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Yuri on Ice 2017/02/11 all night event report

I’m back from the event and I’ll write a report before going to sleep, mostly because I’m sure I will not be able to decipher my scribbles when I wake up… It’s not the full talk show since you can’t record it and also I couldn’t possibly write down everything, but I tried to take note of most things, especially stuff that has never been mentioned elsewhere. In the end it became quite long so I guess I was able to get most of the stuff down…

Needless to say it’s my notes, so other people might write about parts I omitted, etc. To be honest quite a few of the things they said especially in the beginning, like what the seiyuu think about their characters, is something I’ve read so many times in interviews that I could almost answer in their place, lol… I was a bit disappointed that one of the questions that was answered is the one about Chris’ mysterious acquaintance, because actually Kubo answered that in Pash already (it’s in the Q&A part I’ll be translating later), and I hoped they would feature questions about stuff that hasn’t been explained yet. Well I guess not everybody reads interviews, but still…

Due to the format of the report you can find my comments here and there, mostly in brackets.
Under the cut because it’s long.

I forgot to mention something important: the ones participating in the talk show were Mitsurou Kubo, Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuuri), Junichi Suwabe (Victor), Kouki Uchiyama (Yurio).

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they all kicked the sh*t out of danny rand i am so glad i might cry.. i was waiting for this the whole time. 

Jennifer Morrison On Why She Is Leaving ‘Once Upon a Time’, Emma’s Final Battle & What’s Next

Emma Swan is leaving Storybrook. Jennifer Morrison announced this morning that she has declined ABC and Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis’ invitation to return next season, opting to depart the fairytale drama at the end of her current contract.

In an interview with Deadline, Morrison addressed the reasons for her decision to end her Once run after six seasons.

“I spent six years year on House, a year on How I Met Your Mother and spent 6 years on Once Upon a Time, and collectively that’s 13 years of network schedule, which is an amazing and incredible gift but it’s a grueling schedule,” Morrison said. “I’ve been transitioning into doing more directing, I’ve had some opportunities that I’ve passed up along the years in order to fulfill these network schedules, and I really had to weigh where I was in my life. I’m just at an age and a time in my life where I want to be home, I want to be with my family and my friends, to have a chance to have a personal life for a while, and also wanted to be available to do other creative things.”

Since wrapping Season 6 of Once about a month or so ago, Morrison worked on two films and is now in rehearsals starring opposite Matthew Perry in the off-Broadway production of his play The End of Longing. Her feature directing debut, Sun Dogs, is headed to the festival circuit, and she is looking at film and stage directing opportunities.

“It just felt like everything had come to a really nice place for Emma, and (Horowitz and Kitsis) had set themselves up to really revamp the show with new people in a really interesting creative way,” Morrison said. “It felt like time for me to come home.”

Morrison made her decision not to continue awhile back and shared it with the series’ producers but it was not made public until after last night’s musical/wedding episode, which Emma and Hook got married.

“(The producers) wanted to be careful to protect especially the musical episode, they wanted to withhold the information for a little while because they didn’t want to spoil the experience of the storytelling for the fans,” Morrison said. “Honestly I think they would’ve loved to have held it until the season finale but it was getting to the point where the information was in the universe and it was about to come out.”

In her Instagram post, Morrison said that she will return for one episode if Once is renewed for a seventh season. Would she be open to doing more?

“All I can say is that I only negotiated for one episode, and that’s all I can promise at this point,” she said.

Here is what Morrison had to say about the the upcoming conclusion of Season 6, which will be culminating with the final battle between Emma and the Black Fairy.

“It’s tough to do that without giving anything away,” Morrison said. “What I can say is that I feel like everything culminates in a way that I feel is very true to Emma’s story and true to everything that she’s been through. I thought (Horowitz and Kitsis), as always, came up with something that was really creative and inventive in terms of what it was that Emma really has to face in order to fight the final battle. I’m very pleased with how they’ve written the character and how they have everything play out in the last couple of episodes.”

What will Morrison miss about Emma the most?

“It’s very rare that you get to play such a strong smart and vulnerable character,” Morrison said. “I really love that she is a whole person and that she struggles with things, and she fails, and she has the courage to overcome them, fight to be a better person, fight to be vulnerable and to let people in. I’ll miss pretty much everything about her. It’s been truly, truly incredible to have the honor to be Emma for six years.”

What was Morrison’s favorite Once episode/scene?

“It was definitely very special to do the musical episode and have Emma marry Hook in it,” Morrison said. “I think it was such a beautiful culmination of her journey. The scene in the Mayor’s office where she realizes that that song would unleash some power in her to be able to fight the final battle and to have strength against the Black Fairy — I really saw that as her true, true transition from the ugly duckling to the swan, her final step of really embracing who she truly is and truly embracing the power that she has within her. I thought the song was beautiful, I loved that scene, and then I also really loved the wedding scene.

When we met Emma six years ago, she was so so guarded that it was so hard to imagine her walking down the aisle so vulnerable, so open and so truly in love and surrounded by her family and all these people she’s been through so much with. I loved to have had the opportunity to play this character who could grow so much in these six years it gives me a lot of hope for life in general.”

As an actress, what kind of role would she like to play in the future?

“Deep down there is a little part of me that wants to do a period piece, I think that would be fun but it has to be the right project,” Morrison said.


“We’ve done this many times, why are you so nervous?” Kylo kissed Hux’s cheek.

It was true, the dark room, the charged atmosphere, everything was all too familiar and yet, Hux had to admit he was nervous.

“Every time feels like the first.” He said, his fast breathing betraying his soft voice, his hands still shaking. Kylo smiled.

“Close your eyes, let me do it, ok?” He whispered taking Hux’s hand. He just nodded, giving up all pretense of self-control, and the idea that he could handle this tonight. Besides, he thought, Kylo was so good at it, it was probably best to let him help.



