It’s not that I’m surprised that there ARE regional differences, I’m just sometimes surprised about WHAT they are.

Last night we had rehearsal down at the renn fair space where we’re doing a few scenes from MND this weekend and one of the spaces is tucked away on a forest path. On our way back we found two ticks on my neck – one @ark-shifter brushed away, the other had bitten and I had to pull it out. But I get lint tangled up in the small hairs on the back of my neck (where it was), which is what I thought it was when I pulled it off, and I didn’t notice it was a tick until I glanced down as I dropped it and saw legs so I didn’t get a chance to see what kind of tick it was.

I developed a little pimple-like spot where I pulled it off and when I mentioned this to @ark-shifter they didn’t seem to understand that I wanted them to take a look at it, but I figured it was just ‘cause it was late and we had a long night of last-minute costume things ahead of us so they were tired and distracted (also sometimes I expect them to read my mind without giving them a whole lot to go on).

Then this morning I asked them to take another look at it to look for “the target” and they were just completely lost, no there’s nothing on my neck target what????

Which was when I realized that OH, they didn’t grow up in deer tick country! They didn’t get it pounded into their head every summer that, if they ever get bit by a tick, to check for the target rash:

We both learned something today.

Scenes from weekend house play - a picnic of water, and sailing the high seas on a blanket boat. With as many toys as possible along for the ride, of course.

So, things have been a bit rough, and I’m way behind on things I’m supposed to be doing.  Thanks for bearing with me, guys.  Here, have a short scene from the next chapter of “Weekend at Barton’s.”  If you’re not reading that one, this stands on its own pretty well.  Steve and Tony are celebrating their anniversary at a New York hotel. 8)

He was never going to get used to fancy dining.

Steve stared down at the small white ramekin, positioned on the edge of an oval plate.  A complicated swirl of caramel and fruit puree had been painted across the gleaming white porcelain with a practiced hand. Strawberries dusted in gold powder and carved into thin spirals followed the arc of the sauce, and a small stem of raspberries, including the gold embossed leaves, was wrapped around the base of the small cup of custard.

Steve wondered if he was supposed to eat that, too.

“Don’t like crème brulee?”

Steve glanced up to find Tony watching him, a slight smile on his face. Tony gestured at the tiny white pot with his spoon.  “You’re looking at it like it talked bad about your sainted Irish mother,” he said, eyes bright in the subdued candle light.  “Want something different?  I bet they’ve got something else downstairs in the kitchen, I can-”

Steve smiled back.  “The food is fine,” he said, setting his spoon down with more care than was probably necessary.  “Just trying not to break the silverware.”

Tony’s eyes flicked down towards the spoon, and then back up, his face splitting in a grin.  “I know it looks delicate, but unless you try to stab an invading Hydra goon with it, it’ll probably survive you, Rogers.” His head tipped forward, his voice falling as if he was imparting a secret.  “Metal.  It’s pretty durable.”

“You think?” Steve leveled a mock glare in his direction, and Tony smirked at him even as he tucked a spoonful of the sugary custard into his mouth.  Steve reached for his coffee cup, which looked a bit more sturdy.  “It might be metal, but it’s tiny.”  His nose wrinkled.  “It’s like eating with a spoon designed for a baby.”

Tony nodded, licking a smudge of custard from the corner of his mouth.  “Okay,” he said, reaching for Steve’s crème brulee.  He tapped the bowl of the spoon against the crisp, golden crust, cracking it with one blow.  “Here.”  He scooped out a spoonful of custard and held it out to Steve, who gave it a suspicious look.  Tony grinned.  “Don’t you trust me?”

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scenes from the weekend: venice bar crawl, saturday beach walks, an obnoxious afternoon of shopping, tacos at james beach (from the movie i love you, man!), hollywood sign hike (and yoga attempts), cold brew coffee from stumptown, and an amazing sunday brunch with three lovely ladies.


I just unpacked Anna and Kristoff and I’m so in love with them!

Even though they smell pretty strong like fresh lacquer, yikes! I also found out that Kristoffs muscles are fake, they just stuffed a pillow under is shirt to give him his typical build.*lol*

I’m looking forward to make a photoshooting with them outside in the nature and enact some scenes from the final…hopefully next weekend…I’m going to watch Cinderella and Frozen Fever next Sunday morning and I think until then the spoilers probably killed me!XD