the signs as smells

aries- the smell of sunscreen

taurus- the smell of a blown out match

gemini- the smell of spring flowers

cancer- the smell of the heater turning on during winter

leo- the smell of a cake in the oven

virgo- the smell of old books

libra- the smell of fall 

scorpio- the smell of wet pavement

sagittarius- the smell of christmas morning

capricorn- the smell of a bakery

aquarius- the smell of rain

pisces- the smell of cedar wood

the signs as obscure scents
  • aries:burning hickory
  • taurus:rain
  • gemini:sugary lollipops
  • cancer:wild honeysuckle
  • leo:melting brown sugar
  • virgo:dying flowers
  • libra:bleach
  • scorpio:intoxicating perfume
  • sagittarius:cracked leather
  • capricorn:cold breeze
  • aquarius:weathered books
  • pisces:newly-cut grass

Pomander or musk apple, 1350. Gilded silver, black niello. Italy. Via V&A. It was filled with ambra, musk or fragrant herbs, early form of aroma therapy.

This may have been a love token, which a woman would wear hanging from a chain at her waist. The segments refer to the Judgement of Paris, when he had to decide which of the goddesses Juno, Venus and Minerva was the most beautiful. Paris chose Venus, here given the words: “Venus is the loveliest, her claim is clearly just”.

What Did Qaddafi’s Death Smell Like?

Nicola Twilley on the second annual Art and Olfaction Awards:

The influence of smell over emotion is precisely what makes it an exciting artistic medium. “With scent, you can create a really immediate, really visceral response,” Allison Agsten, the curator of public engagement at the Hammer Museum, in Los Angeles, and a Sadakichi judge, told me. This was certainly true of “Famous Deaths,” which ended up winning the final Golden Pear. The team deliberately chose deaths that were either visually familiar or easy to picture—Lady Di’s car crash, Whitney Houston’s overdose, Muammar Qaddafi’s beating, J.F.K.’s assassination. “Everybody has seen theZapruder film,” Marcel van Brakel, one of the installation’s creators, told me. “But what we find interesting is what happens if you translate it in this way—does the perspective change? Are you able to get closer?”

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.21.15

herbal bath oil in rosemary, thyme and mint by ambrebotanicals

relax and refresh with this rosemary, thyme & mint invigorating bath oil! a smooth blend of cottonseed, sweet almond, and castor seed oils soften skin with the added bonus of an energizing, fresh scent.

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.21.15

emerald quartz crystal soap set — choose your scent by rockhoundsoap

i canNOT believe that these pretty green ‘crystals’ are actually SOAP! incredible. you get to choose your favorite scent from an enormous list of choices, too — i think i’d pick almond, magnolia, or grapefruit. mmmm.

I only regret that I
didn’t turn up the music more
Ask you to dance there on the
living room floor
Slowly and lazily
Breathing in the scent of
your soft skin
Instead of shutting you out,
I should have pulled you back in.
Instead of barring you from my insides,
I should’ve pushed back the thick, canvas
I only regret that I
didn’t turn up the music more
Ask you to dance there on the
living room floor
I never let you take anything
—  Kimberly Arcade, Regrets