ian had been a true kindred spirit, ever an ally in our den of blood-Frasers. And beyond that, Ian was—had been my friend. I missed his ready smile and his wit, his compassion….


It was painful—but perfect. 

“Ian…Henry,” Jamie murmured reverently. “A fine name.”

“Ian Henry…Fergus?…” I offered, my voice cracking.  

I felt the convulsion go through Jamie and I touched his face. I know, love. I know.

Lord, the grief—the grief of holding one son between us and longing for the one we’d left behind; and for Jamie, how much more raw that grief. For Fergus had been there with him for those two broken years, had been a joy and a comfort to him when little else could be; and we could never see him again. 

“Aye,” Jamie said at last, smiling weakly through reddened eyes. “Ian. Henry. Fergus. Beauchamp—”

Fraser,” we finished together in a whisper, all four hands covering our little boy. Life and loss, joy and mourning, so inextricably intertwined. 

There were tears in Jamie’s eyes, as there were in mine, and his voice was deep and husky with love as he looked down at our hands and rubbed gently. “You’ll do them all proud, Ian.”

And damn me, if our little guy didn’t kick, right on cue. 

“So… I don’t have the right to be recognized or praised. You don’t need to cry for…”

An impact against my right shoulder cut me off. Asuna was clenching her fist. “I’m the one who decides who I should cry for!” she shouted, her face a mess. She used her other hand to rub at her eyes and attempted a smile. The hand still pressed against my shoulder opened up and grabbed the surface of my coat instead.

“In that case… I’ll be the one to praise you, Kirito. I’ll do whatever I can for you… whatever you say.”

Later—much, much, much later—Asuna would confide to me, “ A part of me was worried about the possibility that you would say something really crazy ,” with a gentle, beaming smile.

But at this moment, I wasn’t capable of saying anything crazy. The best I could do was offer her a very awkward smile.

“…Just you saying that is enough for me. I don’t want you to do anything for me…”

“Then, sit down!” she ordered abruptly, pushing hard. I gave in to her force and lowered myself to one knee.

Suddenly, her hand left my shoulder. It circled behind my head and pulled me against the light steel plate covering her chest.

Her left hand slowly, gently, tenderly stroked my hair. She repeated the motion over and over and over.

The softness of her hand. The scent like spring sunshine. The warmth of her body touching mine.

As I soaked in these sensations, I eventually came to the realization that tears were brimming in my own eyes.

The exhaustion that had set in over the fifty-five-day battle that had taken me from the first floor through the fifth.

And the support, healing, and courage that the fencer’s presence had brought me throughout that time.

These things kept me locked in place, submitting to Asuna’s embrace for a long, long time. And throughout, the movement of her hand never, ever stopped.

from Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 4: Scherzo of Deep Night, Chapter 11; Reki Kawahara; illustration by abec

Me: They’re in love with each other. But they just don’t know it yet (at least during this time).


the fresh scent of spring, a soft breeze envelopes me like a blooming flower, i bathe in the sun rays and clear blue skies. it reminds me of something––the moment i found you, the world around you seemed to twinkle, and i know that even in a millennium, they’ll be there, shining forever

Favorite Things of Hogwarts Houses

Slytherin: spiral staircases, climbing vines on old buildings, winged eyeliner, when the sky darkens before a violent rainstorm, vaulted ceilings, knowing they look amazing in that outfit, modern art museums, black coffee, anything pine scented, black velvet

Hufflepuff: candles that smell like dessert, blowing dandelions, snuggly sweatshirts, watching sunsets through autumn leaves, fairy gardens, holding hot mugs of tea to warm their hands, when sunlight streams through the curtains, ducklings in the spring, seaside holidays

Ravenclaw: little cafes, lavender scented candles, cobblestone streets, rainy days, reading by the fire when it’s cold out, big cities, glassblowing, writing in a journal for the first time, arched windows, ferris wheels, late nights, black cats, fancy tea, gothic architecture

Gryffindor: getting caught in a thunderstorm, blasting music, stepping on crunchy leaves in the fall, running as fast as they can through the woods, winding rivers, the scent of spring in the air, sand castles, creaky wooden floors, climbing trees, road trips, carousels

Living With You

read on and ao3

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and violence

pairings: nalu, gruvia, gajevy

characters: natsu, lucy, juvia, gray, gajeel, levy

reblogs are appreciated <3

word count: 3437

Lucy awoke the next morning with a tickle of hair in her face. At first, she pushed it away, thinking it was her own. Her bedhead had a mind of its own at times, and often she would find herself buried in a pile of blonde hair when she woke up from a bad dream.

