Rookie Blue scenes I love 7/?

. Look we can keep doing this, you can keep telling us you didn’t see anything, but I’ve got to say if that’s what you do, I am going to become your new best friend, I’m going to come to your store every day, just to say hi, chat, laugh, I’m going to make sure that every single person in your neighborhood knows just how tight you are with the cops. 


Rookie Blue scenes I love 2/?

1509 Shots fired, Supernova,Queens Quay and Richardson, Two people shot, Officer down, Rush an ambulance right away, Repeat officer down

Why I like it: You’re lying if you say this didn't freak you out. You know she is the main character so she cant die but holy crap. Plus, Sam, come on, great way to kick off season 2.


Rookie Blue scenes I love 1/?

You five punks are under arrest, hands behind your back. Chris Diaz, Traci Nash, Gail Peck, Dov Epstein and Andy McNally you have the right to shut up you have the right to remain calm and you have the right to get out of these handcuffs any way you know how!

Why I like it: Great way to start the series. It established character personalities in a matter of like three minutes and I thought it was a pretty clever way to haze the new rookie. I hope that if they ever get new rookies that they will do the same thing, maybe in the series finale.