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“My Queen,” his voice trembled against the back of her hand. “Bess.”
Alone in her household, he knelt in front of her the way he would have knelt in front of God Himself. Henry kissed her skin like it was salvation, air, a bowl of fresh water in the desert and he was a man dying of thirst.
After what seemed like forever, he was finally back. Elizabeth let her eyes travel over him, finding his hair longer than it used to be. But it made no sense, for he only had been away for just a few weeks. Her vision started to cloud with tears as she looked down at him. “You are here now,” she whispered. “You are home.” (x)

APH The World Twinkle Ep 13

Alfred on the outside :

Alfred on the inside :


In honor of national running day let’s enjoy this scene from Frances Ha. Fun fact: this scene is a homage to Leos Carax’s Mauvais Sang.


@lokikhaleesi did someone say anastasia au?

“Ben, do you really think I’m royalty?”
“You know I do.”
“Then stop bossing me around!”

When I was chopping up their little limbs, I’m like, ‘Oh god! It’s so sick!’” she remembered. “I got home – we shot that at 1:30 in the morning and everybody was so excited—and I thought, ‘Oh god!’ I called my husband, and I’m like, ‘I’ve done something very sick tonight!’
—  Frances Conroy on the infamous eye gouging and butchering scenes (x)

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imagine claire, prompted by jamie's curiosity about the music/musicals and songs from her time, teaching jamie how to dance one of the dances from her time e.g. the foxtrot

@shiskebob asked: Hello! Thanks for helping us get through this dreaded droughtlander! It bugged me how Jamie thought that Claire must come from a “easier time” in the show. I would love to see Claire really telling Jamie about the future -specifically about the war and her time in it and how it compares to 1700s.

Jamie snorted as he looked at the invitation (since attendance was mandatory to everyone staying at Holyrood Palace unless they were mortally ill or had been given some other dispensation by the Prince himself, it was more of an order on fine parchment).

“Dancing,” he said, with the same intonation he might have used for rather disgusting bodily functions.  “Has the wee fool no notion that it’s a war we’re fighting?”

I didn’t bother to look up from the camphor mixture I was steeping on the fireplace.  “In my experience, dancing is a part of fighting.”

I could feel his skepticism, even without seeing his face.  “I know about sword dancing and all,” he said, sounding wary, “but that’s an omen- to dance between the swords?”

“Very subtle,” I said, smiling.  “No, it’s not the same thing but… war takes its toll doesn’t it?  When I was in France, with the Army-” I began, but cut off.  I didn’t like to talk about before… after… whatever time it was with him.  It was always a painful conversation for both of us, coming back, as it inevitably did, to Frank.

“Go on, tell me about your war.”

“It wasn’t like this, people coming and going, leaving in the spring for the planting and coming back with the winter.  The men were conscripted- they stayed because they were required to.”

“And you?” he asked, sitting on the sofa and leaning forward to listen to my story.  “You didn’t follow Frank?”

“No,” I shook my head.  “Frank was in London, in Intelligence.  I went to France.  I volunteered.”  I sighed and turned to face him.  “Six years in the war, away from him.”

“So long?”  Jamie frowned.  “Sassenach, all told, you’ve been a soldier as long as I have.”

I stopped and thought about that.  I’d never really considered myself a soldier, not during the War, and not now but I had gone to war at 20, he at 16.  We had both seen as much war as each other.

“How can one war last so long?  The fighting was constant?”

I shrugged.  “More or less.  It wasn’t like this.”  I gestured vaguely around trying to encompass the houses of Stewart and Hanover, England, Scotland, the clans, everything.  “It wasn’t one king against another, one country against another.  It was the world.  Whole continents fighting each other.

“This war,” I continued, standing and beginning to pace, “no one but the people here will remember it.  It matters to the English and the Scots, but Americans will never learn about it, nor the Spanish or the Chinese.  Not even if we win this.  My war, the World War, no one in the entire world went untouched, and it will never be forgotten.”

“And you chose to go?”

I turned on him furiously.  “It was my home!  They wanted to destroy everything we know of decency and goodness!”

Jamie sat back in shock.  “What do you mean by that?”

I opened my mouth to explain, and then stopped, looking at him for a long moment.  How was I to explain the Third Reich to a man with Jamie’s prejudices?  For all Jamie was an educated, tolerant man, there were beliefs in this time that were unthinkable in my own.  I thought he probably did not know any Jews, and if he did, he probably considered them strange and “other.”

“Imagine the worst thing that a human can do to another.  Not simply killing a person, but robbing them of their entire humanity.  Imagine that the government were to do that to everyone.  Every single person that they did not believe was right in their thinking or behaviour or even the colour of their hair.  They wanted every person in the world to look and think and be just the same.  That is what we were fighting against.”