But when she heard a yelp from the other side of the bed after she flicked the hair away, Lucy sat straight up and screamed. Who the hell was in her bed?

Searching her covers for signs of life, she found a familiar piece of fabric lying next to her. A checkered piece of fabric. Growling, she dragged it up and saw that Natsu was sleeping soundly next to her. Apparently he hadn’t woken up when he made that god-awful noise, which was amazing on its own.

“Mornin’ Luce,” Natsu mumbled groggily, and Lucy narrowed her eyes at her roommate.

“What the hell,” she began, her voice becoming angrier by the word, “are you doing in my bed?”

Natsu yawned, sitting up. “You practically pulled me into bed with you last night. I went to check on you to see if you were okay and you grabbed me by the hand and yanked me into bed. You really wanted me to stay, didn’t ya Luce?”

“That doesn’t matter now.” Lucy didn’t like the feeling of her face reddening, so she turned away. “I’m still sleeping. Get out.”

“But you’re not sleeping now,” Natsu said, blinking a few times like he was confused.

“I said, get out,” Lucy hissed, and she kicked Natsu by his back out of her bed. What did he think he was doing, sleeping in the same bed as her? Why did she decide to just wear a big t-shirt to bed? And why did he look so damn cute with his ruffled bedhead?

“Luce,” Natsu began, but Lucy leaped out of bed and shoved him out of her room.

“Natsu, you can’t just barge into a woman’s room in the middle of the night. What I-I slept naked or something?”

“I’ve already seen you naked, Luce, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem,” Natsu said, and Lucy exhaled through her nose angrily.

“Just stay out of my room. Got it?” Lucy slammed the door and flopped onto her bed to fall back asleep again. Huffing, she rolled over to where Natsu slept the night before and closed her eyes. Seconds later, they popped back open again while she sniffed the side of her pillow that Natsu’s head rested on.

It smelled like pine and firewood, and she realized she quite liked the smell. She would have to go into Natsu’s room and figure out what cologne he used. It smelled woodsy and spicy and fiery all at once, which pretty much summed up Natsu himself.

‘Natsu,’ Lucy thought before sinking into a deep sleep, ‘Why do you have to be so moronic yet smell so good?’

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Distant Love 1

- iKon x reader

- OT7 reaction to crush/girlfriend moving back to their home country.

-Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Bobby. The younger boys reaction will be out soon after my midterm. 

-Thank you for requesting and I’m sorry for taking so long to do this. Since I did took a bit longer to put it out, I included a mini back story to how they meet just to make it a bit longer. Hope this is what you were looking for.


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Having dealt with enough shenanigans at home, iKon’s tiny eldest decided it was time he done something for himself. Backpack heavy and phone charged, he set out on the cold street of Seoul in a plain back attire of just jeans, t-shirt, heavy jacket, and a face mask. The city looked so nice glistening in the cracking dawn reaching out to the world with its small rays of yellow. Jinhwan sighed contently at that perfect silent of morning, that perfect sweet spot that set his heart still, the same kind he longed for ever since the camping trip 2 years ago. He had woke up early, annoyed in fact at his cursed bladder for badgering him at 5 in the morning. What had started out at a simple call of nature ended up having him hearing nature calling out with its peacefulness. He had sat by the river bank staring at the small ripples chases each other under the slight chilly breeze. Skipping down the step of the train station, he smiled even if no one could see it through the mask. No matter, he knew he was smiling and that was good enough. Excitement couldn’t stilled the weary heart of an overworked boy. He had gone to the station much too early so he settled down on a bench by the track, anticipation ran high. This trip was funded by him, for him, and only him. No one could spoil his alone time now… That is until he heard a sweet voice mumbling aimlessly, bouncing off the dusty columns of the station, permeating through the foggy air. He looked up, who else could be just as crazy as he was to be traveling stupidly early in the day.

