scenes from the weekend: venice bar crawl, saturday beach walks, an obnoxious afternoon of shopping, tacos at james beach (from the movie i love you, man!), hollywood sign hike (and yoga attempts), cold brew coffee from stumptown, and an amazing sunday brunch with three lovely ladies.


A selection of dumb cat pictures from the weekend:

  1. My mom’s grumpy old cat decided balancing with her front end on the coffee table and her hind end on my chest was a comfy way to nap.
  2. The kitten has gotten SO BIG and she conks out in the most ridiculous positions.
  3. See? Ridiculous.
  4. I am a cat bed.
  5. Apparently my chest is just super comfy for (literal) cat naps.
  6. Someone was not happy about pictures.
  7. My brother’s cat is MASSIVE.
  8. More sleepy kitten with bonus face cuddling.
  9. She wouldn’t stop stomping across everything. This was her punishment (trapped in my lap for most of The Maze Runner).

It’s periscope time again! I’m going to be broadcasting a bit of basic video editing from the behind the scenes footage for our shoot with @vesperevintage last weekend. I just have to hop over to the post office and then I’ll be back! Follow me on periscope at CassieMeder and I’ll see you soon!


8 Scenes from the Weekend

  1. My Friday reads. Finished The Scorpio Races on Saturday (such a good book holy cow), still working through Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch (audiobook) and Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man (ebook). Really enjoying former, on the fence about the latter at the moment (loved the movie adaptation so I’m reserving judgement until i finish the entire book).
  2. Pouty dogs thought they wanted my food. Pouty dogs did not understand that they don’t like carrots.
  3. My new face mask matches our bathroom walls!
  4. These fox mugs look super sneaky and smug. I almost bought one.
  5. Happy hair accident: Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise in my blonde streaks gave me an awesome mermaid-y ombre effect! Can’t wait for the weather to clear up so I can take pictures of it in full sunlight.
  6. Dinner and drinks with Dad! I’ve officially added cosmos to the list of Drinks That I Like and I continue to defy my step-mom’s prediction that I’d be a “fruity drink girl.”
  7. Bear decided to try to bring part of the yard in with her. Yay for rain, but boo for having to bust out the garden hose every time she spends more than 5 minutes outside.
  8. Zoey conked out early after hours of running around with the small dogs and getting her nightly Benadryl. Keeping a very close eye on her since she’s starting to have allergy flare-ups again and we’d rather not have to put her back in the Cone of Shame for months again.

Today at work I was hanging around sitting on the ramp railing outside the shop entrance, and this family walked by with their son who was probably about five years old. He looked at the storefront as they went by, subsequently noticed me sitting there in all my Ren-Faire gothery, and commented to his parents, “That looks scary!”

His father (who isn’t paying as much attention to the surroundings) goes, “Well, it’s a scary shop.”

“No, it’s a scary lady!

(Also there was a slightly younger little girl earlier that day who came into the shop with her mother, and the second my coworker and I stepped away for a moment to set things up, I hear the little girl ask her mother, “Are they pirates?”)


Scenes from a booze-fueled weekend with some of the best people on earth. 

Life’s been pretty busy, lately. I haven’t had much time to do things other than continuously play catch up with work life. It’d be nice to use some of my vacation days to visit my brother in London, but I won’t get the chance until mid-October. That’s fine, I hear fall is pretty nice in the UK, if you’re into the dreary bleakness of a gray landscape (which isn’t me being facetious–I do like that kind of environmental aesthetic on occasion). 

Summer’s been weird and long and also way too short all at the same time. There were a lot of pinnacles of summer, most of which are just stored in faulty memories instead of photographic evidence. It’s okay. Having photos is great, but sometimes you forget to get out of the lens. 

Last night, I was in the office until 9. Today looks like a pretty long day, too. There’ll be many more long days to come. I wish I had time to write. I wish I had time to get away for a couple days. I want to rent a cottage in some isolated-fishing village. I want to cook all the things I’ve always wanted to cook. I want to read books cover to cover in one day. I want to breathe salty air. I haven’t been to the beach this summer. Why is that? Didn’t I always love the water?

I’m glad I have these pictures, even if the moments of their capture are lost under an inebriated haze of rowdy fun. Where would I be without these people? 

I don’t even want to think about.

Only a few more vines left for 31 Days of August! What do you guys wanna see?


6 scenes from the weekend:

  1. Flamingo ukulele at Red Bone! The guy upstairs went from playing Neutral Milk Hotel to XTC. Batdad and I were bewildered.
  2. Step-Monster forgot to tell me she was dog sitting this weekend, but Tebow is the sweetest so no big deal.
  3. My hair is just not holding Atomic Turquoise like it does other Manic Panic dyes. Upside is that it’s fading in this really pretty gradient that makes me feel like a sea witch.
  4. Annie!
  5. Step-Monster and Jake gave me a tiny Harley Quinn keychain to go with the Loki Batdad gave me a while back. My keys have been taken over by tiny troublemakers.
  6. Daphne attached herself every time I sat still for longer than 5 minutes. I had zero problems with that.

Scenes from a Sunday. We finally got some lovely, gloomy weather this weekend. We drove up to Parkdale this afternoon to have dinner at a brewpub up there. Gemma loved playing at the park and even went down the big slide all by herself. The brewpub had these beautiful flowers on the table, so I took a picture for bouquet ideas. The view was beautiful, even though the mountain was hiding. Now I’m enjoying some ice cream and watching Wild. Perfect end to a wonderful day.