“How did you not go mad?”

I laughed, a harsh, humourless sound.  “We drank like fish, and fell in love and out of love.  We fought like maniacs, and made love like demons.”

Jamie blinked in shock, and opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.

“We had sweethearts, lovers, husbands, and wives at home, and we never stopped loving them, but in that moment, you needed someone to touch you or you would go mad.”

“So you-” Jamie began, the question obvious on his face.

“No, I never did.  I was true to Frank, but that’s what I meant at the beginning: every time there was a night free, we played music and danced, because you had to get it out somehow.”

I could feel that my face was flushed with the energy of the argument, and the pressure of forcing back the memories of another war in another world.

“How did you dance, Sassenach?”

I looked up in surprise.  It was not the question I had expected.

“You’d be shocked if you saw them. They’re nothing like the sorts of dances you see now.”

He cocked his head, intrigued.  “Show me.”

I laughed, thinking he was teasing, but he continued to look at me with his eyebrows raised.

“All right then,” I said, shrugging.  There was no one else in our rooms, even Fergus had vanished for the afternoon.

I had him stand and when he would have stood apart from me for a traditional minuet, I stepped into his space and positioned his hands into a waltz hold- a closer embrace than any person would have allowed on a dance floor in those days.

Jamie looked shocked and intrigued, and I smiled up at him.

I took him through the simple four-beat syncopated measure of the foxtrot.  He could not hear music, so I did not bother trying to hum something for him to follow, instead using my tongue to click out the rhythm until his feet had it.

He allowed me to lead, albeit backward, never trying to wrest the control from me.  He was a better dancer than I, and I felt confident that, given time and practice, he would have given even the young surgeon with whom I had danced most often in those last few years of the war a run for his money.

Finally I stopped, and Jamie took my right hand and brought it to his heart while tightening his hold on my back so I stepped even closer to him.  I tilted my face up to his and could feel his warm breath across my face.

“Oh my Sassenach,” he murmured softly.  “My warrior wife.  I do pray for peace.  We have had little of it in our lives, you and I, no?”

I thought of tempests then- wars are storms that sweep people in and away from what they know, and I had been swept away by storm and war and circumstance more times than most, but I found that there was peace in the eye whenever I stood in Jamie’s arms.

“Back home with you,” I sang softly into the linen of his shirt. “Imagine what that means.  We’ll revel in the old familiar themes.  We’ll walk the quiet hillside while the world peacefully sleeps.  In your welcome arms I’ll be back home for keeps.”

So Outlander Offerings is over

And I thought we’d go over why this was just such a massive, epic, horrific disaster. 

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First, let me reiterate why I have been so concerned with Outlander Offerings being, I dunno, halfway decent. When Starz first started promotion of the show, they were basically EPIC. You had great pictures, you had FANTASTIC interaction with the fans, you had the Speak Outlander series (everyone go watch Sam teaching Gaelic), you had Pocket Jamie…the list goes on and on. I actually came into the show because of that promotion. My best friend had been telling me for years to read the books (tried, Frank bored me to fucking tears), and when I saw the first promo of Jamie, I was like, “Um…that’s not the boring douchecanoe in the first chapter of the book. Sign my shit up.” The promotion drew me in.

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Ostensibly, that is the main job of marketing, of a PR campaign. You want to draw people in, but it’s more than that. After you’ve aired a reasonably successful first season (a million viewers for a couple of episodes), you then have to move on to a twofold operation: 1) Keep the fans who have already fallen in love interested and 2) Get new fans in. Outlander has an interesting third job as well: 3) Keep the vocal book lovers happy.

Game of Thrones didn’t have to do this as much. It’s a popular show, it’s thriving without its book reader base. But Outlander, so far, hasn’t been able to do that, and my god, the book fans are a wee bit…um…I’ll go with passionate. They think the show is THEIR show, and can’t understand that Starz has the job of delivering it to a wider audience. 

Now, when a new show goes into a looooooooooong hiatus, the marketing pros have GOT to keep this show on everyone’s minds. They need to make sure people are still talking about it. They need to make sure people don’t cancel their Starz subscriptions en masse until the show comes back a year after it last aired (I have cancelled mine but I’m broke so whatever). So how do they do this? Well, the power of social media is such now that you can have campaigns to keep the interest up. Peek at Paris! Cast interviews! Introductions to new cast! Pictures! A Christmas based campaign. The options are endless!