“Where the- What the freaking frack??”

A girl can’t be that much older than him, backpack heavy, phone still connect to a portable charger wandering the platform with her brows furrowed. God know why but he found himself smiling foolishly at the frustration seeping from those doe eyes, small cusses muddled the pretty pink lips. He couldn’t tear his eyes away. Lonely trip long forgotten, he straighten himself up, regretting not dressing up a bit more before calling out.

“Hey, do you need help? I’m Jinhwan!”

“Y/n, nice to meet you.”

You sat down next to the handsome man, nearly couldn’t believe your eyes of just how pretty he was. Half your heart was filled with fear of being con by a stranger in a distant land but the other half, all you wished was for this to be real. Something about the way he nervously chuckled at your story of being lost had your heart doing flips. Soon enough, you both had found out enough about each other to feel as if you were old childhood friend. Him revealing his status of being an international star put your weary heart to rest as he sat there waiting for you to google him. With a small giggle, you let go of all your worries as he held out a hand to you. Grasping on tightly, he pulled you toward the track waiting as the whistling train settling down on the track. Where you were going? You had no idea and neither did Jinhwan but somehow it just felt right. 

Backpack heavy, phone charged, Jinhwan once again set out on the cold street of Seoul with a weary heart. It had been 3 years since that fateful day at the station. Unlike the first time, he was now sitting in the backseat of a small car, hands desperately clutching onto yours as if it could somehow change this whole situation. Deep in his heart, he still couldn’t believe this was happening even as his eyes tracing out the familiar smudge on the wall of the nearby convenient store, the pothole on the sidewalk, the same oak tree he had seen billions of time on his way oversea for activities. 

“Jinhwan… Hey, are you listening to me?” You whisper, trying your best to reel in the man that was lost upon the silent world outside.

“Hmm? yea… Sorry, I’m a bit sleepy.” Him, he’s trying his best to escape to outer space.

“Anyways, you can visit me when you’re on break? I’ll visit you too!” 

Those innocent eyes, that bright voice, they used to bring him such joy. He could be on dead bed after a crushingly grueling day of practice and they would put a smile on his face immediately. Those eyes, that smile now just remind him of the torturous days ahead where he’d be force to be alone, force to be okay with you being half way around the world, force to forget about you, force to forget that he’s hopelessly in love with you. If he has his way, you’d turn around right this moment and cuddle in bed with him. He wouldn’t be distancing himself just so he can move on from everything wonderful that you were. He could feels tear stinging his eyes as the excruciating pain of losing you too soon. 

“Hmm…” He hums in response, not really knowing what else to say without sobbing. 

It doesn’t take a genius to realize what he was going through so instead, you silence yourself, letting your head rest upon the shivering shoulder, hands returning the neediness of his. As he watches you checking in your enormous luggages, he debates on the high and low of confessing to you right now. Would you leave everything behind and run to his arm? Or would nothing have change… He continues to watch as you feign a smile to the kind airport worker before turning back his way, smiling sadly.

“So… We got an hour and a half before I have to go in. What should we do?”

“I don’t know… Coffee?”

You nod and he nods, neither of you say much. An hour came and went like in a blink of an eye as he holds your hand trekking toward the glass doors that will separate him from the love of his life. You stop just shy of the grumpy security guard, hands holding his with a gentle smile on your face. He was still averting your gaze, as he did since his black car pulling up to your old home. 

“I have to go…” You breathe softly, almost fearful of the sentence knowing what pain it brings him.

It was like a brick wall just drops out of the sky, everything hit him all at once. He had been frozen. He was frozen the second you told him your internship was ending that your family was waiting on the edges of their seats for your arrival home. He has been counting down the days for months now and finally it hit him… In just 20 minutes, you’ll be gone. Like life ending, from the first moment on that platform till now flashes like some twisted rerun at high speed before his eyes. The calm was gone, replaces with the storm pouring from his eyes. You let yourself get engulf in that warm embrace just one more time, let yourself revel in the warmth and the scent that you will no longer have the privilege of being near daily. You finally let yourself cry knowing this might be the last time you get to be so intimately close to him for a very long time. - Please don’t go - threatening on the tip of his tongue, hanging on by a thread. He almost chokes it out as he lets his tear soak the skin of your neck. 

