I imagine that Russel likes art. Not to do really cool and detailed portraits or scenescapes, but likes to splosh paint on a hugeass canvas and gets 2-D to run across it wearing bananas covered with black paint on his feet. 

Maybe he sticks smashed vinyl records to it, or signs his name in the corner using Murdoc’s upside down rrruuber cross dipped in green hair dye.


tiny dancer by erik witsoe
Via Flickr:
Poznan, Poland Autumn Perfect afternoon walking through the lovely autumn scenescapes. Now, off to watch as many “halloween” type flicks I can before the mists of sleep take me. See ya.

5/14 of Crow’s Magnificent Week of Cool Places

This is a little disappointing to show now, because I know exactly what this is, and it no longer looks like this.

Pictured above is the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea. It was meant to be this big fancy-ass hotel that presumably nobody would use because tourism and money are like fucking unicorns in the DPRK. The project became too big for a while though, and so it just sat incomplete like that for 16-ish years. This particular photo is from 2004; I know that because it’s on wikipedia now.

At some point while I wasn’t paying attention the hotel resumed construction, and now it looks fucking great. I encourage you to check it out for yourself because it’s probably the classiest piece of architecture in the nation.