So when I read that @bona–mana had opened commissions (I screamed) I hoped I could request a commission. Thank you so so much for bringing this scene to life! It is beyond what I could have imagined <3  

“Thank you. For giving me the most beautiful days of my life. When I was with you, I finally felt as though I mattered. Like, my life was worth living.“

“You gave me hope.”

-Quote from Ray in my Ray/Reader(gender neutral) fic titled Goodbye. -

Commission by @fallen-beelzebub :D


I just read a post that say if a meta is ended with this sentence, it diminishes the meta and makes it less credible. But I have to say that is pure rubbish. A good meta of a pairing is a good meta even when the end sentence declares a couple an endgame. Especially if the meta was presented with reasons/proof and are very well thought out. And I am not even talking about my own meta because even I myself will admit I am not very good at it. I’m talking about all those wonderful metas that I have read in the #jonsa tag and how I have realized that a lot of people love the Jonsa pairing because they have proof/basis and not because of “reasons”. And if one is still very adamant about the position of this sentence, then, fine, I will start my post with this sentence and not put it in the end. Also, posting a meta and declaring yourself not a shipper does not automatically make your post credible, it just make you not a shipper, that is all. For your post to really be credible then you have to present us with a basis for why you end up with your own conclusion and the more well presented it is the more your theories or meta becomes believable and would make people not necessarily agree with it but at least can say to you “you have a point there”

And saying “Jonsa is Endgame” is not a slogan my dear. It is a declaration of what that meta is all about. So if you have a problem with its position at the end of a meta then I actually don’t understand why you care to read that meta in the first place since that was the point of the meta you were reading in the first place.

Honestly, Fans just being “delusional” does not really bother them because that is what shipping is all about. They just like the couple that they like and that is the end of it. They will forever go down with that ship you know.

Saying Season 6 doesn’t count and declare that Jonsa will never happen is akin to a Jonsa fan saying Season 7 doesn’t count and that J*nerys will never happen. It is another rubbish sentence because if we start discounting what happens in canon then everything pretty much can be discounted including the “not so epic” boatsex. And yes it was NOT EPIC. I asked my sister-in-law before I watched that episode since I know she is such a huge fan of Jon and D*ny pairing and here is our conversation:

“Sister-in-Law: They did the boat bang.

Me: So was it romantic as you’ve hoped?

Sister-in-Law: Jon was fast. He could have waited. The romance is gone.

Me: Oh. Is the boat scene as romantic as Robb/Talisa, Jon/Ygritte scene?

Sister-in-Law: To be brutally honest…NO.

Me: Really? Does that mean my pairing still have a chance to happen?

Sister-in-Law: The scene was so quick. (Then she even gave a very sad looking and crying emoji)

Me: You mean it was not even as long as Missandei and Greyworm love scene???

Sister-in-Law: It was quick. 

Me: Yay! Ok i will watch the episode then I will let you know the jonsa fandom theory about the boatsex. I want to confirm if I agree with the theory first”

That is what a huge fan of Jon and D*ny pairing can say about her most awaited pairing coming together. In other words, she was not happy.

And when I watched the episode I can understand why:

That is not how Kit does his leading man looks AT ALL. This is not EPIC. This was according to my sister-in-law a DISAPPOINTMENT.

But, never mind, the Jon and D*any pairing is now CANON. But it is filled with foreboding and dread. Not my cup of tea at all.

Now let’s move on to the purpose of this post:


To be honest, personally, I blame the show - the directors, the actors, the writer’s D&D and George RR Martin.

Before Season 6, I have never even thought of Jon and Sansa together as a couple. All I wanted for these characters and all the Starks while we’re at it, is for them to be safe, alive, together and finally have justice for what’s been done for their family and their house. I want them to survive the Long Night and I want them all back in Winterfell were they belong. Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon and Jon to be exact.

I know a good story will become great when there is a very good plot twist done right. It happened with all the best stories out there. The most recent of which that I enjoyed are the Harry Potter story and the Hunger Games story. And with TV shows, it happened with my favorite show The 100. So, I know that one can actually expect a plot twist if a writer is any good. But GOT is different for me since the author George RR Martin is to put it simply THE KING OF PLOT TWISTS. It’s one of the reasons why this show/story is so popular and addictive. And inspires so many theories and metas. 

A plot twist that the fans have all been waiting for was the R+L=J theory. This theory pretty much I’ve already believed in since I started watching the show in Season 1. I did not have any theories of the the possible effect/outcome for when this plot twist will come into play but I do know that Jon NOT being NED’s son is going to be important. I just don’t have any idea what the possibilities are.

Then, Season 6 happened, suddenly I am reminded of the feeling that I got when Harry started liking Ginny and Peeta no longer himself and no longer loving Katniss with Katniss having such a huge reaction to Peeta dying in front of her. I had hoped that Harry and Hermione will not be endgame because I like Hermione and Ron together and I had always hoped that Katniss will love Peeta but I was not so sure that it will happened since Katniss has a history with Gale. So I never thought I will witness the pairing that I liked come to pass.

With GOT though, I did not have much illusions since we were bombarded left right and centre with horrifying weddings and people loving each other and then dying, so I stuck with just hoping for my faves to be alive.

Then, the show gave us the best thing in this series:

And, I was like, Woah! this reunion was EPIC. I mean it had emotions, unexpected yet hoped for by fans factor, it had sweeping music and the acting was so ON POINT. Like you know something has changed. This scene was a GAME CHANGER for the show and the story, for both the characters and for us the audience. And honestly, I never expected them to be reunited first, much less it will be this EPIC.

So, I was suspicious at first, I was like Nah! it can’t be - remember I already believed in the R+L=J theory so I already looked at them as cousins. So I restrained myself even though I so much want to be in this ship like right then. I love to ship lol.