Alas, he let you go. He had you all to himself for the past 3 years. It was the most wonderful 3 years of his young life and he would changes nothing. He stood still and if it’s not for the streaming tear, one could argues he’s a marble statue, stoic and frozen in time. He watches the spot where you were just moments ago, lingering with your eyes fixed on him, hand reaching out as if asking for him to just say something. 

Lost upon his thought, he got scare witless from the light buzzing in his pocket.

“My Jinhwan, I knew you wouldn’t ask me to stay. I know you were much to considerate to separate me from my family any longer. i just want to thank you for being my best friend and I can only hope you won’t forget me. Lastly, there’s something I want to say. Perhaps I should’ve said it 3 years ago but I had no courage… I know now, regrettably, I should have. I love you too! I love you so much. I would ask you to keep me in your heart but that’s too selfish of me, right? I don’t know how the thread connecting our lives will spin out from now on but don’t stop living life because of me. I love you, I’ll always will.” 

He sheds a small bittersweet smile. The girl of his life, the girl he had been scared to love finally confesses her love for him in the most twisted way it could’ve happened. He has you, he has your heart yet physically you couldn’t be further away. 

“I love you too, Y/n. My Y/n, please wait for me.” He whispers as he leans back in that old bench where it all started as the train whistles by.


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It wasn’t strange for Yunhyeong to be absent from class for long extended period of times. Everyone expected it and honestly, there was no other way around it. This idol life get too hectic sometimes for the young man and school just adding another factor that he can’t control. Still, he did his best to show up as much as he can and only uses his “busy” card when he was truly exhausted. 

Laying around in the dorm after 3 months straight of constant bouncing between practice, concert, recording, promoting, Yunhyeong suddenly found himself antsy. His legs danced, bobbing up and down under the table as anxiety filled his gut. He knew it was nothing more than his body adjusting to the strangeness of having no responsibility for a brief while. Yes, he had been exhausted but this restlessness of absolute peace was too much for his heart to bear so out the door he went.

He sauntered onto campus, lungs taking in a long inhale of the fresh scent of spring. He never realized how much he loved being at school until the bottom of his expensive dress shoes found themselves trekking across the cobble stone leading to the library. Anticipating himself to wander around a bit, he had asked his manager to drop him off a full 2 hours before class would start. He was so lost upon the bright green burst of leaves rustling in the soft spring breeze. His soul exploded in a lightness of not having to worry about messing up the concert tonight or tripping on his own foot at some award show. Instead, his heart elated in the bright colors of spring, of the birds singing in the sky, and of the owner of the tousles of soft hair and addicting perfume he had just knocked over. 

“Holy shit, I am so sorry.” 

Any other day, he’d have said something. It wouldn’t be anything mean of course, just something along the line of be careful. However today, today he found himself lost for words as he watched a young girl dressed lightly in just jeans and t-shirt panicking as her hands picked up all the paper strewn messily on the floor. He knelt over, finding himself mirroring her hasty motions before his hand met yours and his heart near stopped. 

He stared deep into your eyes and found the brightest rays of sunshine beaming back with that adorable smile of yours.

“Thank you. I am so sorry again.”

“It’s alright, Ms.-”

“It’s Y/n. You ar-” You replied happily before a distant grumble of jealousy and dagger glaring your way cutting it short. You glanced around nervously, not entirely sure what carnal sin you had just committed to earn such ire expressions. “Uhm, this is stupid but are you by any chance famous? Cause I feel like a bunny about to be eaten by wolves… very hungry wolves…” You chuckled nervously, eyes widen triple the normal size when you turned around to find him laughing with all his might, shoulders shrugging.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. If you’re so scare then how about I’ll protect you. Walk you to class?”

