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the olicity q: [16/?]

I was thinking about something Molly said in the ILY scene phone call and somehow it morphed into a cute and also kinda angsty hc.

Y’know how she’s like, “is this one of your stupid games?” Naturally we all start envisioning many off hours phone calls from Sherlock to Molly in which he is in some way or another being a bit of a pain and taking up her time. But what if it wasn’t what she thought?

Imagine if that was actually Sherlock calling many different times with the genuine intent to tell her how he felt…but losing his nerve every single time. But then he’d already be on the phone with her and have to come up with some question or case research to make his call seem legit. I can just imagine him pacing his flat late at night as she questions why he’s calling this time, and feeling his heart sink at the realization that once again he just can’t get the words out. And then he scans his sitting room, eyes narrowing in on something- anything- that can serve as a subject matter and reason for his call. No doubt it would often end up sounding pretty ridiculous.

It both warms my heart and breaks it to imagine all his “stupid games.” 😭💕


S10 Countdown: 46 days - or
The one scene that cuts me into tiny pieces with pain and beauty - SN 01X12


Yesterday and Today style photos of the Beatles and Liverpool by photographer, Keith Jones. 

‘Ask anybody from New York to Nepal, Auckland to the Arctic, to name someone or something from Liverpool and I imagine John, Paul, George and Ringo would be right out in front.

'I feel our city should be proud and thankful for their music, their impact and their message, and blending their image back into the modern day scenes makes me smile and also wish I had been around to be in that queue for a lunchtime show at The Cavern Club!’

I went back as close to the same vantage point to 'rephotograph’ the same view, to compare the scenes.

'It struck me that I found it equally fascinating whether the scene was unchanged in one hundred years, completely different or now a mixture of modern and historic elements.

'I’m lucky to live and work here in that the City of Liverpool has an amazing history, with everything from incredibly grand architecture from the most prosperous times in the 19th Century, to the most modern designs, quite often already placed side by side.

'When I get the chance to 'change the timeline’ by blending in people from different eras to a modern day scene, it fascinates me to imagine how life was for city residents in decades gone by.’  
[Keith Jones, Daily Mail, 7th Nov 2016]

Pics: Keith Jones /