Then the show keep on giving me these scenes filled with SMILING JON AND SANSA 

After seeing these two characters season after season in misery and pain, seeing them happy and being themselves when they are around each other gives me LIFE dangit! And I can only take so much, but I thought i have to be strong… But the show never let up on me, there are these scenes where they argue, bicker, banter and talk things out that basically scream #married

there are the declaration of protection, giving the other the kill, saving each other

then a very tender moment that is so very rare for Jon but seems to be his normal state when it comes to Sansa

And these are just season 6 you know??? Can you ever blame me that I caved but once I caved, I did so willingly and even with the knowledge that it can end in heartbreak if I ship them. Season 6 was just that EPIC. And they end the season with the two of them sitting/standing side by side as the northern Lords declare Jon the King in the North. Just EPIC.

So, i thought, that was it. It was enough my ship was wonderful and I enjoyed every second of when they are together. I thought season 7 will be different. The show will focus now on Jon and D*ny and I have to accept that. I am still gonna be a happy camper because of Season 6. 

Unfortunately, or in my opinion, to my utmost happiness, the show did not allow me to forget this pairing at all… No, NO. In fact, they made it worse for me…


Then they gave me feral Jon

And all these scenes have nothing to do with Jon’s mission to fight the WW but everything to do with a certain kissed by fire Lady of Winterfell named Sansa.

then the bittersweet goodbye they had

Is it any wonder why we jonsa fans are hooked? Now and Always.

Because the show made it so difficult for us not to ship them.

Personally, I would have conceded that my pairing was not the endgame if Kit had given me a bit of these looks and smiles with his scenes with D*ny

If Kit would have at least given a smile on that boatbang scene i might be doubtful. But there were none of these leading man smiles and gazes from Kit.

What we saw in S7 with the Jon and D*ny scenes were Kit in misery and a lot of rolling of the eyes lol.

So, NO. THE SENTENCE at the top still is valid to me because I still have not seen anything to show me otherwise.

And yes. Jonsa is endgame.


They look beautiful and MAJESTIC.

Indeed, they are. The King and Queen in the North

Season 8 is THE TIME FOR WOLVES. And JON and SANSA are leading the pack.

gifs credit to: @tiny-little-bird, @jonsasnow, @dailyjonsa, @grahamewill, @whitewolfofwinterfell, @thelawyerthatwaspromised, @jonsnownoshow

if there is anyone i forgot to credit for the gifs let me know so I can include in the post.

Reveling in Richonne

#48: The Walkie Talkies (7x7)

Ok so part of the fun and occasional frustration with this show is that it’s super subtle sometimes. One way that it’s fun and special tho is through the little Richonne Easter eggs and subtle moments that are planted in some episodes. 

So in 7x7 we were given a sweet Richonne moment without R&M even needing to be in the same scene or verbally acknowledge each other. There was still a Richonne connection all because of…those walkie talkies! (Those walkie talkies just keep on blessing us lol)

Now before canon, this might have been a moment I missed, but especially since the Richonne scene in 7x5 put me fully in the dumpster, I caught this Richonne Easter egg immediately lol. And I’d eventually see, once I found others who also revel in Richonne, that plenty of you caught the significance of the walkie talkies as well. That’s how I knew you were my people. 😋 

And let me tell you, you were not being over dramatic to make the connection between the walkie talkies and Richonne.

One thing I know from my screenwriting studies is that you do not linger on something in a scene unless it’s significant. If you give attention to something in the frame of a scene then it’s because you want the audience to notice and draw a conclusion. So this walkie talkie moment was very much intentional.  

But first, it’s really interesting that the scene starts with Michonne walking towards those burned mattresses.

And then she turns and looks back from where she came from, with a sad expression. As I thought about this, it made me reflect on when Michonne told Rick that she’d try in 7x4. 

Like initially I think she really did mean “I’m going to try and accept this new oppressive life we’re being forced to live.” but I feel like after seeing those burned mattresses the words “I’m gonna try” still rang true, they just have a different meaning now.

Now, Michonne is gonna try to get answers and find a way that they can fight back and win. She’s still gonna try, just in a different way than when it was first said. I think she looks back towards home because she’s feeling that pull of being both independent Michonne and family member Michonne. But for now, she still believes that perhaps the only option is for her to independently try and save their family, so she continues off on her own. 

And as Michonne walks through the forest, she looks like an effortless boss and queen, honey! Like mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fiercest of them all? She is. lol.

I adore the parallel callback to OG Michonne as the two walkers stumble out and follow behind her. Like this whole moment was just slayage all day every day. I remember when I heard Homegirl whistling, I was like…

Originally posted by jolifoutoir

Lol I was turning up. Cuz first; Yes, Queen! You better draw out those walkers and just strut like you know full well you’re the baddest chick in the game! Go ahead, girl! And second; Saviors, you’re not the only ones who can whistle, lol😁. 

Saviors are also not the only ones who can block a road. 😂 I love that Michonne blocked that road all on her own when you know those Saviors needed whole squads just to do their blockades. It’s interesting that both Michonne and Rick can absorb some of the aspects of their enemies and then use it to their advantage. 👏🏽👏 

So Michonne slays these walkers with ease and then the camera focuses on the walkie talkie as she puts her katana down and goes to drag one of the walkers like the boss she is. 

When they cut to this shot, it’s kind of like the katana represents independent Michonne and the walkie talkie represents wife Michonne, and she has both. It’s her two sides finding a balance. Yes, she’s out here on her own taking care of business but she’s also got this device to keep her connected to her family and ready to come back home if need be. Balance. 🙌🏾

And then, as she drags this walker, the camera zooms in on the walkie talkie Rick gave her. 

This is not for not. Number one; it conveys that, even though Michonne is going her own way to figure things out, she still wants to be connected with Rick. Like it tells us she isn’t abandoning Rick by going out. Cuz she still has this walkie talkie so that, the minute she hears his voice, she can adjust whatever she’s doing to make a plan with him

And secondly this zoom in on Michonne’s walkie talkie was done to connect to the very next scene. This really becomes a Richonne moment when the scene immediately following this one is Rick startling awake and then grabbing his own walkie talkie. 