“I think that would be the opposite of the solution to me not being eaten by wolves.” You stood up now, overwhelmed by the height difference between the stranger and yourself. He was handsome, soft brown locks falling over his forehead. His lips boasted a playful smile as he scratched his head nervously, as if he was hiding the biggest secret in the history. He dressed simply but by no mean any less dashing than the most gentleman of gentlemen in his well cut slacks and the button up peaking out from his soft sweater. 

“It looks like you have no clue where you’re going anyways by the look of that crumbled map… How about letting me walk you to the right place, you know, as an apology for ramming into you. I haven’t been back on campus for awhile so, just reeling everything in.” You hadn’t even gotten a chance to nod before he already took you by the shoulders, dragging you through the crowd full of despair moans and stiffen cries. You eyed the parting sea of girls, very pretty girls, with the most curious of thought as to why you felt like you were in the middle of a K-drama scene right now. 

“You’re 100% sure you’re not famous?!” You asked one more time, in hope of maybe saving the last bit of your safety, incredulous at his previous vague statement.

“Yea. I mean I’m in this group called iKon, nothing big you know. I’m Yunhyeong, by the way. Nice to meet you.” He said it as if ikon was just a flimsy cloud floating across the bright sky, a fallen petals from the endless rows of cherry blossom tree showering you both with its blushful tone.

“Hold up, excuse you!” You halted to a stop, nearly yanking his arm off its socket. “iKon, the monster rookie group, breaking every chart there is iKon?”

“Oh, so you do know who I am… Why fake ignorant.” An almost disgusted tone seeped through the pair of lips you didn’t think could even hosted such words.

“No…” You suddenly found yourself small, retreating back a few steps. “I-I-I don’t mean to upset you. My roommate talks about iKon all the time although i’ve been so busy adjusting with this new life I’ve never bother to look up… I don’t know anyone’s name or faces. I-I’m sorry.” With that, you yanked the stack of paper resting peacefully in his arm before bolting the other way. Comparing to the legs for days man, your bolting wasn’t even worth his jogging as he quickly caught up to you. 

“Hey, I said I’d walk you to class didn’t I? I’m not a man that like to break my promises. I-I wasn’t exactly forth coming with you earlier either… How about we start over. Hi, I’m Song Yunhyeong. What’s your name, cutie?” he huffed out faster than you could even process what was going on.

“I’m Y/n. Nice to meet you, Song Yunhyeong.”

“Baby, will you just look at me?” His voice wavers, no doubt it’s taking everything he has to hold himself together for your sake. Meanwhile, you sit there sobbing like a 5 years old kid that lost her favorite toy.

“I don’t wanna go… Yun… H-How do you expect me to just leave you?” Your ugly sobs cover up the usual sweet tone Yunhyeong loves so much and it’s killing him.

“It’s your family, babe. You can’t trade your family for me… Not when you’ve been gone for 5 years.” His hands so gently rubbing up and down your shivering body, whispering exactly everything he knew you need to hear.

“I know that! Don’t you think I know that, Yunhyeong? GOD!” Enrage by everything that was going on, you lash out even though he had been nothing but an angel the past 4 years of your relationship. “There has to be other ways.. I, I love you. I don’t wanna leave.”

“And I love you too, Bunny. But you gotta think about yourself first. You only came here for school and internship to better your future. Now that you’re finished, you gotta enjoy all your hard work because from here on out it’s going to be easy. If the past 5 years you had been with your family, trust me when I say i wouldn’t think twice about asking you to stay with me. But they miss you. I can’t keep you away any longer.” He pulls your head into his chest, letting you soak all your sadness on his shirt. 

You knew he was right. You came here with the sole purpose of furthering your position in the company. You knew it’d be hard but life after that would be easy… should be easy. However, you never thought you’d literally crashed into the most wonderful man in the world. His loving soul and kind heart had made your time away from home anything but tough. Even with the crazy life of his, he made sure you were always first and how could you not fall in love with such a caring man. You never regretted loving him nor do you regret the relationship that makes going home so hard. You just wish with all your might that this changes nothing, that Song Yunhyeong will forever be yours. You knew this was coming but it doesn’t make it any less hard to come to term with not being there for your boyfriend whenever he needs.

