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A Tennant/Tate Celebration 

Interviewer:  “You can’t stay apart.”
David:  “We can’t, no.”
Catherine:  “No, we tried.”

David:  “We’ve always enjoyed working together… specifically working together as well as hanging out.”

A gif-tastic update of this old post o’ mine


E. Morse A - Z [3/3]

“You’re alright actually, aren’t you? Most of the lads’ve got you down as a bit of a queer fish. Standoffish, rude.”

The Winter Shower : Known in the north as a winter meteor shower, the 2014 Geminids rain down on this rugged, frozen landscape. The scene was recorded from the summit of Mt. Changbai along Chinas northeastern border with North Korea as a composite of digital frames capturing bright meteors near the showers peak. Orion is near picture center above the volcanic cater lake. The showers radiant in the constellation Gemini is to the upper left, at the apparent orgin of all the meteor streaks. Paying the price for such a dreamlike view of the celestial spectacle, photographer Jia Hao reports severe wind gusts and wintery minus 34 degree C temperatures near the summit. via NASA


From Indian Lakes and The American Scene

April 6, 2014
Strummer’s - Fresno, CA

The Able Bodies Tour

It’s so exciting to see a band I’ve been listening to since the beginning get to play sold out crowds full of fans just as enthusiastic as I am.