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I wanted to just do some quick sketches tonight to practice expressions since i tend to struggle with both subtle and extreme emotions. I ended up doing some character scenes from some of my fanfictions since I am so so grateful to the authors for writing them, they’ve been bringing me a lot of joy… and pain, but mostly joy!

And Nearly Letting Go by @uncannycookie​ is a huge fav of mine, I love their writing so so much, especially how they write Mob. They’ve managed to capture some of the more jagged edges of his personality that I think make him fascinating. Plus it’s killing me, I am on the edge of my seat omg

A Breach of Trust by @phantomrose96 *internal sobbing* Okay, so like I’m slowly making my way through this one cause I have to keep stopping to read fluff cause I swear to god it makes me feel like my heart is being crushed. The writing is phenomenal, super creative premise, very dramatic and plot heavy. It’s just pure excellence and I will get there and read it all *external sobbing*

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitutde by @logicalbookthief Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is like one of my favourite tropes ever and I’m loving it! I’m so weak for this character dynamic. The way the author writes Teruki is a lot of fun, even if it’s not so fun for him sometimes hahaha

It Runs in the Family by @fireflysummers I’ve heard where this story is going and let me tell you it hits so many of my pings I am giddy with excitement. The writing is fantastic! The character’s voices are really well done and I am so so sold on the premise I have accepted it as headcanon. The dynamics have so much potential I am so excited!

Go, go read! They are all great and there are mooooooore!

“Is Bruce in here?” Tim figured he might be— Bruce spent a lot of time in the children’s wing of Wayne Enterprises. There were a dozen or so kids in daycare most weekdays, and Bruce liked to hang out.

Tim liked to hang out too. They had nice snacks, and he’d known most of the kids since they were toddlers. And sometimes naps were mandatory.

“Conference call,” Damian told him. (For someone who claimed to hate naps, snackfood, kids, and humanity in general, Damian also spent a lot of time in the children’s wing.) “I don’t know where.” 

He went back to what he was doing, which was arranging a set of pewter soldiers into a complex model of a battlefield, presumably for the benefit of the preschooler sitting next to him. 

“What’s this?”

“The Battle of Issus, 333 BC.”

“Right, obviously.” Tim decided he was curious, so he settled down on the mats to watch.  Damian finished his model; he pulled a marker from the art table and used it as a pointer. 

“Okay. This is the Macedonian army, outnumbered but in the better tactical position, south of the Pinarus River. Their leader is Alexander the Great. And this—” He pointed to his enemy line. “—is the Achaemenid Empire. They’re about to lose.”

Damian tapped his marker on the Macedonian right. “This is the companion calvary, Alexander’s elite force, and they—” he cut off when he noticed his pupil digging in the toy bin, clearly distracted. The kid came up with a battered Transformer, which he set behind Damian’s lines. 

“Elliot. Alexander did not have robots.”

“But,” said Tim, rummaging through the box himself, “did he have wizards?” He pulled a bearded magician out of the tub and held it up for Damian to see. 

“You know he didn’t.”

Tim passed the wizard to Elliot. “But what if he did?”


“How would that go?”


“Abracadabra, Alexander!” Elliot yelled, gleefully smashing through Damian’s entire left flank.

“Damn it, Drake.” Damian sighed in frustration— not quite the rise Tim was hoping for, but still something. He dropped Elliot’s discarded robot back into the box.

“I don’t know what you were expecting,” Tim told him. “Elliot’s four. He’s too young for— what is this— military history?”

“He was doing fine before you showed up.” Damian started to re-erect his soldiers, but he gave it up after Elliot came in for a second pass. “Which is typical, isn’t it?”

“Good one.”

“Thank you.” Damian crossed his arms. “Fine. I’ll bite. When is he supposed to learn this kind of thing?”

“High school? Maybe never.”

“That can’t be right.”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Frequently.” Damian rolled his eyes. “I’m getting a second opinion.”

“I’ll wait.”

Damian checked the room for potential allies. “Thomas?” he called over his shoulder, “You learned military strategy as a kid, right?”

Duke looked up from the book he was reading to a pair of kindergardeners. “Just you, man.”

“Told you.” Tim fished a bag of plastic ninja from the toy box and arranged them pointedly into a row. “How are you still surprised by this kind of thing?”

Damian glared at him. “Okay, first of all? I’m not a— hold on a second. Elliot!”

Elliot froze with a large, plastic dinosaur held aloft over the battlefield. He drew it sheepishly back to his chest. “Sorry.”

“Not in the calvary wing,” Damian told him. “You’ll scare the horses.”

“Here?” Elliot pointed to the front of the phalanx.



“Aim for his center.” Damian turned back to Tim. “Anyway. Why are you still talking to me? I thought we had an agreement about unnecessary contact.”

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Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach:

I’m starting to draw a few small comics of a couple of my favorite scenes from this wonderous fanfiction! These are the first 4 pages of a scene from chapter 12 that I really enjoyed.

If you like what you see then stay tuned for more that will be coming soon.

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This is a scene from my next nalu fanfiction I’ll write after I finish “Home Alone Tonight.”

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If anyone wants to color it feel free! Just don’t erase the ‘signature’ on the knife, and make sure to credit me for the line art. I have a copy without the background if needed. Also tag me, I’d love to see it!


Finally! This is my fave scene from @yarnwithpictures fanfiction ‘Taken for your word’ and you should all go read it. I had actually drawn this scene ages ago but I never finished it and since my drawing skills have improved a lot since then I decided to just redraw the whole thing.

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Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach:

I’m starting to draw a few small comics of a couple of my favorite scenes from this wonderous fanfiction! This is a scene from chapter 12 that I really enjoyed.

If you like what you see then stay tuned for more that will be coming soon.

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“I know you can understand me. You’re just choosing not to talk. Effective strategy. Well, the thing that you don’t know about me, Natalia, is that I love to talk. I can listen to myself talk for hours on end, and if that’s what I have to do to get through to you, you can bet your ass that I will be here 12 hours a day, every day for the next six months, and I will be talking that entire time.” He gave her a cheeky grin. “Again, it’s your choice. You can either talk with me, or I can talk to myself.”

Girl Compromised by ThoughtfulConstellations

A scene from the first chapter of the wonderful fanfiction This, You Protect by owlet - Bucky tasting a Starbucks drink for the first time….

A tall, dark-skinned woman sets her container down to flip through a chart. Asset grabs the cup as he passes by her. He does not expect the hot liquid to burn his tongue. It makes his left hand clench with a soft whirr. Then sweet-fat-rich registers in his mouth; his eyes cross a little, and he staggers. No wonder civilians are so distracted, with their pudding and their hot drinks.

I will choke the shit out of anyone who tries to take this from me,” he thinks.

To avoid any examination of pronouns, he peers at the cup. The label reads ‘Starbucks’ and depicts a woman smiling while being devoured by a cephalopod. He clutches the cup close and walks.