“Look, I have money. Soon, you’ll have money too with that new fancy job of yours. I’ll visit you as many times as I can and you do the same. I’m not saying we break up. How could I break up with my little Bunny. I gotta protect her from all the wolves.” Pressing kisses all along your dampen cheeks, he holds you close, drinking in every micro second he has left. When he let you go, a sad grumble parts from your lips earning a slight chuckle from the near teary eyes man. He reaches out back and pulls out a paper shopping bag. “I know you’re not leaving for another month but… I couldn’t help myself.”

You tug the bag open, eyes full of confusion before widening at the realization of what the soft bundle of fabric was.

“You’re giving me Mr. Berry?? but it’s your favorite sweater, baby.” 

“Well I bought Mr. Berry a friend and I was going to give you the new one but I figured, you’d love Mr. Berry more. Now we can match and It’ll make me feel a little better that you have something of mine with you.” He did his best to put up that bright expression you love but he still couldn’t hide the depressive gaze behind that wonderful eye smile of his. How could he when he’s literally sitting here musing over the fact that his damn sweater will be seeing more of you than he will. He had thought it’d make you happy but judging from how hard you were now bawling, he panics.

“I’m sorry. If you don’t like it, I can take it back. I’ll return the other one…”

“How am I suppose to live easy when I don’t have you, Yunhyeong.” A painful sentence rips out of your throat as you choke on lord know what round it is now of tear. “I love Mr. Berry but I’d love it more if you were wearing it. I promise you, I’ll come back. When it’s time, I’ll be here with you. Please don’t leave me even though I’m half a world away. Please…” Your desperation plead finally cracks the last tough shell he got as a few tear stream down his soft skin. He tugs you onto his lap and just holds you close. He will cry, but not right now. Right now he needs to protect you, to let you have your moment. Who to say tonight when you’re fast asleep, he won’t be crying on his own as he watches you sleep, counting down the nights he has left. 


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Grumbling under his breath, Jiwon shouted out a loud cuss as he entered the YG’s building elevator. “Stupid bet” he muttered, who would’ve thought the muscle bunny of iKon would lose in a strength test. For sure he didn’t think he’d be the one trudging out in the cold to buy all the boys drinks, all by his lonesome. Seriously, how did they expect him to carry all 7 drinks back on his own. Feet stomping through the powdery snow of November, he pulls up his face mask higher to hide his frost bitten nose, glaring dagger at the innocent naked trees lining the walk as if they were the one that made him take the bet.

Pushing through the already festive decorated glass doors, Jiwon nudged the small figure of penguin in Santa hat out of pure spite out of his own vexation. Another loud groan left his lips the second he laid eyes on the stupid line, the stupidly long line. Nothing to do but shuffled over and wait, he pulled out his phone and proceed to text the boys for their drinks. 

“You must be kidding me… why can’t they all just get one type of drink. God, the barista is gonna hate me” 

He hated being a hassle and ordering 7 custom drinks on a busy afternoon is exactly that. He glanced up at the fire for eyes, disgusted frown for lips woman at the cashier and pray silently that she won’t murder him for putting in his order. When he was 2 person away from the front, like salvation sent from God, an early Christmas’s miracle, the rough voice of the woman rang out that had him wanting to kneel down in thankfulness. 

“Y/n, I’m off. Can you take over? Just take all the order till Minji comes in then you can go back to making the drinks.”

A soft “Of course!” permeated through the air like music to Jiwon’s ears. He couldn’t see who it was that answered but he sure hope Minji doesn’t come in before he has the chance to order. As the seconds ticked by, the person in front of Jiwon order became more muddle up into some strange alien language as his heart thump faster than the beat of the rap song spewing out of the speaker.

“Hi, welcome! Can I get a name for the order.”

You were smiling so brightly that he found himself lost for words. Stammering like crazy, he managed to get his name out of his lips and a quiet apology of how many drinks he was about to order. You just smiled and went on your way the second Minji came to the rescue. He chose a seat near by the station, keeping an eye on you at all time, amazed by how fast your hands were moving. Soon enough, his name was called and you bowed politely before taking a rest from the crazy rush hour. He took his drinks, wanting nothing more but to talk to you but what excuse would he has. Just then, another miracle happened as he glanced down on the neat scribbles on the cups.