He holds this walkie talkie for 12 seconds, y'all. Like legit 12 seconds. To linger on a shot this long means there’s a statement they were trying to make. And there’s a lot of ways you can interpret this scene, but every way has to do with Michonne. 

(Side note: It’s super sweet that Rick has this walkie talkie within reaching distance while he sleeps cuz you know he’s constantly hoping to hear Michonne’s voice come through at any time)

Something I missed that others, much more astute than I, noticed is that Rick says the time is around 5:30am which is apparently the same time that was on the clock in R&M’s scene in East. (Y'all are the real MVPs for catching that 🙉)

And the parallel time is not a coincidence. It’s Rick being so used to waking up with Michonne that he’s now wired to wake up at this time. The director wants you to be thinking about Michonne in this scene. Why? Cuz Rick is thinking about Michonne in this scene, (and all the time lol)

I feel like maybe the possible purpose of this Rick moment is that first; we’re supposed to see Rick, who still feels very weighed down and stressed about their situation, startle awake (looking shooketh 😉 ) because he feels super unsettled about a whole lot right now. (And he doesn’t even know his wildn’ son is up in Negan’s crib yet 🙉

And then we get the reveal that it’s “Just past 5:30″ because the writers knew some Richonner would do the Lord’s work and connect that time to R&M’s scene in East for the rest of us who missed it. 😋

And so once you catch the significance of the time (of which I def did not initially lol) then you’re already thinking of Michonne and you can also tell Rick too realizes the significance of this time. Like when he realizes it’s around 5:30 that’s when he grabs the walkie talkie. So now whether you caught the time significance or not, when he grabs the walkie talkie it makes it very clear; Rick is thinking about Michonne.

The walkie talkie serves as the symbol of him wanting to be connected to her in this moment. Like it feels like his whole reaction is conveying that he just doesn’t feel right being away from her, so when he wakes up, at the time they usually wake up, he grabs the walkie talkie hoping to be close to her in some way shape or form cuz she’s on his mind and they’re just magnets like that. 😉  It’s like, in this unsettling time, Rick turns to the thing that represents the woman who centers him. 

That’s my theory but, honestly, y’all probably have even better theories than mine tho. 😋 All I know is whatever reason it was done this way, was a Richonne reason. Rick grabbing that walkie talkie the way he did and at the time he did is the director and cinematographer letting us know that both R&M have the other on their mind in some way rn. But what’s new? 😉 

Plus, last time we saw R&M was in 7x5 and the walkie talkie was one of the focal points of that scene. So I think not only do they want us to make the connection between R&M, but they want us to be thinking about that kiss of life scene (ugh what a burden to have to do that lol 😋 ) and linking it with where they’re at in 7x7 so that you feel like, as much as R&M are doing separate things rn, they are still bound by that love we saw in 7x5.

This is the only Richonne connection we get in this episode but when you’re trash it’s more than enough lol. Like we know that Rick and Michonne always have each other on their mind but what the walkie talkies so subtly told us is that, especially after the kiss of life (A.T.K.O.L?), they are thinking about each other more than ever and understandably so. 

Both Rick and Michonne are outside these walls rn trying to fight for each other in their own way. And the walkie talkies let us know that not only are they still very much connected even when physically far apart, but also that they actively want to be connected as well. 

I love that this moment links them and gives us some Richonne goodness without even having them together in the same scene. It was such a seemingly small moment and yet I’m over here analyzing it like the show is called “The Walking Talkies” 😂 No shame lol.

And can we also take a moment to just talk about the Michonne gold that we get in this 7x7 episode? Like it’s so good! Rick’s got himself the baddest wife on the planet, y’all. 🏽🙌

First, I adore that when that Red Head Savior tries to try her by asking, “What next? You want my shoes?”,Michonne actually looks down at the chick’s shoes to throw some low key…

Originally posted by thefivebyfive

I live! And when she tells Red Head to take her to Negan (which, no lie, I was like “Homegirl, what? Take you to who? Your son, Carl, is already wildn out with Negan rn, we can’t have both of you up in the Sanctuary” lol but at the same time I was like she’s wise and a boss so she’ll be fine 👸) and Michonne is waiting for the chick to start driving and the way Michonne says, “Start it up. Let’s go”. *lives even more* 😂

And then, y’all, Red Head wants to try it one more again and stop the car and attempt (emphasis on attempt) to take the gun from the queen but Michonne shuts that down with a quickness, while looking at Red like “Did no one tell you? You’re dealing with Michonne to the Grimes, boo.” *lives forever* Lol. 😂 

It was all so good. Her few scenes in 7x7, just let you know, once again, Michonne is the baddest chick in the game and the whole time I was snapping saying “That’s that queen!”. 👸🏾👏🏽🙌🏾  Like her scenes were sprinkled with Black Girl Magic and this was me as I watched Sis slaying every moment…

Originally posted by powerpuffjo

I was too here for it 🙌 . I appreciated this episode cuz we got some Rick, we got some Michonne, and we got some wildn Carl realizing that he needs to seriously stop wild’n out cuz it’ll only result in things like Negan sitting on your porch holding your baby sister. 🙉

All and all, 7x7 was actually a really good episode to me, and this walkie talkie connection was one of the major reasons why. 😋

kurapicha  asked:

Top 5 favorite Lavi moments? :3

Ask me my “Top 5″ anything!

1. Of course his entire trip in Road’s dreamworld. Especially when he realizes that he DOES have a heart *sobs like a porud momma*

2. When he looks at Allen’s ace of spades on Anita’s ship 

3. Basically everything that happens on the arc tbh. It’s so hard to decide what I liked best during those chapters it’s driving me insane xD So yeah. Just all the arc chapters!