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Instead, Starz does…um…well…the bare minimum? Our hands are smacked for looking at bts pictures taken by fans (COSTUMES ARE NOT SPOILERS). Like starving little critters, the book fans try to eat up anything they can. New fans wonder what’s going on, because they don’t have the information. A hint of something called Peek at Paris is suggested but then apparently forgotten about until the end of November (buildings, plants, a vase…no). Outlander Offerings would have been the chance they needed to bring new people in, rekindle excitement, and make book fans happy. Here, they had the chance to maybe play on the season 1 promotion, but instead, they could have done, “Learn to speak French with Stanley Weber, who will be very important in season 2.” People watch and go, “Who is THIS guy going to play and how does Outlander keep finding the hottest effing guys on the planet?” It peaks the interest in newer fans and satisfies the book fans, the dedicated fans.

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They could have showed short clips (30 seconds or less) of completely non spoilery scenes from France. They could have had cast interviews. They could have had something called “Meet the season 2 actors” where new cast members are introduced in short non spoilery interviews. All of these would have rekindled interest in fans who are forgetting the show (hell, I’m considered a dedicated fan and I’m losing interest), gotten new people to check out the show on Amazon or iTunes, and satisfied book fans. The trick is to maintain and then grow the fanbase.

Instead…what? We got the season 2 promo, which was awesome. Way to start with a bang, truly. Then…it was like my grandmother constantly giving me handmade sweaters and teddy bear pajamas growing up. Do I value the gifts? Sure. But are they worthy of fanfare? No. We had silly contests, recipes, and pictures of plants, flowers in vases, and some really nice pictures of Claire and Claire and Jamie.

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Out of context.

Out of context means they don’t actually peak my interest. You can post a picture of flowers in a vase all you want but WHY is that important? How does that play into season 2? Why should people tune into season 2 when it comes back…sometime in the spring?

We got the Roger announcement (wooohoooooooo Richard Rankin) but that doesn’t mean much to people. What they should have done is IMMEDIATELY after they were announced, post a quick minute long video of him. Tease him. Put him into context so that people know this casting is important of a character who will be a big deal from here on out.

We got a short Caitriona Q&A, but where was the Sam one? Where was the joint one? How can you possibly be this unprepared?

This should have been leading up to a big announcement. To a premiere date. Which could have been announced in a video of Sam and Cait. That tells people to start binge watching now. This should have been leading up to an even bigger promo. To the cast announcement of Bree. These huge marketing campaigns should LEAD to something. Not die out on a “Happy Holidays” video from Sam Heughan.

(Which was nice but seriously…not enough)

We got so little from Outlander Offerings, and they’ve done so little since the show went on hiatus nearly seven months ago that they’re going to lose people. They should be reminding people who follow them that they can catch up on iTunes or Amazon. To catch their friends up. They should be keeping us up to date with filming in some way. They should stock pile little gifties to give us throughout the year.

But they don’t. They play to the rabid fans among us, but fail to, in any way, engage those of us who are losing interest, and to those who have thought about checking the show out but haven’t.

All in all, I can’t think of a way Outlander Offerings could have gone worse. And this, honestly people, is marketing 101. It’s not a social media intern failing, it’s the entire marketing department at Starz. If you’re going to wait a YEAR between seasons, then you have to build the fanbase enough that it can survive that. Not consistently drop the ball.

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Wishes for Hetalia Musical 2

If they ever make a 2nd musical of Hetalia, these are some things I’d like it to have;

- Romano, Spain, Prussia, Hungary and Switzerland (And Nordic 5 if it’s not too much)

- (Friendship) duet between Switzerland and Austria

- Isogai-san (America) needs to find his America voice. When he sings (Especially when he sang Marukaite Chikyuu), his voice is too soft and quiet to be America.

- Romano and Italy singing Hatafutte Parade (Or any other song) together

- Everyone dancing and singing to WA WA WA WORLD

- The “Germany and Cohabitation” episode (Hetalia TWT extra episode 1)

- The China Goes Berserk scene

- Nordic Meeting Scene

- Switzerland Saving England From France scene

- Italy Introducing Germany to Romano scene

- A song for Bad Touch Trio

- Prussia Finds Out That Hungary Is A Girl scene

- Nordics singing “Always with you…Nordic Five!”.

- A scene were Romano’s and Italy’s curls get tangled up.

- Ryoki (Italy) waving with the Italian flag at the end of the musical.

- If they make everyone sing Hatafutte Parade at the end of the musical, I’d like all actors to wave with the characters’ respective flags.

- Red, white and green confetti falling down over the scene at the end of the last performance.

And lastly…

- More selfies and groupies! :D


La Marseillaise scene from ‘Casablanca’