“Hey princess, you sure this is my drink?” 

The second the greeting left his mouth, he bit his own cheek in embarrassment. Why did he had to call you by that stupid nickname for, it’s not like he really knew you. Nevertheless, you politely came over, rechecked the drinks and nodded before reciting all the drinks verbatim the way he had ordered it.

“Those are yours, aren’t they?”

“Yea but what’s this ‘G1′?” 

You burst out in a bright giggle and suddenly the sky outside wasn’t so gloomy anymore. Everything was bathed in the warm and golden glow of how adorable you look laughing. 

“Sorry. It was so busy and you had like 7 drinks so I shorten your name. I’m sorry if that offended you. I can make you new drinks.”

“No it’s alright,” He chuckled nervously, hoping you would keep talking to him. “I guess I could say I’m a regular now? Seeing how my cute barista has a nickname for me.”

“I guess you could say that, Mr. playboy G1.”

“Wait, Y/n. Whose playlist is the shop using? I love the old school hiphop vibe here!” He managed to yelled out, needing just a few more seconds of interaction with you.


You exhaled quickly with a wink before running off toward the sound of Minji’s voice.

“Wow, funny and good taste in music. Where have you been all my life, Y/n” 

He stood there for a minute, just stunned about what had just happened before the nagging sound of cell phone ringing snapped him out of his reverie. For you, he’d gladly take on another 10 bets and loses every time. 

Jiwon slumps down on the bench just outside of the shop, the same one he had sat in so many times in hope of catching a glimpse of you running back and forth inside the shop. He sighs the sigh of all those who had lost love, of those who knew they were at the end of the line. His hand clutching on the small envelop that holds his whole heart yet he couldn’t bring himself to open it. Would this even do anything? It wouldn’t change the fact that you were still gone. You had been gone for days now. The what ifs burning through his mind as he forces himself to keep his composure. After all, it would do you no good seeing an article of him losing it in public so soon after he had left. You were always a smart cookie, you’d know he was breeding a storm inside because of you. With a loud grunt, he let goes of all that was holding him back. What the hell, what could be worse than losing you even before he has you. His svelte fingers nimbly go to peel back the paper as delicately as he could, holding onto the only thing of you he got.

“I’m sorry I left so abruptly. I really wanted to see you one last time before I leave but it’s looking like I’m not so lucky. I’m sorry if this is crossing the line or something. You are an international star after all and me, I’m just some average girl that make your coffee. Or I guess it’s made now…” 

A long heavy breath emit from his lungs. How could you still think of him with such distant after all these months. Had he not given you enough hints to know all he wanted to do was to claim your heart? Was he really that pompous of an ass that you’d think he’s some diva. 

“I don’t know what I’m doing haha. I mean I’d like to think you really were flirting with me just as much as I tried to flirt with you. If you haven’t figure it out by now, I am not exactly good at this flirting/dating thing. Yeaaa… totally not good at all.” 

He chuckles thinking back of the way your cheeks would turn the adorable rosy hue whenever he’d brush his hand against yours “accidentally” while grabbing his drink. How you’d just stutter, fluster whenever he’d go overboard with his compliment, the nervous giggle. God, everything you did drove him crazy. 

“Anyways. If my gut isn’t as blind as my intuition is, I hope this letter could be of use for you. I guess since you never ask me for my number, here’s my new one. It’s wifi/video-calls so it’s free. Yay! Oh wait, what am I talking about. Your rich boi ass can afford international call. hehe. So I guess this is goodbye, for now. I hope I hear from you but if I’m just a delusional fan girl reading too much into your meaningless actions, I apologize. Please forget about this. Bye, G1.”

He leaned back on the bench, feeling both the elation of cloud 9 and the weight of the whole word upon his soul all at once. You like him. This whole freaking time he was being shy for no damn reason. He could’ve ask you out so long ago but he waited and lost. Hastily, wasting no more time, he pulls out his phone before punching in those digits that he was too scared to ask for.