4. Remeber when Lavi backed away from Allen because he thought he’s a vampire thanks to Crowley? Yeah. I love this scene. It shows just how superstitious this stupid rabbit is.

5. Protecting Lenalee from Leverrier. Protecting Allen from Tyki. Just Lavi protecting his friends. It gives me life. 

BONUS: Everytime he destroys entire buildings with his hammer but doesn’t give a single shit. 


time’s arrow

OKAY WOW. I have the biggest need to write right now because I just witnessed one of the most exceptional, eye-opening episodes of television. Bojack Horseman has become one of the biggest parts of my life. It’s weird for me to say that because I hate comedy, but this show’s dark tones of depression are extremely relatable and sometimes helpful. The show has helped me alot to find myself and get through tough times, which again is weird to say because it is a comedy. I rewatch the show alot to analyze is and learn more about it, and in it’s recent season, episode eleven blew me away when rewatching it. 

This episode focuses on Bojack’s mother Beatrice. In this season, we see Beatrice struggling with dementia and calling Bojack ‘Henrietta” rather than recognizing her own son. Bojack tells his new-found daughter Hollyhock that he really wants her to remember him just so he can say ‘fuck you’ to her for being an awful parent and cursing him with the family poison. Bojack believes because of his childhood and how his parent’s were, he is considered unhealthy and unsafe to himself and everyone around him. In this episode, it goes deeper to explore this ‘poison’ that he supposedly inherited by Beatrice. 

Beatrice’s past is one of the most heartbreaking things we see on the show. She loses a brother at a young age, her mother receives a lobotomy shortly after that, she is constantly battling with her self-image and pressure from her father, she gets impregnated by a man she just met, and runs away with him to have the baby in California. The show gets a little deeper when the man she runs away with and soon marries has an affair with the nanny. Beatrice is forced to confront the nanny, Henrietta, and convince her to not have the baby or else she will end up like how she ended up. In this scene, we see Beatrice lose herself in begging Henrietta not to have the baby. You can tell how much she regretted her life choices and how broken she feels. Henrietta agrees to get rid of the baby. 

The next few scenes made me cry more than any other episode, and it became clear to me on why the show decided to add so much of Beatrice into this season. The two back-to-back scenes show similar scenarios- one of Beatrice helping Henrietta give birth, and the other of a young Beatrice crying as her dad is burning up her belongings from Beatrice infecting them with scarlet fever. We see how the hereditary poison has continued through the family tree because while Beatrice’s father burns her baby doll telling her not to be so attached, Beatrice does the same thing to Henrietta’s baby as she brings her to an adoption agency. Both have no love in their hearts, no sympathy, and no real signs of affection. 

We notice this trait in Bojack throughout the past four seasons. He does things to only benefit himself and hurts others in the process. He blames other people and his actions in the moment rather than take the blame on his entire being. He doesn’t get attached to anyone because he is afraid of continuing this cycle. We notice this slight change in him during this season because of his daughter and his year hiatus. Once the flashbacks end, we go back to present day where Beatrice suddenly recognizes Bojack; he is taken by surprise. Bojack let her back into his life and she ruined it even more for him. Just when he was ready to say goodbye to her forever and leave her rotting in a disgusting nursery home, she remembers him. We expect Bojack to do his usual Bojack thing- fuel the poison inside of him, lash out at her and say everything he has wanted to say- but instead there is this sense of forgiveness. Beatrice is out of touch and confused, and Bojack sits with her and describes their summer lake house to her, telling her that’s where she is. 

This part was so important for me because we see a true, final change in Bojack. Instead of letting her go or hurting her with every evil thought he has stuck in his head, we see him forgive her and get a little attached. It proves that he can change and he doesn’t have this poison inside him that can’t allow him to be different. 

The tuning in and out of Beatrice’s life and Bojack’s life really emphasizes how alike and different Beatrice and Bojack are. This episode especially highlighted the differences, and how Bojack is becoming a much better person than how he was.

I can’t even describe how truly amazing and beautiful this show really is. Along with the absolute reality of depression this show depicts and how incredible the character development is, the humor balances it out and makes the show an absolute one-of-a-kind. It isn’t too dirty or politically correct/incorrect it’s just humor for everyone, ugh. I can write and write and write about this show, but just watch it for yourself and see what I mean! 

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The gangs reaction to hearing johnny curse for the first time

-oh it’s not just a simple “dammit” or “ass” or anything like that
-it is a loUD, ANGRY CURSE
-*sophia from the golden girls voice* picture it. tulsa 1965.
-johnny’s juss chillin’ with the gang outside the curtis house
-steve and soda are arm wrestling
-steve’s like “soda’s boring as hell to arm wrestle someone else do it with me”
-johnny’s like “sure i’ll give it a go whatever”
-steve fuckin owNS JOHNNY OF COURSE
-but,,,,just as johnny’s arm goes down he utters out two words that will change the gang’s life
-“mOtHeRfUcKINg S H I T”
-they all turn to look at him and are so fucking shoOK that so much anger came from this tiny bean
-two-bit fucking dies laughing
-steve and soda are just kinda like “ohmygodohmygodohmygod what did he just say”
-remember what scene from spongebob where they were cursing and two pirates go “DID HE JUST SAY…” “ay, he did” yeah that’s soda and steve
-darry’s like “you better watch your language kiddo where the hell’d you hear that anyway you’ll be a bad influence on pony!!!”
-pony’s just kinda like “wait what just happened i was idk prob shoving a sunrise up my ass”
-pony is so oblivious
-“i didn’t know you could swear like that, man!”
-johnny’s cheeks turn pink and he just kinda stutters
-he never heard the end of it from dally and two-bit next time they see him

(requests are open!)

