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Some of the paladins being like really testy about being stuck in the one outfit they left in, because “these are like, my least favorite socks!” (Lance) but some of them being fine with it, like Pidge (“I always wear this shirt anyway. It’s my ‘sneaking’ shirt.”)

#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 13)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 993

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: This story just took a life of its own…

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“Just please tell me where we’re going,” you whined once more, growing anxious as you watched the city behind you fade into the distance. Since Bucky picked you up from your apartment building, he was adamant on keeping the destination of your road trip a surprise. Though you were relieved that this outing didn’t consist of any extravagant gestures so far, you still wanted to know where Bucky was taking you. “Just please tell me.”

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{Reaction} Honeymoon Destinations with Got7

Honeymoon destinations with Got7!

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Jackson would want to take you to China, since he is part Chinese. He would wan to take you to all the traditional places and travel the country with you and show you all the places you’ve never seen or even heard of before. He would be very proud to bring you to China and would like to take advantage of the good weather and pretty scenery.  


Mark would like to go somewhere a little different, somewhere he hasn’t  ever been before. To leave Asia would also mean a lot more privacy as he wouldn’t be as well known in other parts of the world. He would really like Wales and would have fun with you on the beaches and the pretty places in the country. The weather won’t always be great, but being with Mark will make the weather meaningless because you’re in for an amazing honeymoon either way.


Bambam would want to take you to America. He would want to take you to all the sight seeing destinations and take lots of photographs to remember the honeymoon for the rest of your lives. He would treat you to a lot of things, and you would treat him too, whilst also having an amazing time spending a few weeks in the life of the American dream. 


JB would know that you’ve always wanted to travel to Japan, which is why he arranged for that to be the destination of your honeymoon. He would take you around all the temples and traditional Japanese history places, which he knows really interests you. He would spend the honeymoon letting go and and immersing himself in you, he’d take a lof of pictures and forget about his idol life just for a little while. You’re in for an amazing time with him. 


Jinyoung would take you to Scotland because the country is so beautiful and for that reason he says it reminds him of you. He would want to take you to all the beautiful scenery and just have a good time. He wouldn’t really be too bothered about the materialistic items and being ‘treated’ because really, he just wants time with you and nothing else matters. He would be very sweet and would more than likely try to convince you to let him take you out every night for nice meals etc. 


Yugyeom would take the opportunity to take you to a country he had and you have never been to, which is why he chose Norway. The country is very beautiful and he would definitely take you during the hot months of the year so that the two of you could relax and have a good time in the country without disturbance. Once the Honeymoon is over, he would want to take you back again some day to see the Northern Lights. 


Youngjae would want to take you to the beautiful country of Canada because travelling with you is one of his most biggest desires. He would love to take you to all the snowy places and mess around like children. He would not want to go home once the honey moon is over, especially when he’s having such a good time in such a beautiful place with such a beautiful person. 



Book 1: Water - Chapter 6 “Imprisoned” (Part 1)


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[How you left me alone with my head]

(magical au shenanigans)

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Mera pal pal ang ang bhar diya,
Tune jaan pe junoon sa kar diya,
Mera hai kya jo main haar doon,
Jaan teri hai tujh pe vaar doon.

@Konoha: Yosh, I really must go now. I’ll just go fly with allll my might and advance in one go… 

@Konoha: This seems nice. I love this kind of places. 

@M-ko (Mari): You really flew there!?!? 

@Konoha: It’s more like jumping - I went like PYONNN.

@Konoha: This time no one’s coming…

@Konoha: The scenery is really good. I wanna draw too… 

@Konoha: Eh, why I do feel it’s getting cold this time…

@Konoha: I think I’m near the place now.

@Wistaria: NOOOOO!!! It’s even farther in facttttt!!! 

@Konoha: I-I guess it’s really so… 

@Konoha: Uughh…

You know you’ve become stronger when you finally learned to accept that you cannot undo the past. That whatever happened has its own purpose and reason. That you finally learned to take a step forward and file the pain that the past had caused you inside your mental filing cabinet tagged as “Lessons Learned.” You know you’ve become so much better when bitterness has left your heart and you stopped blaming yourself for the outcome that has become the past. You know you’ve finally freed yourself from the chains that have locked you when you can now look at a scenery and smile because you know good things happen too, even to people like you. You know you’ve finally moved on when you are happy with all the little and big things that has come your way. When you can finally look back and feel no aversion towards what had happened. When you can finally look in the eyes of the person who had hurt you and realize that you don’t want him/her or any of that person’s shit back. You’re happy you’ve been blessed to have those cherished memories but you do not wish to keep things the way they used to be. You know you’re a changed person when you’ve forgiven the person who had caused you pain and yourself for being so stupid. You know you’re finally done with the past when you can finally walk into another person’s life full of renewed hope that this time, things might get better. That this time this person might be worth another try.

lookatmelearningstuff  asked:

Any language movies that you suggest?

Of course! Most of these films can be found on Netflix:

Brazilian Portuguese: Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

Danish: Copenhagen (its mostly in English but it shows a lot of pretty scenery and a little bit of Danish too, good for beginners imo)

French: Blue is the Warmest Color, Puppylove, Young & Beautiful, The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears

Georgian: In Bloom

German: A Coffee in Berlin, A Woman in Berlin, Barbara

Spanish: Living is Easy With Eyes Closed, Stockholm, Una Noche, Madrid 1987

*Disclaimer: Most of these films are much more gritty and raw than the movies most Americans (idk if you’re an American or not) are not used to seeing in movies. Just keep in mind that it’s a foreign film, do not judge it from an American point of view, and rather try to embrace the culture that the film is depicting. It makes it a far more enjoyable experience as a viewer. (: