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Keep On Running
6 August 2017

I followed up yesterday’s run training by taking The Husb on a 5.7km hike around the Zamia Trail this morning. (See, there’s a native zamia palm behind him.) Then I backed that up with another couple of klicks walking Mitzy around the block with My Girl.

I am now 37 days alcohol-free and have surpassed my $1000 Dry July fund raising goal for cancer support services. This is a big deal for me. It also means my self-imposed sobriety could finish if I wanted to but I don’t want to drink for the sake of it. I also do not want to slip back into my nightly wine habit. #smiling #striving #winning

W.I.T.C.H. Presents: The Great Lordaeron Pilgrimage!

Hallow’s End is upon us! Come one, come all!

“Well met. As we attempt to embrace the Wickerman ceremony, it is no surprise that the Horde would attempt to ruin our celebration.

Now the prudent course of action may be to rise above the conflict and simply ignore the attacks.

I admire those that take that high road, but I cannot help them. But for those that seek to strike back… I can help them. If you are interested, take this Dousing Agent and use it on the Horde’s Wickerman in the Ruins of Lordaeron.”

Once again, the festivities of Hallow’s End are upon us, as well as the old rivalries and traditions that come with them. The call has been put out: carry the dousing agent to the Ruins of Lordaeron and extinguish the flames of the Horde’s Wickerman. Will you take up the call? Will you take revenge on the Horde, for whatever slights they may have against you and yours? Now is the time!

Tried and true pathfinder Theodora Gottwald of the Wonderful Inventory of Curios and Heirlooms is planning to set out from the gates of Stormwind on October 28th at six bells to make the pilgrimage to the lands of her birth and douse the flames of the Horde. Those wishing to join her on her journey should contact her at any point before the set departure time to arrange accompanying her and any others who wish to make the trip. Adventurers, soldiers, and common folk alike are welcome to attend! But be warned, the journey north is not for the faint of heart!

OOC Info:

When: October 28th, 6 PM server

Where: Gates of Stormwind > Undercity

Contact: Theodorrah via whisper, in-game mail, or tumblr message for a calendar event invite!

ALRIGHT KIDS WE’RE DOIN IT. This is a simple event, open to all levels, classes, etc. of the Alliance. It’s pretty simple: a scenic run up to Lordaeron from Stormwind, douse the wickerman for the quest if you haven’t already, and get the hell out of Tirisfal.

This is not intended to be an organized PvP event. I’ve no doubt some red-side peeps will see this and want to counter-organize but… come on guys. It’s all harmless fun. Organize your own pilgrimage on us! Let’s all be good sports. Dousing the wickerman will flag you and you most likely will be killed OOC, but the main focus here is just the journey there. I’m a firm believer that more people need to take the time to just run through the world we’re given and enjoy the trip and the scenery, and this is a great opportunity to do so! And besides, there are sure to be plenty of good stories to be had along the way to keep everyone entertained!

While I would love to walk the whole way, I estimate it would take somewhere around three hours to do so, and I doubt anyone besides me would be down for that. Instead, we will be running on ground mounts only from point A to point B. Lower levels (60 and under) are welcome, and everyone is invited to help accommodate those with lower riding speed with multi-seater mounts. It is also advised that everyone come fully geared, as there are a few points where guards may attack from the road as we’re running by. The estimated travel time while running at 100% ground speed is under an hour, and two rest stops will be included along the way.

Once everyone has been presumably pwned and killed, we can all take the rez sickness at Faol’s Rest and gather around and tell ghost stories and crack jokes and enjoy the holiday! So tell your friends, tell your guildies, tell your dog, because it’s gonna be a fun adventure!

Happy haunting, and fortune find you!

( @the-royal-courier@wraconnect​ )

When you’re in DC for the weekend and want to avoid most touristy spots but still want a quick tour of the monuments, you make your Sunday morning long run extra scenic.

Legs felt so much better after giving them a break for the last few days. I definitely took the cutback part of cutback week a little too literally. Bring on the next two weekends of racing.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any pro tips for stage managing a large musical without an asm? I'm about to go into a show without one and my heads imploding just thinking about it

My condolences. I’ve been there for the better portion of five years.