The Moment of Truth Commentary

Episode: 1x10

Commentary curtesy of Angel Coulby (who plays Gwen), Bradley James (who plays Arthur), Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin), and Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana)

Highlights/my commentary of the commentary:
- “This is Ealdor,” Colin
- “Merlin’s village,” Angel
- (Merlin’s feeling nostalgic)
- “I would just like to point out that this is the first time we’re seeing the episode for most of us,” Katie
- “Bradley’s the only one who’s seen this already,” Colin
- [Hunith comes on]
- “My mum,” Colin
- [Kanen hits Hunith]
- (Kanen needs a slap back)
- “That’s not cool,” Katie
- [Camelot is shown]
- “Do you notice how in Camelot the wind is always blowing in the same direction because the flags are always blowing in the same direction,” Katie
- “Maybe only a geek would notice that, Katie,” Angel
- “That’s my mother you are taking about you are insulting my mother,” Katie
- *laughing*
- [Merlin title sequence/theme]
- “This is my favourite bit of the episode,” Bradley
- *Colin laughs *
- “What, the sword in the lake?” Angel
- “The part with my name on it?” Katie
- “No, the titles,” Bradley
- “That’s me on the horse,” Katie
- (I 100% believe you, Katie)
- *everyone laughing*
- “This music makes me emotional,” Bradley
- (Same Bradley)
- “You sound emotional,” Katie
- [Hunith pleading her case to Uther]
- “Caroline kept falling on every take,” Angel
- *Bradley reciting the lines*
- “Stop saying my words,” Katie
- [Merlin and Arthur talking on the Balcony]
- [“It’s been an honour serving you,” Merlin]
- “Has it really been an honour?” Angel
- “No,” Katie
- “Well you know I just say the lines that are on the page, really,” Colin
- *laughing*
- “But the chemistry between you two is really undeniable. That’s something that just can’t be written. I mean look at this,” Katie
- (Yes.)
- “Yah there’s a lot of love there,” Angel
- (Definitely, clearly, I agree, yes, they’re in love, beautiful)
- “Yah so much love,” Katie

- “I remember they refused to acknowledge me in this scene, but I did a lot of work,” Colin
- “What do you mean, what more do you want?” Bradley
- *everyone laughing*
- “It’s so beautiful its such a moment between the two of you,” Katie
- “Aw, isn’t it,” Angel
- (Yessss)
- [Merlin and Gaius. Gaius gives him a bottle of wine.]
- [“Be careful with the wine. One whiff and you’re singing like a sailer,” Gaius]
- *laughing*
- “And that’s true in real life,” Katie
- (Colin’s a lightweight confirmed)
- *more laughing*
- “What are you taking about?” Colin
- “The evidence was at the wrap party,” Bradley
- “I didn’t drink at all what are you talking about,” Colin
- (Sure Colin)
- “Um…” Bradley
- “Don’t drink kids,” Colin
- [Campfire scene]
- “I burned my lips in the fire before,” Colin
- “Don’t worry there’s lots of people who would like to kiss it better,” Katie
- (I may or may not be included in that group of people…)
- [Morgana saves Arthur in sword fight at Ealdor]
- “See how good I am?” Katie
- [“Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?” Morgana “That never happened,” Arthur]
- “Of course it did,” Katie
- “No it didn’t Merlin fans,” Bradley
- “Yes it did,” whispers Katie
- “Because that would be…ludicrous,” Bradley
- (I’m agreeing with Katie, sorry Bradley)
- [Merlin and Will reunion]
- “Awwww,” Angel
- “So beautiful!” Katie
- [Arthur addressing the townspeople]
- [“I know Kanen’s kind,” Arthur]
- “No you don’t,” Bradley
- [Will is upset with Arthur]
- “He doesn’t like him does he?” Katie
- “Who does,” Bradley
- [Arthur says he is the prince of Camelot. “And I’m prince William of Ealdor,” Will says sarcastically]
- “I just gave him a bit of a pout then,” Bradley
- “Ooh, Prince of Ealdor. How ya doing?” Bradley says flirtily
- (Okay then…)
- *laughing*
- [Chicken in Wills house]
- “That chicken was there on set the whole time and it kept running away. It wasn’t like the pigs,” Katie
- (This seems like a Moana reference to Heihei and Pua just saying)
- “Yah you could pick them [the pigs] up and stroke them and they were really friendly. Didn’t run away,” Angel

- Merlin and Arthur sleeping on the ground]
- “This is one of my favourite bits coming up. Colin didn’t like it, but I was a particular fan. You’ll see why in a minute,” Bradley
- (Really, Bradley?)
- “Was it because your feet were in his face?” Katie
- “Oh yah. We’ve spilt in now haven’t we?” Bradley
- “No I spilt it,” Katie
- “Ohh, terrific,” Bradley
- [Arthur puts foot in Merlins face]
- “Aaaghh,” Katie and Angel
- “Definitely my favourite bit,” Bradley
- “Did you do that for over half of them?” Angel
- “No. I waited until it was Colin’s take. Then Colin complained to the director,” Bradley
- “Did you?” Katie
- “Not really,” Colin
- “He did it in a Colin way,” Bradley
- [Eating breakfast made by Hunith. Arthur doesn’t like it and hands it to Gwen. Gwen tells Hunith it was lovely]
- “Colin, your mothers cooking,” Bradley
- “What are you saying about my mothers cooking?” Colin
- “I’m saying that’s why you moved out of Ealdor,” Bradley
- [Will and Merlin talking]
- “I don’t remember this bit,” Katie
- “You say that again,” Angel
- “The audience should know, Katie suffers from amnesia. We’ve sent her to various doctors..” Bradley
- *laughing*
- “No, I just don’t remember you going off and doing this,” Katie
- “You were actually the log in this scene,” Colin
- “Thanks. Great to know you think so highly of me,” Katie
- [Will sits on the log]
- “Oh, there you are,” Colin
- *laughing*
- [Matthew dead on horse with an arrow in his back. Attached to it is a note. “What does it say?” Merlin]
- “Party tonight, eight o clock. See you there,” Bradley
- *Angel laughing*
- (Talk about doing party invitations extra lol)
- [Arthur speaking to the village the morning before the battle]
- “This is Bradley’s big speech,” Angel
- [“the women have the same right to fight as the men do!” Gwen]
- “Alright, chill out,” Bradley
- [Gwen bringing Arthur breakfast]
- “I’ve brought you some more gruel,” Angel
- “You’ve brought me some more kak,” Bradley
- (Ew)
- *laughing*
- “Is this like a hint of what’s going on between the two of you here? Is there like a moment..” Katie
- “Possibly, I don’t know,” Angel
- [I believe in you. I mean..we all do.]
- “Stupid girl,” Bradley
- “But does something happen between the two of you?” Katie
- “No,” Angel
- “I was just wondering,” Katie
- “I don’t think anything is going to happen for a while,” Bradley
- [Merlin and Arthur talk before the battle. Arthur helps him]
- “That’s it,” Katie whispers
- “Come on that’s not it,” Angel
- “Were you scared, Colin?” Katie
- “Petrified. Merlin’s not a fighter, he’s a lover,” Colin
- “I said that once and it’s haunted me ever since,” Katie
- (It’s true tho)
- [Merlins about to tell Arthur when Morgana interrupts.]
- “Aww he was about to reveal his magic and you ruined it,” Colin
- [Battle begins.]
- “There’s the chicken!” Katie
- “The chicken has stolen the show,” Bradley
- “It’s genuinely scared,” Colin