“H-Hello? Jiwon?” You speak in that soft voice, stuttering out your greeting as if unsure he’d really call.

“Hey, princess!” He cheeses out that stupid greeting that nearly costed him his friendship with you. He remembered how cold you were the second and third time he came back for drinks. He beat himself up so many night wondering why the spark of your first meeting had fizzled out so fast. It wasn’t until one afternoon when he caught you on your way out from work that the mystery was solved. Unlike the bashful, cute Jiwon you’re used to now, at that point you had thought he was just another frat boy type that call everyone sweetheart for the sake of planting seed for later needs. You hated it so you distanced yourself. 

“Ah, I see player Jiwon is back. Took you long enough to call, freak!” Although the high tone of your teasing voice was there, something about the wavering whiny voice of yours that solidify all the hope his heart was swelling up with.

“I’m sorry, baby. I was ready to head out to see you and our manager said we had a meeting… next thing I know we got shipped out to Japan. I-I really didn’t think that was my last chance to see you. I’m so so sorry, baby.” He mewls out his word like a sad puppy, sincerity drips from every syllable. Even with all the rush of emotion, of finally understanding why he never showed up in almost two weeks, you couldn’t help but feel the shattering quake of the endearing nickname.

“Yah, who said I was your baby… I’m still mad at you for ghosting me for 2 weeks. You didn’t even see me off.” You feign anger, not really doing a good job at it judging from that strange laugh of his emanating from the speaker on your side.

“Aye, don’t even pretend like you don’t love it when I call you baby or princess. I didn’t ghost you, baby. I swear. I didn’t have your number and I was oversea…” His cheerful voice and the unique guffaw that’s so him suddenly died out, in its place sadness and solemnity.  “Did you know how devastated I was showing up and being told you moved back home? I thought I was going to black out then and there… I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t leave me the letter. I’m sorry, baby. I’m so sorry for waiting so long to call you my baby. I-I never thought that the last time we met was my last chance ever of telling you I really like you. God, I’m so stupid.” A long sigh and a few sniffles later, you were sure he was tearing up, just as you are. 

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. I was so scare that you were just being nice for the sake of being nice that I lost my chance with the best guy I’ve ever met. You’re not stupid, babe. I wanted to tell you I was leaving so many time but I never could bring myself to do it. I’m such a coward. I found myself waking up the past week waiting for you to call me princess, to hear your stupidly long order of 7 cups, all different drinks.” You let out a bittersweet grin, happy found itself resting on your lips as he mirror your laugh. 

“Can I call you? I can’t promise it’d be every day but any chance I get… We can work this out somehow, baby. I miss you so much already. I’d do anything to hear you call me babe again.” He whispers with all the desperation in the world for you to say yes. Sure he knows now you like him too but doesn’t mean you’d sit around waiting for someone that can barely be there for you. He needed so bad for you to say yes that without even realizing, his knuckles are going white from the tight grips, edging on his seat anticipating you reply.

“Of course, babe.” You exclaim and he got sweep away by the force of all the unfulfilled wishes he had.  “I’d like that very much. I’ll text you everyday, as much as I can, or until you get bored and annoyed of me.”

“I could never. We haven’t even gotten our first date yet. How could I?” 

“So you’d get sick of me after our first date? I see how it is Mr. G1.” He had always love how playful you get, how flirty you’d be without even realizing what you were doing. It seems to only amplify now that you’re his.

“Never. I would never ever get sick of you.” A tranquil silent floods out from both side of the call, nothing but content sighs and small giggle could be heard for the next few minutes but neither of you care. To be able to share this moment is enough.

“You’re in this with me, baby? I’d love to be your boyfriend if you’d let me. I know it’s selfish of me to say this now that you’re so far away but my feeling for you aren’t going away anytime soon.”

“Yes, Jiwon. I know it’s messed up how everything is but I think we can do this… If you’re in it, so am I.”

At your promise, Jiwon’s body relaxes as he continues recalling all the things he did in the week and a half he hadn’t seen you. Laughs and soft confession of love could be heard for hours as you both plan out your future meetings.