scenic runs

The Signs and their Happy Place

Aries: On a hike or adventure
Taurus: Watching a movie with friends
Gemini: Hosting a party or dinner
Cancer: Cuddling on the couch
Leo: At a party with all of their friends
Virgo: Exploring a new city
Libra: On a romantic date with someone they love
Scorpio: Somewhere peaceful with a good book
Sagittarius: On a scenic run
Capricorn: Binge watching their favorite show
Aquarius: On stage, putting on a show
Pisces: With their family


BLM in Film: Matching Story Board and Location

When looking for a place to film an action-packed pursuit scene for a Western movie released last year, filmmakers selected BLM lands in the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado. The grease-wood and sagebrush flats of the valley floor are shadowed by towering peaks in the distance.

Bordered by the Sangre de Cristo mountain range on the east and the San Juan Mountains to the west, San Luis Valley sits more than 7,600 feet above sea level and receives little precipitation. Arid, dry and dusty, the remote desert valley still feels like it could be home to cowboys and gunslingers today.  

The historic Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, which runs through the area, is the highest narrow gauge steam railroad in the U.S. It was constructed in 1880-1881 to support mining operations in the San Juan Mountains, but now, it makes a great backdrop for scenes like this!  #oscars #academyawards

By Courtney Whiteman, BLM Colorado