- [Morgana and Gwen fighting]
- “I managed to break a pitchfork over one of the stuntmen’s backs,” Angel
- “I may look like I know what I’m doing but I don’t,” Katie
- “Yah I was kind of just doing it,” Angel
- [Merlin did wind magic]
- “They basically just got a giant fan here and were like we’re gonna blow a bunch of dirt and mud in your faces,” Bradley
- [Gwen and Morgana hug at the victory]
- “And we hug. The love,” Katie
- *Angel laughs*
- (Morgwen for the win)
- [Will jumps in front of Arthur and gets shot]
- “No!” Katie
- [Will dying]
- “Merlins not actually a good friend,” Katie
- “Yah, couldn’t you have healed him with magic?” Bradley
- “Thanks guys, cheers,” Colin
- [Merlin crying]
- (Awww no Colin)
- “Someone give Merlin a tissue,” Angel
- [Hunith and Merlin saying goodbye. “You’re [Merlin & Arthur] like two sides of the same coin,” Hunith “I’ve heard someone say that about us before,” Merlin]
- “Me too,” Bradley
- “The Great Dragon,” Colin
- “John Hurt,” Katie
- (Kilgharrah)
- [Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana riding off]
- “What mountain is that?” Katie
- “Ooh that wasn’t us,” Angel
- “That definitely wasn’t us,” Katie
- [Next time on Merlin]
- “Ooh what’s happening next week?” Bradley
- Everyone gasps
- “The unicorns!”
- *everyone laughing*
- (🦄)
- “The master of leprechauns,” Katie
- “I am Anhora, captain of the Unicorns,” Bradley in a deep imitating voice
- [end credits]
- “Aww well done guys!” Katie
- “Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…” Angel sings along to the music

Final thoughts:
I love what good friends they all are. The banter was on point and hilarious. This is my first commentary with Angel in it and she’s awesome. This is the only commentary I’ve seen with more than two people in it. This was so good!

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that (hopefully) final trailer of Justice League started with Lois and Clark scene. I couldn’t even dream about something like that in my wildest dreams that we will be treated so well. God it feels good to be wrong about some things.

Superman and Lois Lane’s love story was always the center of everything in Zack Snyder’s DCEU trilogy so far. In Man of Steel we have “Thank you for believeing in me”, Lois gives him a push he needed so much his entire life and from that moment forward they are always there for each other. Lois saves Clark from Zod’s ship and Kal-El does the same in return. He suffers emotional breakdown at the end of his final fight and Lois is there to comfort him and reassure that everything is going to be alright. In Batman v Superman Lois Lane not only is a major player in the main plot, where she is the one to put Lex Luthor legally in jail and is the one to save Superman physically and emotionally, she is even there during Doomsday fight and Clark is just so in love with her that she means a world to him and she alone is enough reason for him to keep going and fight for the whole planet, even if the rest of humanity is against him.

The whole symbolism of Lois being the World and Superman being Hope is so much on its own. The entire love story is just so amazing if you think about it. Kal-El flew across the stars on a whole new planet to fall in love with the most determined, stubborn, yet kind and caring woman and it took an alien for Lois to have someone who can sweep her off her feet. The galaxy had to be crossed in order for them to find each other and their relationship is so pivotal to DCEU that I can’t believe I live today to witness this.

Zack Snyder, there is not enough “Thank you” to cover how grateful Clois fandom is to you. I couldn’t ask for a better person to cover this OTP on the big screen. Amazing.

lucassteel  asked:

so i just watched falsettos for the first time in a long time and i just noticed that scene where they mention that the disease spreads , so does that mean that marvin ends up getting sick too or? and is there a reason they use actual props versus the cube in the hospital scenes

There are a bunch of different theories and opinions concerning whether or not Marvin had HIV or if he is eventually diagnosed with it, but I personally believe that the Something Bad is Happening – reprise alludes to the fact that he did or eventually does!! :0 Their overall body language and subtle actions kinda cement the idea for me, along with the lyrics themselves? 