Try to get as much blocking as you can; honestly, without an ASM in that setting, accurate blocking sometimes gets traded off for accurate costume, scenic, sound, and light notes - do your best. Get very general with your choreography notes, ex: list people in groups with exits and entrances, but don’t take down actual dance moves - that’s the choreographer’s job. If they insist that you do write down all the choreography, stick to your guns and have the choreographer choose a dance captain from the cast. Enlist the cast to help with scene transitions in rehearsals; assign it to them if you have to, acknowledging that you need the help. Hey, they want someone on-book when they get off-book, right? When you do line notes, try to do them like this.

If you haven’t done it before or considered it, get your sound and light cues at least the day before tech starts and put them into your book early; those, with scenic moves, will get you ahead of the game. Get with your director and insist on a scenic tech for at least the first half of first tech; this means you, the director, and the crew only run scenic transitions (do NOT have the cast at this). Have them run them as much as possible.

Make sure you communicate extremely well with your deck chief (or whoever your SR person is) and give them as much paperwork as possible without overkilling it. A WWW (Who, What, Where) form is a good tool in this situation; create the form and send it to designers electronically, that way they can print it as-is or take out only their needed information. Speaking of paperwork, don’t waste your time on overdoing it with several types of paperwork; trim what you know you can live without.

Most importantly, take care of yourself.

Not a complete list, but if you do these things you should be more than okay.



My area got destroyed by hail yesterday!

It was like oh nice scenic trail run, yay.
Then I saw these crazy green clouds shooting lightening out like a Ghostbusters movie or something! And then I decided at that point to fly because I know I’m going to get stuck somewhere and I needed to find a roof. Ended up at a little outhouse on the golf course because I was so far out, lol. I made it back to the green belt so I could at least get out of the open.
Got back to my car and the car next to me had its windshield busted out! (Actually pretty much everyone we know had their windshields shattered by hail)
Driving to my last doggy walk after that I was going through like 6 inches of hail! Crazy weather. Kind of fun though, lol.

I’m also down to 132 pounds according to the 9News Health Fair so 👍
I’m a 32B bra now too. I’ve never been that small around and it’s weird. But good?

North Shore Scenic Railroad, Part One

This train, operated by the North Shore Scenic Railroad, is headed back to Duluth after a run up the North Shore. The equipment seen here is owned by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, located in Duluth. The scenic railroad itself, the route here, was the former Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range between Duluth and Two Harbors. This particular segment of the railroad was the Duluth and Iron Range Rail Road prior to the formation of the DM&IR.

The lead unit, Soo Line 2500, is an FP7 that was an EMD demonstrator before going to the Wisconsin Central (a subsidiary of the Soo Line). This summer, this combination of museum and operating scenic railroad will be running trains with a steam engine, Duluth and Northeastern number 28, which will really raise interest in this wonderful operation.

Image by Richard Koenig; taken August 28th 2015.



Been on campus since this morning studying in the library, I finished physio, psych, and biochem notes, so now I’m working on anatomy for 2 lectures, and then I’ll head home to sleep.

Didn’t take my phone during my run, but it was uneventful except for the fact that my legs were sooo tight I pretty much walked the entire 2 miles that I did. This is really why I don’t take rest days in the training cycle, it just gives my legs an excuse to get lazy and tighten up. There were lots of hills on campus so I guess that was good, and I definitely broke a sweat, but it honestly didn’t feel like a true workout. I came back to campus gym for push-ups and squats, followed by a much-needed shower. I’ve had dinner and now I’m back in the library studying my little heart out.

Enjoy the study notes pictures, I didn’t feel happy enough to take a watch photo or scenic picture.


2.6 miles in, I wanted to quit, because this beauty of a trail is one of the hardest in the god forsaken valley. but… i did not quit. Do you see that top picture? Yeah, 5 miles of both steep and gradual climbs (some of which i had to do in a brisk walk, instead of a run) and 5 miles down. pure, glorious torture. 

10 miles today, 30 miles so far this week. and right now? man, food is fucking great and so is the high. 

The Signs and their Happy Place

Aries: On a hike or adventure
Taurus: Watching a movie with friends
Gemini: Hosting a party or dinner
Cancer: Cuddling on the couch
Leo: At a party with all of their friends
Virgo: Exploring a new city
Libra: On a romantic date with someone they love
Scorpio: Somewhere peaceful with a good book
Sagittarius: On a scenic run
Capricorn: Binge watching their favorite show
Aquarius: On stage, putting on a show
Pisces: With their family