Like, Charlotte is breaking the news to him that Whizzer is on his deathbed, but Marvin doesn’t look surprised or react until she sings, “to another,” which I would imagine is because he can see that Whizzer has been wasting away, so this is a cementing of his fears rather than a surprise – however, the news that all they know of this disease is that it’s targeting mlm, therefore he is at risk for being/potentially already HIV+ is what stuns him. People who agree with this theory usually think that Whizzer was the one who had HIV first and passed it to Marvin due to his more active sex life and the fact that he fell sick first, (I attempted to research if there was room for the possibility that Marvin was like a latent carrier for the virus and Whizzer just began showing symptoms/developed AIDS and subsequently PCP/KS first, but there’s not a lot of info online or I wasn’t looking in the correct places ?) The look he gives Whizzer is then maybe like, “Oh, that’s going to be me soon,” and he accepts his fate, as we see through his nodding, (which !! Whizzer also does so immediately after this scene, i.e. You Gotta Die Sometime). Also, during What Would I Do, Whizzer sings, “Who knew it could end your life,” in reference to Marvin finally being able to accept his sexuality in a time period where that meant getting sick and eventually dying due to the horrific apathy/lack of empathy from both the public and the Reagan administration. @moreracquetball wrote a super amazing and much more in depth analysis about it here !!! 

I put the rest under a read more, because this is already real long, but td;lr: I believe that Marvin was/becomes HIV+, which progresses to AIDS, and I think the props could represent bits and pieces of reality! The hospital bed being rolled in cements and signifies this full change, which might be interpreted as the shift from like immaturity to adulthood. (Also, the props gradually being taken away and the cube returning could also symbolize the gradual worsening state/the passing of Whizzer, which unfortunately was the catalyst to bringing this unlikely bunch together, as is illustrated throughout their interactions with one another, but also Physically shown at the very end, and the piece that they take out of it shows their loss and the perpetual incompleteness of their family.)

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hunk: what do you think keith is thinking about? he’s just staring into space.

lance: i don’t know. i think we should just leave him be.

keith: [thinking]  Sister, I’m not much a poet, but a criminal
And you never had a chance
Love it, or leave it, you can’t understand
A pretty face, but you do so carry on,
and on,
and on

I wouldn’t front the scene if you paid me
I’m just the way that the doctor made me, on,
and on,
and on,
and on
Love is the red the rose on your coffin door
What’s life like, bleeding on the floor,
the floor,
the floor

You’ll never make me leave
I wear this on my sleeve
Give me a reason to believe

So give me all your poison
And give me all your pills
And give me all your hopeless hearts
And make me ill
You’re running after something
That you’ll never kill
If this is what you want
Then fire at will

Preach all you want but who’s gonna save me?
I keep a gun on the book you gave me, hallelujah, lock and load
Black is the kiss, the touch of the serpent son
It ain’t the mark or the scar that makes you run,
and run,
and run,
and run.

You’ll never make me leave
I wear this on my sleeve
Give me a reason to believe

So give me all your poison
And give me all your pills
And give me all your hopeless hearts
And make me ill
You’re running after something
That you’ll never kill
If this is what you want
Then fire at will

You’ll never make me leave
I wear this on my sleeve
You wanna follow something
Give me a better cause to lead
Just give me what I need
Give me a reason to believe

So give me all your poison
And give me all your pills
And give me all your hopeless hearts
And make me ill
You’re running after something
That you’ll never kill
If this is what you want
Then fire at will

So give me all your poison (Fire at will)
And give me all your pills
And give me all your hopeless hearts (Fire at will)
And make me ill
You’re running after something (Fire at will)
That you’ll never kill
If this is what you want (Fire at will)
Then fire at will

I live for that moment in Legally Blonde where Elles just taken the stand and shes working through the thing outloud and everyones laughing at her cos blond and cute and wearing pink and then the step-daughter lets someit slip and Elle just rounds on her like ‘you done fucked up now Chutney’, or whatever the bubblegum-flavoured equivalent of that is, and you just see the confidence crystalise in her as the assholes of everyone that laughed at her pucker-up in sync, like I want there to be a moment in my life where all the people that have underestimated me just suddenly go "uho” like that honestly that scene gives me so much life

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Opinion on serobaku and serokiri?

SeroBaku kills me in the sweetest way and SeroKiri brings me back to life when I feel dead inside and SeroBakuKiri is like heaven on earth tbh I love those ships they make me feel warm !!!

Anon said: Yes but i loved minas hair like that??? So either ur hair is also p good or ur art is just that great n I’m %99 sure that it’s both, also r u ever planning to post a picture of urself?? ? I’m sorry if this question makes u uncomfortable, have a nice day!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!!!! And pictures aren’t really my thing so that’s probably not gonna happen, but I assure you you’re not missing anything by not seeing me, anon hahaha

Anon said: Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! ilu

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ヽ(o♡o)/  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anon said: Imagine Bakugo drawing pictures of his squad without them noticing. Like Kiri looking out a window or mina and Denki trying their best to study or sero scrolling on his phone. I wonder how they would react to finding his sketch book

I’m sobbing this is so nice ;A; Sero and Kaminari’s reaction would probably be along the lines of “how is this guy good at everything” haha I like the headcanon of Mina drawing too so her reaction would be a bit different, probably, but still very very awed 

meanwhile Kiri is on the ground dying

(Kiri is me)

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Listen, I’m happy that delena are endgame. Don’t get me wrong. 

But that finale… was so rushed. There was way too much to fit in. I didn’t have time to feel much about anything because they crammed in the “wrap up” portion with about 5 minutes left in the episode. And honestly? After 8 years with these characters, they deserved a hell of a lot more than that. To be shoved out the fucking door in a 5 minute span. That finale should have been 2 hours.

Maybe there’s gonna be tons of deleted scenes on the dvd, I don’t know. But to me, that finale was a rushed, mediocre mess. They did Elena SO dirty with that shit. And you know what, I won’t act like I’m not pissed to the moon and back that they couldn’t so much as give Damon and Elena a fucking conversation

I really don’t want to feel like I wasted 2 years of my life waiting for this, but I’m having a lot of trouble doing so.